FAQs on Calendar Booking in Zoho CRM

FAQs: Calendar Booking in Zoho CRM

What is the calendar booking feature in Zoho CRM? 

Interacting with your prospects is a business requirement which needs a dedicated tool to address them. Many types of firms, such as tour and travel, hospitality services, insurance services, entertainment services, health and wellness, and so on, require two-way interactions. They prefer one-on-one interaction to understand the requirements and interests of their customers.
Calendar booking is a feature in Zoho CRM that enables you to schedule a meeting or a call according to your preferences, whether it's for a product demo or inquiry, a price negotiation, a project update, a service request, troubleshooting and support, an offer inquiry, availability, and so on.
This feature enables prospects to check the availability of the support agents and schedule meetings accordingly, as well as cancel or reschedule appointments as needed.
Both internal users and customers can book meetings according to their availability. Zoho Calendar can easily be embedded into your websites, emails, campaigns, and ads, which enables your customers to schedule meetings.
Let's say a student wants to go on an educational trip for her ongoing project. To inquire about the trip, she goes to the webpage of a travel and hospitality company known as Go India Travel, who's using Zoho CRM and has embedded this calendar booking feature into their website. Using that embedded button, the student can simply schedule an appointment at her preferred time.


Alternatively, if you're an agent who wants to book an appointment with one of your prospects for a product demo, you can do so with the help of the calendar booking feature from within Zoho CRM itself.
Both the customer and the host will receive an email confirming the scheduled meeting. They can reschedule or cancel the meeting from this email as well.


Can I create a task in Zoho CRM automatically when a customer books an appointment using calendar booking?

No , you can't create a task automatically when a customer books an appointment with you using calendar booking.   However, you can create either a meeting or a call in Zoho CRM automatically when an appointment is booked.



What are the types of calendar bookings available in Zoho CRM? 

There are two categories of calendar bookings available in Zoho CRM, which are as follows:

  1. Individual/user booking: This type of booking lists the meeting that has been booked by the logged in user. In this case, a salesperson can book a product demo meeting with a prospect if the salesperson has the proper profile permissions to create a meeting or call.

  1. Team booking: If you want to assign other users to be hosts for meetings or calls, use the team booking feature. This category appears for users with admin profiles or for those who have permissions to manage calendar bookings. You can use team booking if you want to enable your customers to book a meeting with available team members. You can add internal users so that when a customer books a meeting, a host is automatically assigned to take that up in a round-robin pattern. 

What are the permissions required for calendar booking in Zoho CRM?

Users with permissions to manage calendar bookings can create team bookings. Users with permissions to create meetings or calls can create user bookings.

Is it possible to notify the host via email when someone books an appointment through calendar booking?

Yes, a meeting will be automatically created in CRM when someone books an appointment and the host will be notified through email if the option is enabled in CRM calendar preferences. 



I would like to set a reminder to participants before meeting. How can I do so?  

You can go to the Setup page in CRM > General > Calendar Booking .   In the Manage Calendar Booking page   select the More option and then click Edit .
In the booking page, scroll to the bottom. Under Advanced Settings, you will find an option to Remind participants before the event. Click on the drop-down and choose how much time before the meeting you want users to be reminded, or you can just add a custom value.



If the customer is not available at the time of the meeting, can they reschedule or cancel the booking?

Yes, customers can either reschedule or cancel appointments directly from the email sent at the time of booking.


I don't want meetings to be assigned to the same user as a host all the time. How can I do that?

There are two types of calendar bookings: a user booking and a team booking. If you've configured a user booking, it will only be assigned to the user for which it has been configured.

If you want bookings to be assigned to multiple users in your org, go to the Manage Calendar Booking page and in the Team Bookings section, under Host Information, click on the Assign to drop-down list to choose from Users/Groups/Territory .
The meeting/call will be assigned to the selected users in a round-robin pattern.

Can I select the users from a particular territory to whom meetings should be assigned? 

Yes, you can select users from a particular territory.The only condition is that your organization must enable Territory Management in the CRM settings.

How many team and user bookings can be created in CRM?

You can create 25 active team bookings and three active user bookings in your CRM.

Which fields are mandatory for booking a meeting via calendar booking in CRM? 

The name and email fields are mandatory for booking meetings, whereas the name and phone fields are mandatory for calls—all of which are available by default in your calendar booking.



Is it possible to add additional non-mandatory questions for participants?

Yes, you can add additional questions for which the response can be made optional for the participant.



There are three distinct ways to share your calendar booking link with customers:
  • You can add the link as an email signature. To do so, go to the Manage Calendar Booking window and then click More > Add to email signature for the booking you want to share. You will be redirected to the Insert Link page, where you need to add text to the Selected Text box. The booking URL will automatically populate. Enter the Title and click OK .  
Now every time you send an email to your customers, the bookings link will be sent to them by default as a signature.

  • You can choose to embed the code to your website. There are three ways to accomplish this:
    • Embed it as a  button which, when clicked, makes the booking page appear as an overlay.
    • Embed it as a link .
    • Embed it in-line in your website.



To embed it, in the Manage Calendar Booking window , click More > Embed for the booking you want to share. From the Embed Options popup, choose from the three options and enter the Name for button and link . Then select the themes and colours to suit your website. Then copy the code automatically displayed there and click Done . You may paste the code into your website's HTML source code.

