FAQs on Data Enrichment

FAQs on Data Enrichment

1 . How is data enrichment useful for my business? 

In a data-driven world, every piece of information needs to be accurate, complete, and relevant to be useful for purposes like sales, marketing, or research.

Data enrichment is an in-product feature offered by Zia, our intelligent sales assistant, which helps you ensure that your CRM data is complete, accurate, and up to date.
Based on the information you enter, such as a lead's name, company, or website, Zia mines pages across the internet and retrieves additional information about the record, such as the company size, phone number, address, revenue, and other details. All this information can be used by your sales team to personalize their communication. Later, that data can also be used to assess the chances of lead conversion with the help of Zia's predictions.

Ultimately, with all the relevant data, your sales team will be able to better understand all your prospects' and customers' needs, which will help them work effectively and efficiently to close more deals successfully.


2. How can I enable data enrichment in Zoho CRM? 

 To enable data enrichment in Zoho CRM
  1. Go to the Setup > ZiaData Enrichment. 
  2. Click Get Started.
  3. You will be redirected to the page where you can enable or disable data enrichment for the Leads, Accounts, and Contacts modules, customize the data enrichment settings, and control access permissions for the feature.     

3. Can Zia data enrichment pull data from a website that is not in English?

No, Zia can not pull data from non-English websites. It is currently only available for users in Europe, Australia, US, and India.

4.  Which fields does data enrichment use and which fields can it fill it?

Zia will fetch contextual information from the web based on the inputs in any one of the following fields: Company, Email, and Website.

The fields which information can be mapped to are Designation, Company Name, Email, Mobile, Phone, Fax, Website, Industry, Skype Name, social media profile fields (Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn), and address fields (State, Street, City, Zip Code, and Country).

5. Is it possible to prevent certain fields from being enriched? 

Yes, you can configure data enrichment to only enrich some fields.


Navigate to Setup Zia Data Enrichment and select the module (Leads, Accounts, or Contacts). You can then map the Enrichment Fields with Zoho CRM Fields.
Select Do not map this field from the dropdown in the Zoho CRM Fields column for the Enrichment Fields which you do not want to be enriched.




6. I have created a record without enrichment. Can I enrich it later?  

The option to enrich data is available after a record has been saved as well as during record creation. So if you did not use data enrichment while creating a record, you can use it later after saving the record.

To enrich a record after creation:
  1. Click the More icon on the record details page and select Enrich data.

  1. Enable the checkboxes in the Data Enrichment by Zia window to allow Zia to populate the enriched information in the corresponding fields.


  1. Click Update [Record].
    The record's fields will be populated with enriched data.

The checkbox is auto-enabled for fields which are empty and have available enriched data. When Zia fetches enriched data for fields which were not previously empty not empty, you can choose to retain the existing information or enable the checkbox and overwrite it with the enriched data.

 There are two possible reasons why the link is not available.


The first reason is that Data Enrichment  by Zia has not been enabled in your CRM account. You can enable this feature by going to Setup Zia Data Enrichment > Get Started.
The second reason is if there is not sufficient information to use for enrichment. The Enriched data available link will only appear when at least one of the primary fields (Email Address, Website, and Company Name) has been filled in.



8. How does Zia data enrichment identify the domain of a lead's website?  

Zia uses the Bing Web Search API to identify the domain of a lead's website.
When looking for information to enrich a record, Zia only mines public websites. Even on these public websites, Zia follows all the specifications that are listed in "robots.txt". 


9. What type of information will be collected for leads, contacts, companies, and accounts?  

Zia collects the following types of information:
  • For a person (a lead or contact): full name, the organization they work for, contact number, email address, social media profiles, blog links, address, and job title.
  • For an organization (a company or account): the organization's name, contact email address, contact number, social links, web site, technology used, address, and revenue.
  • When looking up for information to enrich a record, Zia only crawls public websites. Even on these public websites, Zia follows all the specifications that are listed in "robots.txt".

10.   How can I see when a record was last enriched? 

In the record details page, you can move your mouse pointer over the Enrich data option to view when this record was last enriched.


11.  How can I deactivate data enrichment?   

To deactivate data enrichment
  1. Navigate to Setup > Zia Data Enrichment.

  2. Click Deactivate on the Data Enrichment by Zia page.


12.  What happens to the enriched data in records if I deactivate data enrichment?  

All data added to your records via data enrichment will be retained. New records will not be enriched once you deactivate the data enrichment in Zoho CRM.

We hope that this list of frequently asked questions about data enrichment was informative. If you still have questions that haven't been addressed, please let us know here. We will be happy to discuss them with our subject matter experts and add them in the future. And please don't forget to share your rating below!







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