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FAQs: Path Finder

Path Finder in Zoho CRM is an observant tool built to discover and record real-time journeys taken by your customers in your business. With its ability to capture each customer interaction, you can get a comprehensive idea of how your prospects and customers are navigating within your business.  
     Click here to learn more about Path Finder

What is the difference between Path Finder and Journey Builder in Zoho CRM?

Path Finder and Journey Builder are two subsets of an Experience Center toolkit in Zoho CRM called CommandCenter. While Path Finder will help you discover real-time journeys your customers are taking in your business, Journey Builder will help you design and template contextual journeys, thereon. Thus, based on Path Finder's findings, you can orchestrate a forward journey for your customers.
The essence of CommandCenter, as a whole, is to measure and optimize the customer experience through their journey. Let us distinguish them.

How does Path Finder track journeys?

A journey is a series of interactions your customers or prospects have with your business. Like a breadcrumb trail, Path Finder connects interactions of individual users to form unique paths. So, to identify interactions and track journeys, Path Finder relies upon three important components.

States, Touchpoints, and Identifiers

States- States are like stages in a journey. Customers, as they continue their interaction with your business, move from pillar to post, crossing different steps in your process or products. To take those milestones into account, you configure states.
  1. A state can be a step in a process, if you want to trail a journey based on a process.
    For example: "added to wish list," "added to cart," payment information, and so on. Alternatively, a state can be different products in your business, if you want to track journeys across products like laptop, mobile, tablet, and so on.
Note : States in Path Finder are individual entities. One state is connected with the other based on the order of your customer interactions.
Touchpoints- Touchpoints are access points present in your business through which customers engage with you. They can be webform submissions, email correspondences, chat bot initiations, or even a click of a button. Any interaction will trigger the respective touchpoint and thereby the record in that path will be associated with that state.

Identifiers- Identifiers are field values like email, mobile number, and so on, that are unique and could denote a customer. It helps Path Finder identify and recognize the customer, associate them with their respective states, and align them with their original path, ensuring there are no duplicate journeys. It will help generate accurate paths.
Each state can have up to five  touchpoints and each touchpoint can have up to five identifiers.
Below is a pictorial depiction of how Path Finder works.

When a customer interacts with a touchpoint, the touchpoint will be triggered, consequently activating the respective state. As the interaction persists, different states are connected as paths. Here, the role of identifiers is to attribute the activity of a user to their path, thus despite multiple customers accessing your business, unique paths are mapped.

Click here to learn how to configure States, Touchpoints, and Identifiers in Path Finder.

What is the difference between Zoho PageSense and Path Finder in Zoho CRM?

PageSense is Zoho's standalone product to measure, monitor, and optimize user interactions within your website. You can embed code snippets, track user movements across different pages on your website, and understand their behavioral patterns from time to time. It produces heat maps and funnel charts as part of journey analysis.

Path Finder , on the other hand, captures interactions at each touchpoint and records them as paths. At any given time, if a prospect's or customer's interaction triggers the touchpoints configured in your PathF inder, the respective record in your CRM will traverse along the states configured, thus making a path. It generates three types of graphical reports with the same findings but for different perspectives. They are the Path Report, Sankey Report, and Journey Report

To summarize:
  1. PageSense is a tool that captures interactions for a page, while Path Finder weaves together targeted interactions from across your business landscape. It captures interactions from web pages as well as record-level changes happening in your CRM.
  1. PageSense solely depends on code snippets to track, while Path Finder can observe and capture interactions through integration-based triggers, APIs, custom signals, or standard triggers in CRM. Click here to learn more about these triggers.
  2. PageSense provides behavioral reports based on website traffic alone, but Path Finder gathers customer interactions from targeted touchpoints like website, email, call, and surveys, and assimilates the findings to form unique paths.
Here are the resources on PageSense and Path Finder to learn more.

Can I orchestrate my process using Path Finder?

No, Path Finder precedes journey/process orchestration. It is a receptive tool that records the actual journeys your customers take in your business. It will help you derive meticulous insights about customer behavior, persona, and their experience. Based on the insights on your business, you can design a favorable journey, backed by real-time data.
This article covers the role of Path Finder in orchestrating meaningful processes in your business.
Click here to learn how to amend process orchestration using Journey Builder.

Can I create automations based on Path Finder?

No, configuring automations means assigning an action to a trigger.
Path Finder is primarily a journey discovery tool, meaning it will register all the movements of your customers in your business.
However, Zoho CRM offers different types of automations for different needs of your business.
Checkout our articles on Workflow rules Blueprint , and Journey Builder for more ways to automate context-based actions in your business.

What constitutes a touchpoint in Path Finder?

Touchpoints are access points present in your business. When an interaction is established, the respective touchpoint will be triggered. That said, to capture them, Path Finder has a collection of integration-based, standard, and custom triggers added to the touchpoints. You can configure up to five touchpoints in a state .

  1. Integration-based Triggers are those triggers that are brought in as a result of integration of different applications from Zoho's ecosystem. You can configure in such a way that any action performed there (say, submission of a desk ticket) can trigger a touchpoint in your Path Finder. Likewise, you can avail the following triggers based out of Zoho app integrations.
  2. Custom triggers  are those triggers you define using targeted  APIs  or using  Custom Signals .  By configuring custom triggers, you can take account of all the interactions happening across your business landscape into CRM. You can log all kinds of interactions, including the ones with third-party applications by means of APIs or Custom Signals. 
  3. Standard triggers  are those that are present in CRM by default. It includes  record-level triggers  like creating a record, editing a record, or conversion of a record and  interaction-based triggers  like sending an outgoing email, receiving an incoming email, submission of a webform, and so on. While the record-level triggers are acted upon by the CRM users, the interaction-based triggers are activated by real-time customer interactions. 

Thus, using these standard, integration-based, and custom triggers, you can record end-to-end interactions your customers are having with your business.
  1. To avail interaction-based standard triggers, you must configure email and telephony services in your organization.
  2. Like touchpoints, the triggers listed in them are also module based. For example, converting a record is a trigger that is available only for the Leads and Quotes module.
  3. Currently, you can only see those integration-based triggers from Zoho's ecosystem. You can, however, make use of Custom Signals to log signals in Path Finder.

Can I edit the reports?

No, the reports Path Finder produces are user behavior in your business. You can edit and update the configuration, but you cannot edit the report.

Can I export the reports?

Out of the three reports, Path, Sankey, and Journey, you can export a .png capture of the Journey Report only. Click here to learn how to interpret Path Finder reports. You can export the Journey Report, weed out unproductive paths, and administer the favorable journey in our Journey Builder.

How long after configuration will Path Finder start displaying reports?

Path Finder tracks real-time journeys and records them as they happen. As and when an interaction is observed, Path Finder captures the signal, activates the respective touchpoint, and associates it to the respective state to form a path.

In this article, you can find detailed answers to the frequently asked questions about Path Finder. We have covered questions about its conceptual and technical aspects. However, should you have more questions, feel free to drop them in the feedback section or write to us at

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