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Zoho CRM Analytics App

Dashboards in CRM represent your data in graphical format, allowing you to take a quick glance at various important metrics for your business. They consist of the following types of components: charts, KPIs, comparator, anomaly detector, target meter, funnel, cohorts, and quadrants. Each of these components represents the data in a different way.

Meeting clients, attending conferences, and organizing trade shows are key parts of your business. When you are constantly on the move, you may not have access to the CRM that you use to manage your business. Monitoring day-to-day activities such as tasks you need to perform, events you have scheduled, or other metrics such as revenue generated this week or the number of deals in the pipeline is suddenly impossible if you're away from your computer.

To keep you in the loop, the Zoho CRM Analytics application lets you access all the dashboards that you have created from your mobile devices. You can view the underlying data that each component represents as a report and open the records used to make the report. You can also share the components of your dashboard with your coworkers. This gives you better access to your CRM wherever you go.

System Requirements

  • Android: Android 5.1.1 (Lollipop) or above.
  • iOS: Version 11 or above.
Default dashboards such as Sales Trends and Sales Follow-up Trends are not supported in the mobile app.

Log in to the application

You can log in to the Zoho CRM Analytics application using your Zoho CRM account credentials. Once you are logged in, a list of all the default and the custom dashboards will be available.

To log in from your Android or iOS device

  1. Open the Zoho CRM Analytics mobile app.
  2. Tap Start or Sign In.
  3. Enter your email address or phone number and password and tap Sign In.

Learning your way around the app

Once you are logged in to the CRM app, you can see all the default dashboards and any custom dashboards you have created. You can select components in the dashboard and view the reports.

Search Dashboards

The Search button in the Dashboards window helps you find the dashboard that you are looking for. 

To search dashboards in Android

  1. Tap the Search icon () in the Dashboards window.
  2. Enter the dashboard name in the Search Dashboard text box.
    The dashboards matching the search keywords will be displayed.

  3. Tap on a dashboard in the search results to view it.

To search dashboards in iOS

  1. Enter the name of the dashboard in the Search Dashboards text box in the Dashboards window.

  2. Tap a dashboard in the search results to view it.

Recently searched suggestions

All the dashboards that you have recently searched for and viewed can be accessed by tapping the Search icon. You can tap a dashboard from the list to view it in detail.

View dashboard details page

Once you have launched the app, tap on the dashboard that you want to open. This will display all the components in the dashboard. You can then tap on a component to view it in full screen.

Changing chart view

A chart is a type of component in your dashboards.: The types of chart available are bar, column, pie, line, donut, table, area, and heat map. You can switch between different types of chart to visualize the data in different ways. Please note that changing the type of chart here does not change the default chart type of your component.

To switch between different charts

  1. Open the Dashboard and tap on the component.
  2. Tap the Change View button.
  3. Choose a type of chart from the Radial Pie menu.

View underlying data

A dashboard is a collection of components which each display a specific metric, such as the number of deals in the pipeline. You can look deeper to view the underlying data which displays all the records in the form of a report. You can tap on a record to view its details in your Zoho CRM mobile application.

To view underlying data
  1. Open a dashboard and select a component.
  2. Tap on a region of the component.
  3. Tap Show Data.
    A full list of the data will be displayed.

  4. Tap on a record from the list to open it in your Zoho CRM mobile application.
    If you do not have the Zoho CRM mobile app, the record will open in your browser.

Refreshing the dashboard

Refreshing the dashboard allows you to see any updates. You can refresh all the dashboards at once or refresh a specific dashboard or a component in the dashboard:

  • Swipe down from the top of the Dashboard page to refresh all the dashboards at once.
  • Select a dashboard and swipe down from the top to refresh all the components in the dashboard. 
  • Select a specific component and click More and then Refresh to refresh just that particular component.

Sharing dashboard components

You can share a component of a dashboard as an image.

To share a dashboard component

  1. Select a dashboard and tap on the component that you want to share.
  2. Tap Share Chart and choose the channel you want to share over.


In the Settings window, you can modify the theme of the app, submit feedback, and sign out from the application.

  • To go to the Settings window, tap on your profile icon from your Android device

    or the settings icon () from your iOS device.
  • Enable the Dark Mode toggle switch to use the application with a black background or tap a color in the Themes section to be applied to the top bar of the application.

  • To sign out from the application, scroll down and tap Sign Out.

Call or chat with Zia

Call or chat with Zia to get answers to your questions. Zia can perform actions like, creating records, adding notes, converting leads, calling customers, displaying the analytical dashboards that you have in CRM and so on. Further, you can view all the notifications from Zia by tapping the Zia icon in the home page of the Zoho CRM Analytics app.

To call Zia
  1. Tap the Zia icon in the home page of the Zoho CRM Analytics app.
  2. Tap on Ask Zia > Call.
    A call to Zia gets initiated. 

  3. Talk to Zia after the beep.

  4. Tap the Pause button to put the call on hold.
    Tap the Close  button to complete the call.
    You can also tap the  icon to see some sample questions that you can ask Zia.

To chat with Zia
  1. Tap the Zia icon in the home page of the Zoho CRM Analytics app.
  2. Tap on Ask Zia > Chat.
  3. Type your message and hit Send.
    You can also tap the   icon to see the list of questions that you can ask Zia.

Settings for Zia chat or call

In the Settings window, you can modify the theme of the app, submit feedback, and sign out from the application.
  1.  To go to the Settings window, tap on your profile icon from your Android device or the settings icon () from your iOS device.

  • To enable the Dark Mode toggle switch to use the application with a black background or tap a color in the Themes section to be applied to the top bar of the application.

  1. Tap Clear Cached Dashboards to remove all the dashboards that are stored in the cache memory of the device.
  1. To sign out from the application, scroll down and tap Sign Out.

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