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RingCentral Video

Every business, no matter what size, deals with setting up professional meetings almost everyday. It can be a meeting with customers on a product demo or a discussion with the team members on a project, setting up a meeting is almost inevitable. Among other requirements, the most essential are identifying  availability of the attendees, host and, the venue. Also, at times, conducting physical meetings take up a lot of time and money which is not feasible in every situation. 
As an alternative, online meetings doesn't involve these external factors. All you need to do is to decide a suitable time, and invite your attendees. You also need not worry about any geographical boundaries. 
Zoho CRM lets you integrate with RingCenral Video, a web conferencing solution to conduct online meetings. Once the extension is set up, the events or meetings can be conducted right from your CRM account. Moreover, you will be able to view the number of attendees and share the recording of your event with the attendees.

Setup the Extension

This extension can be set up from the Zoho CRM Marketplace.

To setup the extension

  1. Log in to your Zoho CRM account.
  2. Go to SetupMarketplaceAll and search for RingCentral Video.
  3. Click Install.

  4. Click Edit Profile to modify your personal information in the Use of Personal Details section.
  5. In the Confirm Installation popup, click Install.

  6. Click Enable RingCentral Video.

Schedule an Online Meeting

Once the extension is enabled, you can create a meeting in RingCentral Video from the Events module in Zoho CRM.
To schedule an online meeting
  1. Go to the Meetings module.
  2. Click + Event.
  3. In the Event Information page, do the following:
    1. Enter the Event Name.
    2. Enable Make this an Online Meeting checkbox.
    3. Click Authorize RingCentral Video in the popup to authorize your RingCentral Video account.

      If you have installed other online meeting providers, choose RingCentral Video from the drop-down list and authorize.

    4. Enter your RingCentral account's Email and Password.
    5. Click Sign In.
    6. Click Authorize after reading the permission requested by Zoho CRM.
  4. Enter the duration of your meeting in the From and To fields.
  5. Select the Host for the event from the drop-down list.
  6. Click + Add, select participants for the event and click Done.
  7. Click Save.
You can also set up a meeting with your lead or contact immediately using the Meet Now option from the record's details page.

To set up a meeting instantly

  1. Go to the Leads/Contacts module and select a record.
  2. Click MoreMeet NowRingCentral Video.
  3. Enter the Event Information and click Start Meeting.
To schedule events from calendar
  1. Go to the CRM Calendar.
  2. Select the date of the event and click New Event.

  3. Follow form step 3 as mentioned above to enter the Event Information.
  4. Click Save.

Invite Participants

  1. Go to the Meetings module and select a record.
  2. In the Participants section, click + Add.

  3. Select the participants.
    You can also enter the email addresses of participants you would like to invite who are not part of your CRM account.
  4. Click Add.
  5. Click Send in the popup.
    An invitation will be sent to the participants.

Start a Meeting  

You can start the meeting 15 minutes before the event start time from the record details page and Calendar. The Start Meeting button will appear in the event's notification, 5 minutes before the event could start.

To start a meeting from the record details page
  1. Go to Meetings module and select a record.
  2. Click Start Meeting.
    You will be redirected to your RingCentral Video account.

To start the meeting from calendar
  1. Go to Calendar and select the Date.
  2. Select the event and click Start Meeting from the popup.

To start meeting from the activity reminders popup
  1. In the Activity Reminders pop-up, click the Start Meeting button.
    You will be redirected to your RingCentral Video account.

Share Recording of Online Meeting  

If you have recorded the online meeting in RingCentral, it can be shared with all the participants and attendees.

To share recording
  1. Go to the Event details page and click More > Send Recording.
  2. Choose with whom you want to share the recording from the drop-down list.
  3. Click Send.

Disable RingCentral Video Extension

Disabling this extension will not allow you to create an online meeting using RingCentral Video, right from CRM. However, all the events that you have created earlier, will remain intact. 
To disable RingCentral Video extension
  1. Go to SetupMarketplaceAll and select the Installed tab.
  2. Click Uninstall against RingCentral Video for Zoho CRM.

  3. Click Ok in the confirmation popup.
  4. You can also deactivate by clicking RingCentral VideoDisable.

  5. Submit your confirmation in the popup.

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