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Setting Field Updates

The Field Update option helps you to automatically update certain field values in the records, when the associated workflow rule is triggered.
Permission Required
Users with administrative profile can access this feature.

To create field updates

  1. Go to Setup Automation Actions Field Updates.
  2. In the Workflow Field Updates page, click Configure Field Update.
  3. In the New Workflow Field Update page, do the following:
    • Enter a Name for the field update.
    • Select the Module from the drop-down list.
      You can also update the field values of the related parent records associated to the record selected for workflow rule. For example: While creating workflow rules for Contacts, you will be able to update the fields of the parent Account records too. 
    • Select the field from the Update drop-down list that needs to be updated.
    • Specify the value for the field that you want updated.
    • Click Save.
  • Workflow Field Updates cannot be associated to a workflow rule if the Execution Criteria selected for a rule is 'Delete'.
  • You can associate a maximum of 5 field updates to each action (Instant and Scheduled Actions).
  • You can update the Record Owner field too using this feature.
  • You can also use this feature to update a Text field and DateTime field with no value so that the field is left blank.
  • You can update Picklist fields that are not mandatory as 'None'.
  • Using workflow field updates, the owner of the record can be changed. If the user to be assigned is inactive or unconfirmed, the workflow field update will not be executed.
  • From within a workflow rule, you can also create Workflow Field Updates to update parent record's fields.
    Record Type
    Parent Records That You Can Update
    Accounts, Vendors
    Accounts, Campaigns, Contacts
    Products, Accounts, Deals, Contacts
    Contacts, Accounts, Deals
    Sales Order
    Contacts, Accounts, Deals, Quotes
    Purchase Orders
    Contacts, Vendors
    Accounts, Sales Orders, Contacts

Scenario for Field Update


You want to make sure you don't lose track of all the Large Enterprise leads.

So you create a workflow rule and associate a field update to it.

Rule: Whenever a lead is created/edited with Industry as Large Enterprise and its Lead Status is Not Contacted

Action (Field Update): Update Lead Status to Contact Immediately.

First, you need to create Workflow Field Update as given below:

  1. Click SetupAutomation Actions Field Update.
  2. In the Workflow Field Update page, click Configure Field Update

  3. In the New Workflow Field Update page, enter a Name for the update.
  4. Select the Module for which the field update applies.
  5. Specify the Update as Lead Status = Contact Immediately.
  6. Click Save.
    Once the field updates are created, you need to create a workflow rule with the following:
    • Module - Leads
    • Execute On - Create
    • Rule Criteria Lead Status is Not Contacted and Industry is Large Enterprise.
    • Instant Action - Workflow Field Update (select the field update that you created)

Now, when you create a lead with the Industry as Large Enterprise and Lead Status as Not Contacted, the Status is updated automatically as Contact Immediately. 

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