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Setting up Social Tab

In order for you to start using Social tab, your Zoho CRM account must be configured with any or all of your organization's Facebook Pages or your Twitter handles. The configuration can be performed only by a user with Social Administrator permission. Once configured, the administrator can choose the extent of access that each profile can have for the Social tab. See Also Managing Profiles

When you access the Social tab (without already having configured a social media account) you will see the Welcome screen, from which you can begin adding your social media accounts.

Once you configure any or all of these social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter), the Social tab will be updated with social media posts from your contacts.

  1. Only users with Social Administrator permission can configure social media accounts with Zoho CRM.
  2. Non-administrator profile users who have access to the Social tab for their profile, but no permissions granted to them under the Social Settings will be able to see the Social tab but no data under it. They will be requested to contact their Administrator for the required permissions.

Permission Required:
Users with Social Administrator permission can access this feature.

Create Brand in CRM

In your Zoho CRM account you can create multiple brands and add your company's social accounts like Twitter, Facebook to the brands. The total number of brands that you can create in Zoho Social's Lite Edition depends on your current CRM edition. 

Below are the pricing details and number of brands that you can create in Lite Edition:

  • Standard and Professional Editions in CRM - 1 Brand
  • Enterprise Edition in CRM - 2 Brands
  • For creating additional brands in Lite edition - $5/brand/month or $50/brand/year.
  1. Below are the number of brands that you can create in CRM Plus and Zoho One Editions:
    1. CRM Plus Edition - 1 Brand
    2. Zoho One Edition - 5 Brands 
  2. If you already have a paid Zoho Social account, then you will be able to import all the brands from Zoho Social to Zoho CRM and also configure new brands from Zoho CRM. However, this applies only if you have not used all the brands purchased from Zoho Social.

To create brands

  1. Go to Setup > Channel > Social.
  2. Click Brand Settings > Create New Brand.
  3. Enter Brand Name and Brand Description.
  4. Click Create.
  5. Click Add Account, to configure channels into the Brand.

Add Facebook Page

With your Facebook company page associated to Zoho CRM, you can perform the following set of actions from within CRM.

  • Publish status updates
  • View your posts as well as comments and likes that are made to your posts
  • Like a post
  • Make a comment on a post
  • Receive and reply to messages on the page

To add a Facebook page

  1. Log in to Zoho CRM as an Administrator/Social Admin.
  2. Go to Setup > Channels > Social.
    Alternatively, if you are on the SocialTab, click the Settings icon. In the Social Settings page, select the Facebook tab.
  3. Select a Brand and click Add Account.
    Please make sure that the pop-up blocker is disabled in your browser.
  4. In the Facebook popup, specify the login credentials for your company's Facebook account that you want to associate to Zoho CRM.
  5. Click LogIn.
    If you are already logged in to your Facebook account outside of Zoho CRM, you will be informed that "You are already logged in as [user]". Click Continue in order to continue configuration as the logged in user. Or else click Change User to log in as a different user.

    In order for the Facebook page to be added, you must authorize your Facebook account and grant permissions for Zoho Social to access information from your Facebook account. You can review and choose the set of actions to be performed as per your requirements. They are as shown in the screenshots below.

    Your Facebook account is now integrated with Zoho CRM.
  6. Click AddPage.
    Your organization's Facebook pages will be listed.
    Click Add for the corresponding page that you want to add.
  7. Set permissions for  Actions:
    • Actions - You can define the set of actions that users under each profile are permitted to perform. For example, you may want certain users to post updates and comments but some others to just view updates. In such a case, you can restrict them from posting content on Facebook in the Actions section.
      By default, the Administrator profile is granted all available permissions.
  1. For a Facebook account to be configured in Zoho CRM, it needs to have Pages associated with it. Even if you attempt to configure a Facebook account without a Page associated with it, the account will be automatically deleted once you navigate away from Social Settings.
  2. If you close the Add Page popup without adding any pages after you configure your account, the account will be removed.

Add Twitter Handle

With your Twitter account associated to Zoho CRM, you can perform the following set of actions from within CRM.

  • Tweet and retweet
  • Reply to tweets 
  • Mark tweets as favorite
  • View your tweets, tweets mentioning your brand and their replies 
  • View the Twitter Timeline of Leads/Contacts 
  • Search Twitter for topics relevant to you
  • View and respond to direct mentions (DMs)

To add a Twitter handle

  1. Log in to Zoho CRM as an Administrator/Social Admin.
  2. Go to Setup > Channels > Social.
    Alternatively, if you are on the SocialTab, click the Settings icon. In the Social Settings page, select the Twitter tab.
  3. Select a Brand and click Add Account.
    Please make sure that the pop-up blocker is disabled in your browser.
  4. In the Twitter popup, specify the login credentials for your company's Twitter account that you want to associate to Zoho CRM.
  5. Click Authorize app.
    Once the account is authorized, you will be redirected back to Zoho CRM.
  6. Set permissions for  Actions:
    • Actions - This permission defines the actions that can be performed by users in each profile.
      By default, Administrator can perform all available actions.

Remove Twitter/Facebook Company Profile

The company's Facebook and Twitter accounts associated to your Zoho CRM account can be removed easily.

  1. On removing all three accounts (Facebook, Twitter), data under Social tab and Social Interactions Related List will no longer be available.
  2. You can always integrate the social media accounts once again.
  3. All the leads/contacts added via Social tab will stay intact. They are not lost.

To remove Twitter/Facebook account association

  1. Log in to Zoho CRM as an Administrator/Social Admin.
  2. Go to Setup > Channels > Social.
    Alternatively, if you are in the SocialTab, go to Settingicon > Twitter/Facebook to delete a profile.
  3. Select a Brand and click the Delete icon of the corresponding Twitter profile, Facebook page.
  4. Click Yes, Delete now to confirm deletion.

Enable Social Admin Permission

The Social Admin permission can be enabled in Zoho CRM for those who manage the social media activities in an organization. A user with the Social Admin permission enabled in his/her profile will have access to Social Settings in Zoho CRM. That is, a social admin will be able to set up social media accounts and manage permissions of other users who have access to them.

Only the Super Admin or a user with Administrative privileges can enable Social Admin permissions for other user profiles.

To enable Social Admin permission

  1. Log in to Zoho CRM with Administrative privileges.
  2. Go to Setup > Users & Control > Security Control > Profiles.
  3. Click Edit for the Profile for which you wish to grant the Social Admin Permission.
  4. Scroll down to the Social Permissions section.
  5. Enable the  Social Admin permission.

    • Social Profiles - Contact/Lead Details Page : This represents the ability to associate the personal Facebook/Twitter profiles of Leads/Contacts in Zoho CRM.
    • Social Tab : This represents the access to the Social tab.
  6. Click Save.
  1. Once you remove the Social Admin permission for a profile, the users under the profile will continue to have read-only access to the Social tab.
  2. If the Social Profiles - Contact/Lead Details Page permission is still enabled, they can continue to associate personal Facebook/Twitter profiles of Leads/Contacts.
  3. Access (even read-only) to the Social tab can be completely disabled only from Social Settings. 
    Social Settings can be accessed from either Setup or the Social Tab itself.
  4. The Social Admin permission is not editable in the default Zoho CRM Profiles, that is, the Administrator and Standard profiles. In profiles that are cloned from the Administrator profiles, the Social Admin permissions are editable.
  5. A user with "Administrative privilieges" is one who has the Admin Permissions enabled in his/her profile. 


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