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Setting Scoring Rules

Scoring rules help you prioritize leads, contacts, accounts, and deals based on record properties like fields, and customer touch points such as calls, emails, social signals, etc. You can assign positive and negative points to each property while defining a scoring rule. These individual points add up dynamically to a total score when a record is created or modified.

Here are some examples for giving scores: 

  • Leads from the health care industry or leads with an annual revenue of over $100,000 are your prime prospects. You can prioritize these leads by scoring them higher based on the corresponding fields.
  • When a contact opens your email and clicks the links or follows you on Facebook, it is evident that they are interested in what you are offering. You can make sure to keep them on top of all your other deals by scoring them based on such actions.
  • You can also attribute negative scores to records based on certain actions. For example: when a contact leaves a bad feedback or when the email you send gets bounced.
Scores can be allotted for the following:
  1. Fields from the chosen module
  2. Email Insights
    1. Open
    2. Click
    3. Bounce
    4. Incoming
  3. Survey
    1. Responded
    2. Visited
  4. Campaigns
    1. Every Open
    2. Every Click
    3. Hard Bounce
    4. Soft Bounce
  5. Twitter
    1. Mention
    2. Direct Message
  6. Facebook
    1. Like 
    2. Comment
  7. Zoho Webinar
    1. Registered
  8. Zoho Backstage
    1. Ticket Purchased 
    2. Checked in
    3. Ticket Cancelled
Permission Required
Users with Manage Automation permission in their profile can access this feature.

Supported Modules

  • Leads
  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Deals 

Set up Scoring Rules

To set up a scoring rule

  1. Navigate to Setup  Automation  Scoring Rules .
  2. Select a module from the drop-down list for which you want to set scoring rules.
  3. Under  [Module] Fields  click  +Add .
  4. In the  [Module] Score - Choose Criteria  pop-up, select the desired combination.
    • Select  Add  or  Subtract  and specify the number of points that you want added to or subtracted from the record when the record satisfies the above chosen criteria. You can also click  +  for AND rule combinations.
    • Click  Save  and repeat the steps to add more rules under the  [Module] Fields
  5. Under  Emails,  click  +Add  to add scores based on email actions.
  6. In the  Email Insights score - choose criteria pop-up, select the checkbox to add your preferred criteria.
    • Select  Add  or  Subtract  from the drop-down list and specify the number of points that you want added to or subtracted from the record when the record satisfies the criteria. You can select one or more entries and modify score points to be added or subtracted from the list of predefined criteria.
    • Click  Save .

  7. Repeat the same steps for Calls to add criteria for scores based on call actions.
  8. Under Social-Facebook, choose the right page for which you would like to set criteria and click  +Add .
  9. In the  Facebook Score - Choose Criteria  pop-up, select the checkbox to select your preferred criteria.
    • Select  Add or Subtract from the drop-down list and  specify the points  that you want to be added to the record when the record satisfies the criteria. You can select one or more entries and modify them from the list of predefined criteria.
    • Click  Save .

  10. Repeat the same steps for  Social - Twitter SurveyCampaign, Support, Webinar, Backstage.

Once you have set the scoring rules, they will be applied automatically for all the records in your CRM account going forward. Click  Run Scoring Rules for all Records  button to apply these rules for all the records that were previously added.

  • While setting up a scoring rule, the options: Emails, Calls, Social, Survey, Campaigns, Support, Webinar, Backstage are listed only if the respective integrations are enabled. For example, you can set scoring rules based on Calls only if the Telephony integration is enabled. Similarly, you can set scoring rules for Facebook or Twitter based actions only if the Zoho Social integration is enabled. 
  • You can set upto 25 rule entries for each rule under [Module] Fields.
  • You can add or subtract 1-10 points in each rule. 

View Scores

Once you have set your scoring rules, each record's scores can be viewed in the record details page.

Score Summary Section

A new section called  Score Summary  is added with a detailed summary of the record's score. This section includes fields like Score, Positive Score, Negative Score, Touchpoint Score, Positive Touchpoint Score and Negative Touchpoint Score. While the Touchpoint Score fields display the scores based on customer interactions (SalesSignals) such as calls, emails, survey, social, etc., the Score fields display the sum total of all the record properties including the record fields and customer interactions.

The fields in this section cannot be modified.


Positive and negative scores

Each score is a combination of positive and negative score points. Viewing the total score can help you with an overall understanding of the record's priority, however looking at the score summary individually is equally important. While the total scores could be similar, what really makes up to these scores make all the difference in your interactions. Let's look at an example.

Here are two contacts with very similar Scores.

In this case, Kiley could be a little trickier to handle. Let's see why.

A higher Positive Score may mean that the contact is really into your business or is a very hot prospect. Yet an equally higher negative Touchpoint Score might mean that she is annoyed at not getting prompt responses for her emails and calls. Either that or she could have left a bad feedback.

Checking the positive and negative touchpoint scores would give you a heads-up so that you can prepare to interact with the customer accordingly.

Delete Scoring Rules

If all the scoring rules for a particular module is deleted, the score based fields for the respective module will be automatically removed.

To delete a scoring rule

  1. Go to  Setup  Automation  Scoring Rules.
  2. Hover your mouse pointer to the rule that you want to delete, and click on the  Delete  icon.

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