Managing Process | Zoho CRM on Android

Managing Process

Understanding Approval Process


Sometimes, for a process to take place, you need approval from people at higher levels in an organization. This type of formal approval requires input from multiple roles. The approval processes created in the web version of Zoho CRM will also appear in the mobile version.

Permission Required
Users with Manage workflow permission in their profile can access this feature.

Records that are waiting for approval can be viewed in the Android app and can then be approved, rejected, or delegated from the My Jobs module or from the record detail view of a specific module.


To approve a record

  1. Tap the icon in your Zoho CRM app.

  2. Tap My Jobs.

  3. Tap on the required record in the list.

  4. Tap the record to view the its details.

  5. Tap Approve.



To delegate a process

  1. Tap the icon in your Zoho CRM app.

  2. Tap My Jobs .

  3. Tap on the required record in the list.

  4. Tap the record to view its details.

  5. Tap Delegate .

  6. In the pop-up, tap the name of the user you want transfer this approval process to and tap Delegate .


To reject a process

  1. Tap the icon in your Zoho CRM app.

  2. Tap My Jobs.

  3. Tap on the required record in the list.

  4. Tap the record to view its details.

  5. Tap Reject.


Understanding review processes


It's important to analyze and verify the information that enters your organization's database. In the long run, this helps maintain a clean database and saves a lot of time and effort.

For example, a firm receives hundreds of loan applications every day through both manual and online submissions. A few fields need to be checked before approving the applications. For examples, fields containing the info on the existing loans, collateral files, etc.  You can configure review processes for both standard and custom modules in the Zoho CRM web application.  Records can only be reviewed in the web application. Learn more here .



My Jobs module


The My Jobs module lists the approval processes which apply to the records. Users can view and perform process-related actions here


To view the My Jobs module

  1. Tap the  icon in your Zoho CRM app.

  2. Tap My   Jobs . This will list all your records.


Sandbox mode


You can use Sandbox mode in CRM as an environment to test your Zoho CRM settings. This allows you to test changes or new configurations so you can identify and fix any issues before they go live. Sandboxes can be created and accessed in the web application of Zoho CRM. Learn more here .

Permission Required
Users with Manage Sandbox permission can carry out the following actions:    

  1. Create or edit sandbox
  2. Rebuild sandbox 
  3. Add developers
  4. Deploy changes to production  
  5. Deactivate the sandbox account
  6. Delete sandbox account

You can choose to log in to a sandbox mode when you log in to your Zoho CRM account.


To access a sandbox

  1. Log in to your Zoho CRM account.

  2. Tap the name of the sandbox under Sandbox . You will be taken to your CRM account's sandbox mode.


Implementing segmentation


Segmentation lets you classify customers based on the way they interact with your company by categorizing them into different groups like Not Interested , Visiting Customers , Interested Buyers , High Spenders , and Occasional Buyers .


You can configure segmentation from the web version of your Zoho CRM account. Learn more here .


To view segmentation

  1. In your account, go to the module for which you have created a segmentation.

  2. Tap All [module Name] on the top of the records.

  3. From Created By Me, tap Segmentation .

  4. Now the records, that satisfy the segmentation will be displayed.


Implementing pipelines

The pipeline view categorizes records by their deal stage. It is available only in the Deals module.


To view deals in pipeline

  1. Go to the Deals module and tap the pipeline icon.

  2. Tap the arrows to view the records in each stage.


Accessing web tabs


Web tabs in Zoho CRM let you view external web pages such as intranet pages, company-wide announcements, or web applications right from your CRM account. You can create web tabs using the web version of Zoho CRM. Web tabs created on the web application can be accessed from the Android app.

To access web tabs:

  1. Tap the icon in your CRM account.

  2. Tap the web tab name.  The the external link will open.

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