FAQs: Zoho PhoneBridge

FAQs: Zoho PhoneBridge

Why can't I see the telephony feature under Channels?

Only users with the Administrator profile can access this feature. To access telephony, contact your Admin and ask them to change your profile to Administrator.


I am not receiving caller details for incoming calls in Zoho CRM. Why?


You may have used the main company number and the extension to log into RingCentral inside Zoho CRM.


Use your Direct Number and the extension to log into RingCentral inside Zoho CRM.


How do I deauthorize my computers in RingCentral?

  1. Log in to your RingCentral account as the Administrator.

  2. Click Admin Portal > Phone System.
  3. Click Phones and Device
  4. Under User Phones, select the required user.
  5. Click Deauthorize this Computer.

    Follow the same procedure to deauthorize all other computers.
  6. Once all the computers have been deauthorized, log into the softphone again from the device associated with the primary digital line.

I am not able to make an outbound call via RingCentral in Zoho CRM. Why?

The reasons why you may not be able to make an outbound call in Zoho CRM may be these:

  1. You may have logged into RingCentral softphone on multiple devices.
    In this case, log out of your softphone(s), de-authorize the PC name for the primary and secondary PC names, and log back into the softphone on the primary digital line device.
    This is a limitation on RingCentral’s front when it comes to third party integrations.
  2. You may NOT have logged into the softphone on the device associated with the primary digital line. 
    In this case, please log into the softphone on the device associated with the primary digital line and try click-to-call.


How do I change my Outbound Caller ID dynamically for calls made via RingCentral in Zoho CRM?

You can set your Caller ID to be displayed dynamically based on your location. To do this,

  1. Click Phone System > Users > (Select User) > Outbound Caller ID > By Feature.
  2. Select Current Location as the value under Ringout from Web.

If the numbers have been chosen through these steps, that will be the number of the caller ID irrespective of the number that you've chosen in CRM. However, if you change the selected Current Location to CRM, your caller ID will be the number chosen in CRM.


How do I disable the "Press 1" prompt while making a call through RingCentral in Zoho CRM?

It is currently not possible to disable the Press 1 prompt that is always played when you make a Click-to-Dial call in Zoho CRM.


The Press 1 prompt is necessary in order to ensure that the CRM user (caller) is connected to RingCentral first and ready to speak before the customer is connected. If this is not ensured, it is possible that the customer answers the call before the CRM user (caller) is connected.

Unfortunately this is how the feature is designed by RingCentral and cannot be modified by Zoho CRM.


Can I be the Group Identification User for more than one PhoneBridge Group?

No. You can be the Group Identification User for only one PhoneBridge Group. The Group Identification User can be a user with either standard or administrator profiles.



How do I enable Zoho PhoneBridge Trial for my CRM Account?

You can enable Zoho PhoneBridge Trial only if you are the administrator of your account. Follow these steps to enable the trial:

  1. Log in to Zoho CRM with administrator privileges.
  2. Click Setup > Channels > Telephony > PhoneBridge.
  3. Click Enable Trial.

Why am I not able to generate the PhoneBridge Token?

The PhoneBridge Token can be generated only by the group identification user of your Zoho PhoneBridge Group. Please check with the administrator if you are the Group Identification user for the Zoho PhoneBridge Group.



Who can enable Zoho PhoneBridge for my company's CRM account?

Users with the administrator privileges can enable Zoho PhoneBridge for your account.



What are the PBX systems supported by Zoho PhoneBridge?

The PBX systems supported by Zoho PhoneBridge can be found here. The list of PBX system supported in each region and your subscription can be entered and viewed.

Note: You must download a separate Adapter for every PBX system.


Will all my calls be recorded by default in Zoho CRM?

No. Calls are not recorded in Zoho CRM by default. However, you have an option to request a call recording.

  1. Click Setup > Channels > Telephony > PhoneBridge
  2. In the Twilio Configuration page, click Edit next to the phone number you have added.
    Click Advanced Options. Under this section, select Yes for Call Recording.

Note: Twilio records calls and you may be charged for this in your Twilio account.

         See more

         How much does it cost to record a call?



What happens to a call if none of the users associated attend to it?

Depending on the status of the users, the caller will be notified that the person they are calling is unavailable or busy. Following this message the caller would be requested to leave a Voice Mail. This message can be customized in Zoho CRM.

The call would then be shown under missed calls, along with the Voice Mail, if there are any.



I want the automated messages to be read out in a different language. Is that possible during Twilio configuration in Zoho CRM?

No. Currently, Zoho CRM does not support other languages. The automated messages are in U.S English (female voice).




What is the “Read Format” in the IVR menu configuration?

There is no specific Read Format column in the IVR. However, the user can enter the format in which he wants the message to be read out in the Menu Message column.

It could be any of these formats:

  1. Key Press followed by Menu
    Example: Press 1 for Sales
    In this case, you have to specify the Read Format as ${Key Press} for ${Menu}
  2. Menu followed by Key press
    Example: For Sales, Press 1
    In this case, you have to specify the format as ${Menu} Press ${Key Press}




Can I configure my Twilio account if I am on a Standard Edition of Zoho CRM?

