FAQs on Web form Analytics

FAQs: Webform Analytics

1. What is a webform?

Web forms simplify the process of capturing visitors or users information from your website into your CRM system. They are designed to automate the importing of data from websites into Zoho CRM. Non-technical users find it easy to design and publish their own web forms.

Web forms are supported for LeadsContactsCases and any other Custom Modules that you have in your account. Before setting up the web form, complete the following check-list:

  • Create a default email template to send automated replies to website visitors upon submission of their information.
  • Create an assignment rule if you wish to assign the incoming records to specific users or to assign them based on round robin method. By default, all incoming records are assigned to the administrator.
  • Configure the web form further, if needed, to suit your requirements.
  • Customize the fields to be added in the web form.
  • Test the webform before publishing it on your website.

2. What is webform A/B testing?

A/B testing is a methodology that allows you to compare the performance of two webforms. You can make changes to a webform based on the performance results from the analytics and run the existing and new form for random sets of visitors and compare the results. The form that performs better can be declared the winner and used going forward. 

3. What is webform analytics?

Webforms are the most commonly used method for businesses to generate leads. It is important to analyze how each webform performs so that you can take down the forms that are not performing well or make updates to enhance their performance or change the target audience to increase their reach. Analysis can also help you ensure that your forms are helping you find quality leads.

Webform analytics provide different metrics to determine performance such as:

  • Number of visits to the webform

  • Number of submissions

  • Percentage of fields that are usually filled in the form

  • Whether the leads generated from the form have any deals associated with them.

4. How do I capture the number of submissions made from a country?

No, it is not necessary to add a country field to the webform. The submissions are automatically tracked and categorized based on the country they are submitted. 

5. How is the conversion date calculated?

The Leads Conversion report will display the number of days taken by the lead to convert from the day it was generated through a webform. The conversion date is the date on which the lead was converted to contact. 

6. Can A/B testing results generated from PageSense be corroborated with webforms?

Data from PageSense cannot be collaborated with webform A/B testing to identify the combined outcome as there is no integration between PageSense and Zoho CRM.

7. How do webform analytics correlate revenue generation with webforms?

The revenue generated from the deals that were successfully closed with leads that were generated from webforms contributes to the 'Revenue generation of the forms'. 

8. How do webforms in CRM interact with SalesIQ?

If visitor tracking is enabled for the webforms, you will be notified whenever someone visits your webform. This will also allow you to initiate a chat with the visitor from your CRM account.

9. Will forms created in Zoho Form and Marketing Hub be available in the webform analytics?

No, only webforms that were created in Zoho CRM can be used for analytics. These webforms can also be used for A/B testing.

10. Can I view the analytics for surveys along with webforms?

No, webform analytics are exclusively used to analyse the performance of webforms that are created in Zoho CRM. 

11. What is the conversion rate of a webform?

The conversion rate tells you the percentage of forms that were submitted by the visitors. 
For example, in the image below you can see 71%, 46%, and 67% of submissions. That means out of 17 visitors only 12 submitted the form, out of 13 visitors only 6 submissions were received and only 2 out of 3 visitors completed and submitted the form respectively.

You can use this statistics to examine the forms further and see whether all the fields are filled by the visitors, which fields are usually skipped, why there were less number of visitors and the like.

12. Can I pause the A/B testing whenever I want?

Yes. When the testing is paused the original webform will be displayed for all visitors.

13. How is the winner decided in a/b test?

The webform variant with the highest conversion rate at the end of the A/B test will be marked as the winner. If the conversion rate is the same for all the variants, the winner will be decided based on the minimum abandonment rate and the highest complete submission rate compared to the original form.

Once the winner is declared, you can use that variant of webform by default and replace the original webform with it.

14. Can I make changes to the A/B test once it has started?

No, once the A/B testing starts, the configurations and variants cannot be edited.

15. Can I initiate A/B testing for a webform which was embedded using source code?

No, A/B testing only works for webforms that are hosted in Embed or iFrame format. 

16. Can I run the a/b test for specific time?

Yes, you can specify the start and end time for the a/b test.
You can run the test for a maximum of 90 days. After that time, only the original form will be made available for visitors.

17. Can I view the changes made between the original form and the variant?

Yes, you can view and revert all changes in the Changes List.

Once the customization is done, you can specify the percentage of visitors to participate in the A/B testing and 
how many visitors will view the original form and the variants.

18. Can I add fields or customize the webform for a/b testing?

Yes, you can create different versions of the original webform by adding fields, modifying field properties, changing the call-to-action buttons, changing fonts, revising the background color of the form, and so on.

All the changes that you make to the variant can be viewed in the Changes List
. You can also revert the changes, if necessary.

19. How do I create A/B testing?

A/B testing is a methodology that allows you to compare the performance of two webforms and decide which one is performing well, that is generates more leads. 

To create a webform a/b test:

Navigate to Setup > Channels > Webforms > A/B Testing and enter a name and select the webform.

You can specify further details such as:
  • Test sampling: Specify the percentage of visitors that should participate in the A/B test.