  • You can also simply copy the link and share it via SMS, email, social media platforms, WhatsApp, and so on. In the Manage Calendar Booking window, click More for the booking you want to share. Click Copy Link  to add it to your clipboard, and then paste it to share it where you want.


How can I deactivate a user booking?

To deactivate a booking, go to the Manage Calendar Booking window and toggle the status bar to off for the booking you want to deactivate and it will be no longer active.



Yes , you can add the link as an email signature. To do so, go to the Manage Calendar Booking window and then click More > Add to email signature for the booking you want to share. You will be redirected to the Insert Link page where you need to add text to the Selected Text box. The booking URL will automatically populate. Then enter the Title  and click OK .


I've created a 30-minute meeting via calendar booking in Zoho CRM. When my customer booked an appointment, it created a new meeting in CRM with the subject "30-minute meeting". Is it possible to customize the booking name?

No, it's not possible to customize the "30-minute meeting" booking name while creating a booking in Zoho CRM. However, you can edit the subject after a new meeting is created in CRM.

What are the field limitations for mapping questions to answers?

While mapping an answer, you can map them to any fields supported in the CRM meetings and calls modules, respectively.



How can I set the amount of time between available time slots?

In the Manage Calendar Booking window click More for the booking you want to edit. Select Edit. Choose the period from the available options from the drop-down under Show availability in increments of in Advanced Settings  


How do I schedule a call from the calendar?

To schedule a call from Calendar
  1. Click on the Calendar icon on the modules tab in CRM.
  2. Click the Create button.
  3. Select Call  and then Schedule a call  in the dropdown.

Alternatively, you can schedule a call by clicking on the date in the calendar.

How do I change the weekly holidays in Calendar?

Weekly holidays fall on different days of the week in different countries. Follow these steps to change the days:
  1. Click on the Calendar icon on the modules in your CRM.  
  2. Choose a view – Day, Week or Month
  3. Click Options > Preferences
  4. Select the desired day from the Weekly Holiday pick-list fields. You can set two days as weekly holidays.   
  5. Click Save. 

How do I create a meeting in CRM Calendar?

To create a meeting in your calendar
  1. Click the Create link in the calendar.
    You can also click on the date or time slot in the calendar and create events. 

  2. Specify the Title of the event and Location.
  3. Select the All Day check box if you want to mark it as an all day event.
  4. Select the From and To date and time.
    For an all day event, the option to set time is not available.
  5. From the Host  drop-down list, choose the name of a user who will host the event.
    The users listed in the 
    Host  drop-down will be based on your role hierarchy. The event will be created in the calendar of the user who is hosting the event.
  6. Select LeadsContacts, or Other modules to specify what the event is related to.
  7. Click the Change link, if you want to schedule the event to repeat on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.
    By default the 
    Repeat option is None.
  8. Click the Add link, if you want to invite participants to the event. You can select contacts, leads, user, and users from roles, groups, territories, etc.
    By default the Participants option is 
    None. You can also specify the email address of contacts that are not in your Zoho CRM account and invite them to the event.
  9. Set a Reminder for the event.
    By default, when you create an event, the reminder settings will be set based on the calendar preferences of the user who is hosting the event. However, you can change that, if required.
  10. Click Add more details if you need other fields to be populated to add more details about the event.
  11. Click Save.
Meetings was previously known as Events in your CRM.

Why aren't tasks displayed in the Calendar?

The Zoho CRM Calendar lists meetings and calls by days, weeks and months. It shows the user a clear insight of the upcoming events. The Calendar displays only the meetings and calls, but it does not display the tasks created. The reason is that, Tasks are often created as a reminder to complete an activity and have a due date. Tasks are not scheduled, they can be completed at any time.  So tasks are not displayed in the Calendar.                                                             Unlike tasks, meetings are scheduled for a specific, definitive time, so they are displayed on the calendar. 

What is the file format accepted by Zoho CRM for calendar import or export?

Zoho CRM accepts the .ics format for import and export in Calendar.

How can I view other users' activities in the calendar?

Other users' activities can be viewed in the calendar depending on your role and position in the hierarchy of the organization.  Whether or not users can view other users' meetings depends on how the Reporting Hierarchy and Territory Hierarchy are configured in your organization. For example, the CEO can view the activities for all records, but a sales manager can only the meetings associated with their own subordinates' records and cannot see any information about their superiors' records. Two sales managers can view each others' records if the Share Data with Peers check box is selected for their role.

How do I reschedule a call?

  1. Go to the Calendar.

  2. Click on the desired call and click  Reschedule.

  3. Set the date and time  you want to reschedule it to.

  4. Click Done.

I am getting an overlap alert when I try to create a new call. What does this mean?

Zoho CRM lets you create as many calls and meetings as you want. The default call duration is 15 minutes and the default meeting duration is 1 hour. If you schedule a call at 5:00 pm and another call at 5:10 pm, then you will get an overlap alert, because there is an overlap on the calendar between the calls.

You can proceed to schedule the call or meeting, despite the alert. You can also change the default duration of a call or a meeting at any time.
Navigate to Calendar > Options > Preferences to change the duration.

How can I set the hour view for a day as default?

The hour view is available in the  Day View  of the calendar. In addition, you can also select the Week or Month view.

We hope that this list of frequently asked questions about Calendar Booking is informative. If you still have questions that haven't been addressed, please  let us know. We will be happy to discuss them with our subject matter experts and add them in the future. And please don't forget to share your rating below!

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