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Auto-response rules for webforms

Auto-response rule has been enhanced making its creation process easier and the re-ordering process more straightforward. This is being released in a phased manner and it is available only for AU, CN, JP, EU, CA and SA dc users as of now. It will become available for other users soon. 
Webforms are the most common method for businesses to look out for potential leads. They serve as a direct line of communication between businesses and their leads. Every enquiry via a business' website is recorded and tracked within the CRM. Then, businesses would have to follow up with these prospects in order to provide additional information, address any concerns, and ultimately close a sale. However, this follow-up process often involves manually sending routine emails to every lead, which can be quite taxing. Manual follow-ups may even result in missing out on responding to some leads, posing a risk of overlooking significant business opportunities.

With the increasing reliance on webforms to capture potential leads, businesses must streamline their follow-up process to ensure that no opportunity is missed. In this article, we will explore the importance of automated follow-ups using Auto-response rules.

What is an Auto-response rule? 

With this feature, you can automate a response to every lead when they submit a request through your webforms. You can create multiple auto-response rules for various webforms associated with a module. You can also activate multiple auto-response rules simultaneously to send responses to your webforms. For example, if you have two webforms, one for event registration and another for sign-up for the leads module, you can create and activate an auto-response rule for each webform individually for the same module.

Not to be Confused with Autoresponders! 

Autoresponders is a feature in Zoho CRM that sounds similar to Auto-Response Rules. However, the two are very different from each other:  
Auto-response rules
This is a tool that allows you to send immediate automated responses to each prospect who has submitted an enquiry in CRM through your website.
This has no association whatsoever to a web form.  It is a feature used to automate scheduled follow-ups with your leads/contacts, regardless of whether they have been sourced from your website.  These come in handy when you wish to plan drip campaigns.
It is ideal for automating the receipt of acknowledgement of an enquiry.
It is ideal for sending follow-ups based on a specific date and time or based on a recurrence pattern (by day/by week/by month).

Timothy, a sales manager, is conducting a webinar about new product features released in the last quarter. He aims to highlight the effectiveness of each feature by conducting a demo during his webinar. He creates and associates a Customer registration form to the leads module. He also creates a Customer feedback form for all his webinar attendees, which he associates with the lead module as well.

By creating multiple auto-response rules, Timothy can follow-up with users submitting requests from different webforms with the right responses. Hence, he creates two auto-response rules;
- Customer registration auto-response rule : Activating the customer registration rule will automatically respond to every user who registers for his webinar with a welcome message.
- Customer feedback auto-response rule : Activating the customer feedback rule that will automatically respond to every attendee who've submitted their feedback with a thank you message.

This way, his webinar attendees get a customized response for each form.
  1. Permission Required - Users with the permission to create webforms can access this feature.
  2. Number of auto-response rules that can be created depends on the subscribed CRM edition. Look at the table below
CRM Edition
Number of Auto-response rules

Create auto-response rules   

To create an auto-response rule for webforms
  1. Go to Setup > Channels > Webforms.
  2. Select the Auto-Response Rules tab.
  3. In the Auto-Response Rules page, Click Create Rule.
  4. Enter the Rule Name and select the module for which this rule must apply. Click Next.
  5. Create rule entries based on which the acknowledgement email will be sent to the visitor who submits the webform. Define criteria in the Rule Entry page :
     a. Specify the Rule Criteria.
     b. Click Select Template to choose an email template, or if you do not have email templates created, you can click on the + Create Template link.

    c. Enter the From email address. Click Add Reply to to add the email address to receive replies.
    d. Here, you can choose one of these options :
             -  your account email address
             - organization email address
             - email address of the record owner
             - other user's email address
    Note : Please note that you need to specify and save the criteria to activate the rule.
  6. Click Done.
  7. To add a new rule criteria, click Add Condition.
    Note : You can add up to 25 conditions per rule and 25 rule criteria per condition.
  8.  Once you've created multiple conditions, you can choose to reorder them by clicking the Reorder conditions link on the top-right.
  9.  To reorder conditions, simply click and drag the conditions to their position as shown below and click Done.

  10.  Click Save to activate the auto-response rule.

 Manage Auto-response Rules 

 To edit auto-response rules : 

  1. Go to Setup > Channels > Webforms.
  2. Select the Auto-response Rules tab, where you can view the list of rules being created.
  3. Click the (...) more icon and click Edit to make changes to the auto-response rules.
  4. Click the edit icon as shown in the screenshot, make changes, and click Done.

To enable / disable auto-response rules  :

  1. Go to Setup > Channels > Webforms.
  2. Select the Auto-response Rules tab, where you can view the list of rules being created.
  3. Click the Toggle button to enable or disable a rule.
  4. An auto-response rule once disabled will not work for its associated webform until it is enabled again.

To delete auto-response rules : 

  1. Go to Setup > Channels > Webforms.
  2. Select the Auto-response Rules tab, where you can view the list of rules being created.
  3. Click the (...) more icon and click Delete to make changes to the auto-response rules.
  4. While deleting, if a rule is associated to a webform, please note that the acknowledgement visitor option will be disabled, meaning the visitors to that webform will not receive an acknowledgement email.
Note :
When the details gathered through the webform do not satisfy the Auto Response Rule criteria, then the email template (acknowledgement email) selected while creating the webform will be sent. See Also Setting up WebForms - Specify form details.

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