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Color Coding of Picklist Values

Picklists are convenient and functional, as they convey the current state of the record.For example, the lead status or the current stage of the deal, etc., can be easily distinguished and monitored. Furthermore, to provide aesthetic distinction and ease of interpretation, Zoho CRM allows to color code the picklist values.

Permission Required
Users with Module Customization permission can enable picklist color coding.

Displaying colored values 

The colored values are displayed across CRM: 
  1. Record creation - As colored bulletins along side the picklist values.
  2. In the Record Detail Page
  3. In the Canvas View and List View - Enclosing the picklist value with a capsule-like shape.
  4. In the Kanban view , the header of the kanban tile will be displayed in the ascribed color when the multi-color option is chosen.
  5. In Charts and Dashboard - When the picklist values are used to plot, then it will assume the ascribed color.
  6. In the Deal pipeline - Each stage will be displayed with the color ascribed.

Points to Remember:
  1. A color can be used repeatedly for multiple values. For example, Closed lost and Closed - lost to competition both can be represented in red color.
  2. The number of picklist fields, that can be color coded in a module, varies for each edition;
  1. Standard: 2 per module
  2. Professional: 2 per module
  3. Enterprise: 5 per module
  4. Ultimate: 10 per module
  1. In each picklist field, a total of 50 values (including used and unused values) can be colored. 
  2. Admins or users with module customization permission can add or change the colors of the picklist fields. 
  3. Picklist values for Reports and Criteria cannot be color coded for now.
  4. Picklist values for all modules except Tasks, Calls, Appointments, and Services, can be color coded.
  5. Coloring picklist fields is not user specific, it is org specific. Hence, individual users cannot set or change colors for their CRM account. 

Enabling Color Coding for picklist fields

Color coding can be enabled for picklist fields from the field properties. Once enabled, the values will be displayed in the chosen color across CRM. Admins can edit it as per their preference.
To enable color coding
  1. Go to Setup > Customization > Modules and Fields.  Module refers to the Leads, Accounts, Contacts, etc. tabs.
  2. Click the desired module and select a Layout .
  3. In the Layout editor, go to the required picklist field, click the Settings icon and select Edit Properties.
  4. In the Pick List Properties page, check Enable color for picklist options.
  5. Click the color bar and change the color, you can select more colors from the palette. A sample text with the selected color will appear as a preview above the palette.
  6. Click Done and Save the layout.

Enabling color coding for the Deals picklist

In the Deals module, color coding can be enabled in the Stage-Probability Mapping.
To enable color coding of deal stages
  1. Go to Setup > Customization > Modules and Fields.
  2. Go to the Deals module and select a layout .
  3. In the Stage field, click the More icon and select Stage-Probability Mapping
  4. In the Stage-probability mapping page, check Enable color for picklist options.  This will populate default colors against each stage. 
  5. Click on the color bar to change colors to your preference.
  6. Click Done and Save .

Enabling color coding for Meetings

Meetings is a productivity management module and allocating colors to the picklists values in meetings will enhance the calendar experience and provide distinction between the type of meetings.  For more information about color coding in the meetings module, Click here.


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