No. Zoho PhoneBridge is available only in the Enterprise, Professional Editions of Zoho CRM and above. Please upgrade to one of these Editions to enjoy the benefits of this integration.



I am not able to make/receive calls from Zoho CRM. Why?

One of the major reasons you may be unable to make or receive calls from Zoho CRM is due to browser compatibility issues. In this case, go to http://clientsupport.twilio.com/. During the compatibility check, if you see any red boxes, report the error to Twilio. If all boxes are green and you hear a cowbell sound, then it means your browser is compatible.

Apart from this, these are the other reasons you may not be able to make/receive calls:

  1. You don’t have enough balance in your Twilio account to make/receive calls.
  2. Your browser does not have the Adobe Flash Plugin installed.
  3. You have changed VoiceURL or Status CallBack URL for Twilio PhoneNumber or TWIML application (named Zoho CRM) in Twilio. Do not change them.
  4. If you have changed the phone number properties but are unable to revert to default, then delete the phone number and add it again.


Can I transfer a call to another user after I have answered it?

No. Currently, you can't transfer a call.



I keep getting this number as the Caller ID that is being displayed even though all the callers are different: “266696687”. Why?

This is not a phone number, but a code that Twilio displays for any Anonymous call.

The Caller ID number that Twilio displays in your Call Logs is whatever the carrier sends them. Sometimes, the originating carrier for a call will pass through one of the following words. Twilio will convert these words to digits and uses those digits as the ‘From’ parameter.

  1. RESTRICTED: 737 874-2833
  2. BLOCKED: 256-2533
  3. UNKNOWN: 865-6696
  4. ANONYMOUS: 266696687

When you receive these numbers as the Caller ID, do not add it in Zoho CRM as a contact. If you do so, any other anonymous call (whose actual phone number is different) will be associated to the contact you add. That would be a mistake.



In sequential ringing, how does Zoho CRM decide who gets the call first?

The sequence depends on whoever sets the Twilio status as "online" first.

For example, Jim and Ken are two CRM users associated with a call. Jim signs in first and then Ken. So Jim’s position in the sequential ringing queue is 1 and Ken’s is 2.

An incoming call is first routed to Jim. If he takes the call, his status changes automatically to “in-progress”. When Jim is done with the call, he clicks Save & Close in the notifications. Now when a second call comes in, Jim will have a new position in the queue (2nd) while Ken takes the first position. The queue changes because Jim has answered the call.

Note that the sequence changes only if Jim answers the first call. If he changes his status to “busy”, without attending a call, he becomes inactive in the queue but his position in the queue does not change. He will still be the first one to receive a call, when he comes back online.


How can I disable Twilio integration?

You can disable Twilio Integration by clicking Switch Telephony Providers on the Twilio Configuration page.

When I click to make an outgoing call from Zoho CRM, the RingCentral softphone shows an Incoming call. Why?

RingCentral is an agent through which calls are made and received. So when you click on call to make an outgoing call from Zoho CRM, the call is first made to the softphone and then to the destination number. Hence the softphone shows this call as an Incoming call.

You must click Answer in the softphone after which the call is placed to the destination number.



I had chosen to Login Later but I cannot access the Login screen. How can I log in to RingCentral?

If you have chosen Login Later and cannot access the RingCentral Login screen, click the Phone icon beside Setup and click Login.

In the RingCentral Login page, enter the login credentials and click Log In.



I am unable to login to RingCentral as it shows me an "Invalid username or password" error. Why?

You may get an Invalid username/password error in these cases:

  1. You have not entered the country code with the number.
    For example, a US RingCentral number should be entered as +1 followed by the number. (+1xxxxxxxxxx)
  2. The credentials are wrong.
    In this case, please double check the RingCentral credentials and try again.




There is no click-to-call phone icon beside the phone number in the Lead/Contact Details page. Why?

If you do not see the click-to-call phone icon next to the phone number in your Leads/Contacts details page, it could be because RingCentral has not integrated with Zoho CRM correctly. Follow these steps to rectify it:

  1. Disable the RingCentral integration and Enable it again.
  2. After you click Enable, wait till the page refreshes automatically and do not click anywhere else until the RingCentral Login page appears. Clicking anywhere else before the auto-refresh may disrupt the integration and cause issues.
  3. Once the page automatically refreshes, you can go ahead and Login.


When I use click-to-call, the call is being placed to another sales rep's softphone instead of mine. Why?

If you have entered your organization's RingCentral number to Login instead of your direct RC number, then you will face this issue.

Any outgoing call is first placed to RingCentral and then the destination number. When you enter your organization's number, the call is made to this number in round robin or according to the configurations set for any incoming call. As a result, other sales reps receive calls on their softphones.

To avoid this, make sure you log in using your direct RingCentral number instead of the toll-free organization's number.



Why am I not able to generate the Auth Key?

The Auth key can be generated only by the group identification user of your Zoho PhoneBridge Group. Please check with the administrator if you are the Group Identification user for the Zoho PhoneBridge Group.

Can I integrate Zoho CRM with telephony providers?

Yes, the Telephony feature connects your PBX system with your Zoho CRM system that holds all the important details of your leads and customers. With this feature, Zoho CRM offers you a platform to manage incoming and outgoing calls. We support 130+ telephony systemsYou can find the complete list of supported telephony systems here.

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