FAQs on Meetings module

FAQs: Meetings Module

How can I create meetings in Zoho CRM?

To create a meeting in your CRM
  1. In the Meetings module, click   Create Meetings .
  2. In the Meeting Information popup, specify the event details. 

  3. Click Save.

How do I set reminders for meetings?

To set reminders for a meeting
  1. Go to the  Meetings  tab.

  2. Click on the meeting you want to set reminders for.

  3. Click  Edit  on the  Meetings   Details  page.

  4. In the  Meeting   Information  pop-up, choose how long before the meeting starts you want to be alerted in the  Reminder  dropdown.

  5. Click  Save . After creating a meeting, you can invite users, leads, or contacts by clicking  Add Invitees .

How do I close a meeting so that it does not appear in the Open Meetings list?

You cannot manually mark a meeting as complete, but you can edit the due date to the current date and time, so it will be marked as complete and moved to the  Completed Meetings  view.

Do I need to manually end meetings?

No, you do not have to manually complete meetings in Zoho CRM. Meetings will be automatically completed once the  End Time  has passed. You can view all the completed meetings in the  Completed Meetings  view.  For example, if the  End Date/Time  is 08/05/2021, 12.45 PM, then the meeting will be  automatically marked as complete at 12.46 PM.

How do I add participants to a meeting?

To invite members to a meeting
  1. Go to the  Meetings  tab
  2. Select the meeting you want to add participants to from the  Meetings  home page.
  3. Click  Add  in the Participants section of the  Meeting Details  page.
  4. Select the check boxes of the users you want to invite.  You can select users from the  Leads, Contacts, Users,  and  Groups  dropdowns to invite to the meeting.
  5. Click  Add.  The users will be invited to the meeting.

  1. If an email reminder is set for the meeting, both the meeting owner and the participants will get reminders.
  2. If a pop-up reminder is set for the meeting, both the meeting owner and the participants who are users in your CRM account will get pop-up reminders.

What types of notifications can I set up while creating a meeting?

While creating a task or meeting in Zoho CRM, you can set two types of reminders: 
  • Alert through Email : Select this option to receive reminders for your tasks or meetings through email.

  • Alert through Pop-up : Select this option to receive pop-up reminders for your tasks or meetings.

How can I view meetings that belong to other users?

To view all the meetings that are created in your CRM, you need to set up data sharing rule for meetings to any one of the following depending upon what type of permission is required.

  1. Public read only
  2. Public read/write
  3. Public read/write/delete.
You can also create new sharing rule to customize the record sharing criteria in case you want a few users to view the records. To view the meetings, go to meetings module and click on All meetings list view on the meetings home page.

How can I see a list of the invitees for a meeting I created?

To view a list of invites for a meeting
  1. Click the  Meetings  tab.
  2. Select the desired meeting.
  3. You can see the list of invitees in the  Participants  section.

How can I add more participants to an existing meeting?

You can add participants to an existing meeting from the  Meetings Details  page.
1. Select the meeting on the  Meetings Details  page.
2. Go to the  Participants  section and click  Add .
3. Select the participants you want to add and click  Add .
4. An invitation email will be sent to the new participants and the changes will be saved.

How will I be notified when a meeting is assigned to me?

To receive a notification when a meeting is assigned
  1. Click  Calendar.

  2. Choose a view: DayWeek, or Month.

  3. Click  Preferences.

  4. S elect the  Notify me when a meeting is assigned to me  checkbox in the  Notifications  section of the  Preferences  pop-up.

  5. Click  Save.

How do I edit a meeting?

To edit a meeting
  1. Go to the  Meetings  module.
  2. Select the desired meeting and click the  Edit  icon.
  3. Enter the necessary details.
Click  Save

Why can't I set the meeting duration to be more than 3 hours?

When you create a meeting, the maximum duration you can set in the the From and To dropdown is 3 hours. This is because most meetings usually last 3 hours or less. While creating an event, you can set the duration for up to only 3 hours using the From and To drop-down list. This is because most events are usually conducted for 3 hours or less.  However, you can manually set the duration to more than 3 hours. Double click the  To  field and enter the required finish time.

Can I create meetings for other users?

You can only create meetings for other users if you are a CRM admin For meetings, you can select the host from the list of other users.

How do I view all the details of a meeting?

You can access the details from the  Meeting Details  page.  
To view meeting details
  1. Go to the  Meetings  module.
  2. Click on the desired meeting to view its information.

How do I delete or cancel a meeting in Zoho CRM?

If you have added participants to the meeting, we recommend that you first cancel and then delete the meeting.
  1. Go to the desired meeting you want to cancel.
  2. Click on the ellipses button  (...)  on the  Meeting Details  page.
  3. Click  Cancel  and a pop-up will appear asking if you want the meeting cancellation notification to be sent to the participants. Choose  Send  or  Do Not Send.

Cancel button will be displayed only if the invitation email has been sent.
To delete a meeting
  1. Go to the meeting you want to delete.
  2. Click the ellipses button  (...)  on the meeting's details page.
  3. Click  Delete . A pop-up will appear asking if you are sure to delete the meeting. Click  Delete .

You can also select records from the Meetings module list view and delete them. 
  1. Go to the  Meetings  module.
  2. Select the meetings you want to delete by clicking their checkboxes.
  3. Click  Actions  and select  Delete .
  4. A pop-up asking for confirmation to delete will appear, click  Delete .

Can I stop a recurring event in Zoho CRM? If so, how?

Yes. To stop a recurring event, go to the event on a specific date from which you want to cancel it. For example, you don't want the event to be created from tomorrow, go to that day's event on your calendar and click Delete. In the ensuing popup, click Delete all Future Events to ensure that it does not get repeated again. 

We hope that this list of frequently asked questions about meetings module are informative. If you still have questions that haven't been addressed, please let us know  here . We will be happy to discuss them with our subject matter experts and add them in the future. And please don't forget to share your rating below!

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