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Monitoring Audit Log

The Audit Log is a chronological sequence of entries, each resulting from the actions performed by Users in Zoho CRM. Audit logs are helpful to determine what has happened before and after an event, and also to identify records associated with certain events.
Permission Required
Users with Administrator Profile or CEO Role can access entire organization's audit logs, while users in other profiles can view their and their sub-ordinates' audit logs only.

The Audit Log feature captures the following actions performed in the modules:

Actions Performed
  • Leads
  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Potentials
  • Activities
    (Tasks, Meetings, Calls)
  • Add, update, delete records
  • Mass update and mass delete
  • Import and export records
  • Lead conversion
  • Delete from Recycle Bin
  • Rollback
  • Restore deleted records
  • Restore records in bulk
  • Find and Merge Duplicates
  • Deduplicate Records
  • Map fields for Lead Conversion
  • Campaigns
  • Solutions
  • Vendors
  • Quotes
  • Sales Orders
  • Purchase Orders
  • Invoices
  • Delete records
  • Create records
  • Edit records
  • Cases
  • Price Books
  • Delete records
  • Import and export records

The Audit Log feature captures the following actions performed in the Setup:

Actions Performed
  • Email Templates & Folders
  • Inventory Templates & Folders
  • Mail Merge Templates & Folders
  • Auto Response Rules
  • Rule Entry for Auto Response Rule
  • Workflow Rules
  • Workflow Alerts
  • Workflow Tasks
  • Workflow Field Updates
  • Workflow Follow-ups
  • Webhooks
  • Case Escalation Rules
  • Rule Entry for Case Escalation Rules
  • Web Forms (Leads, Contacts, Cases)
  • Business Hours
  • Roles, Profiles, Groups
  • Reports & Report Folders
  • Assignment Rules
  • Rule Entry for Assignment Rules
  • Web Tabs
  • Create
  • Delete
  • Edit
  • Users
  • Add
  • Edit Details
  • Auto Response Rule's Status
  • Case Escalation Rule's Status
  • Web Form's Status
  • Activate
  • Deactivate
  • Field Dependency Mapping
  • Create
  • Edit
  • Super Administrator
  • Edit

View Audit Log

Audit log displays the activities performed by users in your organization with the CRM account. Users in the Administrator Profile or CEO Role can access the audit logs. However, other users can only view their own and their sub-ordinates' audit Logs.

To view Audit Logs

  1. Go to Setup > Data Administration > Audit Log.
  2. The Audit Log page displays all the actions performed by all users for the last 60 days.

Audit Log Details

Since the Audit Log is quite exhaustive, it could be tiresome to sift through the entries if you are looking for a few specific details. For example, if you wish to see only the records added by a particular user or a list of actions performed in the last 7 days, it could be difficult to find those specific entries among a huge list. In such a case, you can use the Filter options offered to you and narrow down on the entry or entries you are looking for.

To filter the entries in the Audit Log page

  1. Select an Entity, in order to view the log of actions performed on that entity. You can choose from one of the following.
    • Choose a specific module to view the log of actions performed on that module only. For example, Leads.
    • Choose Setup to view the log of all Setup related actions only.
    • Choose All Entities to view the log of actions performed on all the modules as well as Setup related actions.
  2. Select a User, in order to view the log of actions performed by a particular user. You can do one of the following.
    • Choose a specific user to view the log of actions performed by that particular user only.
    • Choose All users to view the log of all actions performed by all users in your organization.
  3. Select an Action, in order to filter the entries based on the actions that have been performed on the records.
    • Choose an action among AddedUpdated and Deleted actions depending on your requirements.
    • Choose All Actions to view the log of all the three actions.
  4. Select a Time, in order to view the log of actions performed in the chosen timeframe. Choose among the following options.
    • Anytime
    • Today
    • Last 7 Days
    • Last 30 Days
    • A Specific Date (which falls within the last 60 days)
    • A Date Range (which falls within the last 60 days)

For example, if you want to view all the records added by a specific user in the Leads module in the last 7 days

  • Choose Entity as Leads.
  • Choose the desired User.
  • Choose Action as Added.
  • Choose the Time as Last 7 Days.
The audit log will be displayed according to the above filters.

  • Users can only view their own and their sub-ordinates' Audit Logs.
  • Administrators can view the logs of sub ordinates, and the CEO has the privilege to view the logs of all users.

Audit Log for Workflow Rules

You can view details of every update made to the workflow rules in the audit log. Every action performed in a workflow such as, create, edit, update, delete, modify, locking a rule or adding action and so on will be displayed along with the details of the update. Also, you can view the changes made to the execution conditions by clicking on View Changes. 

Export Audit Log

You can export the audit log entries in CSV format.

To export audit log entries

  1. Log in to Zoho CRM with Administrator privilege.
  2. Go to Setup > Data Administration > Audit Log.
  3. In the Audit Log page, click Export Audit Log.
    The entries will be exported in a .csv format.

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