  • Split visitors: Specify the percentage of visitors who should view the original form and each variant. For example, 70% of the visitors will view the variant while the remaining 30% will view the original form.

  • Test ends: Specify the duration of the A/B test. The maximum duration is three months. The duration can be specified in the following ways:

    • End after a specific day, week, or month

    • Specified from and to dates

    • End after the visitor limit is reached. For example, after 350 visitors have viewed the webform.

20. What is the difference between visits and unique visitors?

Visits: Number of times the website, where the webform is hosted, has been viewed is. Every time the website is refreshed it will count as a new visit.

Unique Visitors: The number of individual visitors who viewed the website that hosts the webform. Website refreshes will not be counted as a new unique visitor.

21. Where can I view analytics for individual forms?

The analytics for individual webforms in a module can be obtained by clicking the View Analytics button next to the webform. Analytics for a particular module can be viewed by clicking More Stats.

22. How do I enable tracking for webforms?

  • In order to view analytics, you need to enable tracking webforms. There are two ways to enable tracking: For existing webforms, analytics must be enabled manually. If the embed or iframe code for the webform is embedded in your web page, then you can click Enable Tracking to start analyzing the webform.

  • If the webform was embedded using its source code, you can hover over the webform and click Enable Tracking. Copy the tracking code from the pop-up and paste the code inside the form tag in the web page where you embedded the source code.

  • Analytics are enabled by default for all newly created webforms.

23. How are current revenue, previous revenue, and growth rates calculated?

Current Revenue: Revenue generated from closed deals that are associated with leads that were generated from the webform.

Previous Revenue: Revenue generated by closed deals before the specified time period.  For example, if the webform analytics are filtered based on Current Month, then the revenue generated in the previous month will be captured here.

Growth Rate: The increase from the previous revenue to the current revenue.

24. How do I calculate the revenue based on form?

The revenue generated from the leads who entered through the webforms is calculated to determine the revenue generated by your forms. 

25. What is the difference between partial and complete submission?

Partial submission means some fields in the webform were skipped or not filled in before submission.

Complete submission means all the fields in the webform were filled in before submission. 

26. Can I see which fields were not filled in by the visitors?

Yes, the field filled rate graph will show you which fields were always filled in the webform and the ones that are not.

27. How does webform analytics help to increase the performance?

Webform analytics provide various parameters that help to determine the performance of the forms:

  • Number of visits to the webform

  • Number of submissions

  • Percentage of fields that are usually filled in the form

  • Whether the leads generated from the form have any deals associated with them

Based on these parameters you can:

  • Remove the fields that are usually skipped by the visitors filling in the form

  • Remove forms that are not performing well

  • Target regions where forms are receiving more visitors

Making these changes can help you improve the performance of the forms. 

28. Can I remove the webform header from the website?

Yes, it is possible to remove the webform header by modifying it in the HTML code.
Copy the source code from CRM and remove the following tag:
<strong>Webform name</strong>

Once you have removed this code, the header will not appear in the webform. It can also be renamed or deleted as required.

29. Is it possible to increase the width of the webform?

Yes, you can increase the width of a webform to a maximum of 900 pixels.

30. How can I prevent spam records submitted via webforms from being added to Zoho CRM?

You can avoid spam records from entering the CRM account by doing the following:
  1. Enabling CAPTCHA
  2. Create record approval process
  3. Create Validation Rule. 
Even if a bot bypasses CAPTCHA, it cannot get past the validation rule in CRM. Spam records will then be moved to Invalid entries in the Leads Approval page.

31. How do I approve leads that come in through the webform?

Web forms have an option to enable manual approval of records. When this option is enabled, records that come in through web forms are not added directly to the modules. They need to be approved first for other users to access the records.
To approve the leads:
  1. Go to the Leads module.
  2. Click more (3 dots/ellipsis icon) in the Leads list view and then select Approve Leads.
    Alternatively, you can find the records waiting for your approval in 
    My Jobs.
Note: Only users with the Approve Records permission in their profile can access this feature. 

32. Will I lose my data when removing or deleting a web form?

No, you will not lose any of your data when a web form is removed or deleted. However, once you've removed a web form, you won't be able to submit any more data into that web form. If needed, you can create a web form host and let leads submit their data. 

33. Is it possible to embed a web form on email campaigns?

Yes, you can embed a web form onto email campaigns. You can start by generating a web form on Zoho CRM and hosting it on your web page.
Once you've done that, link the web form URL to a custom button and insert it at the end of your campaign.

34. When a lead fills up web form a new web form opens up, instead of the landing page. How to solve this?

To make sure that your lead is directed to the landing page, please make sure that you have specified the right URL in the Landing Page URL section.

Go to Setup > Channels > Webforms.
Select the web form that you have created and click on Next Step.
Under Form Details, enter the desired URL to which you want to direct your lead on submitting the form. 

Read more about setting up web forms here.

Note: You have to use the newly generated code and host in your website to apply the recent changes you have made to your web form.

We hope that this list of frequently asked questions about web forms are informative. If you still have questions that haven't been addressed, please let us know.We will be happy to discuss them with our subject matter experts and add them in the future. And please don't forget to share your rating below! 

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