FAQs: Email Configuration

FAQs: Email Configuration

Can I configure multiple email boxes in Zoho CRM?

No. You can select ONLY one mailbox at a time from which you want to fetch mails in CRM.

Can I configure my Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and other web mail services in CRM?

Yes. You can configure Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and other POP-enabled emails services in Zoho Mail. 

Can I sync my existing email client with CRM email?

Yes, you can synchronize your emails from existing email clients and track them efficiently in Zoho CRM using POP/IMAP.

Does Zoho CRM synchronize emails with Gmail?

Yes, you can synchronize emails between Gmail and Zoho CRM.

To synchronize Gmail with Zoho CRM, you need to first configure a POP account in Zoho Mail.

Zoho Mail (http://mail.zoho.com) seamlessly integrates with Zoho CRM, and Zoho Mail supports POP access. Once you configure POP, you can easily fetch emails from Gmail to Zoho Mail and in turn Zoho CRM

How do I know if mail sync after configuration is complete?

Email synchronization largely depends on the number of emails among other factors. You will receive a confirmation email after the mail sync is complete.

How is IMAP different from POP3? Why should I use IMAP Configuration for Zoho CRM?

IMAP and POP3 are simply methods or protocols used to access email. Both could be beneficial depending on what your requirement is.

If you use POP3, your emails will be downloaded from the POP3 server to your mailbox inside Zoho Mail. But if you access your emails from anywhere else, they will not be in sync.

On the other hand, when you use IMAP, you can check emails from more than one device – be it a computer, laptop or a mobile phone.

If you want to be able to access your mails from anywhere, you are better off choosing IMAP, as it enables email sync across multiple devices.

How to configure my corporate email account in Zoho CRM?

In Zoho CRM, you can configure your corporate email account by following the steps given below:
  • Log in to Zoho CRM.
  • Open the Zoho Mail service at http://mail.zoho.com or click the Email tab in your CRM account.
  • In Zoho Mail, click Settings Mail Accounts Manage Mail Accounts > Add POP3 Account.
  • Enter the required details to configure POP service for your Email account.
  • Click Save.

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I get an error message that says ''Authentication has failed.' Why does this error occur and how do I resolve it?

You will receive this error if you have enabled two-factor authentication for the email that you want to configure. In that case, instead of using the email password, use the App-specific password. This should resolve the issue.

For example, in case you have a Gmail account, here is how you generate an app password>> https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/185833?hl=en

Where can I see my emails sent to a lead/contact using IMAP?

To view emails sent to a lead or contact using IMAP:
  1. Go to the Records Details page of the desired lead/contact
  2. In the Emails section, select the desired IMAP shared user from the pick-list field.
    The emails sent via IMAP are displayed.

Where do I find the IMAP configuration page?

  1. Log in to your Zoho CRM account
  2. Click Setup > Channels > Email > Email Configuration.
    The IMAP Configuration section is displayed under the The IMAP / POP3 (Zoho Mail) tab

Where do I find the outgoing mail server settings?

If you are not aware of the details for the outgoing mail server settings, contact your email service provider and request the IMAP server details. Enter the details provided in this section for configuration.

How can I change the email address that is used to send emails to leads or contacts in CRM?

For users who do not have Zoho Mail Add-on: The email address used to send mails to leads or contacts in CRM is based on the primary email address of the user. You need to change your primary email address as per your requirements and the same will be used to send emails to leads, contacts, etc. See Also Changing Primary Email Address

For users who have Zoho Mail Add-on and who have configured the POP3/IMAP account: The email address used to send mails to leads or contacts in CRM is based on the email address selected from the Send Mail as drop-down list while configuring your mailbox in Zoho CRM.

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Will Zoho Mail synchronize with Outlook through POP configuration?

No, Zoho Mail will synchronize with Outlook only if you have IMAP configured. 

Is there any way to ensure that emails that are deleted from Zoho Mail don't get deleted from Zoho CRM?

The emails that you view as a part of the mail add-on inside Zoho CRM are shown based on the data in your Zoho Mail account. So deleting these emails from Zoho Mail will also delete them from Zoho CRM, as there are no duplicates generated. 

I have a free account for my business, but am unable to add more than one email address to my account. How do I add more emails to my account?

You can create and use email aliases to add more than one email address to your account. Read about how to setup email aliases here.
If you want to create a new email address and use it as a separate account for another user in your organization, you can add a new user and setup an email account for that user. Read more about how to add a new user here.

Can I login to multiple email accounts using a single browser?

As of now, you cannot login to multiple email accounts in a single browser. You can, however, add more email addresses as aliases, send and receive emails using any of these email addresses. Learn more about how to add an email alias here.

Can I archive the emails of sales reps who have left the company, through IMAP integration?

Email backup is only available for POP accounts. IMAP syncs your emails without adding a backup, so you won't be able to archive old emails.

I have integrated Zoho mail with CRM, and created a filter for emails from leads and contacts to be sent to a separate folder. I have created other filters too, but emails don't go to those specific folders. How can I solve this?

When you're using multiple filters, you may have problems with the ordering of those filters, and the conditions in some filters may also be conflicting with others.
An easy way of avoiding this is by defining a 'ToMe' filter, which will ensure that you don't miss out on the emails that are addressed directly to you, from leads, contacts, deals and others. This will ensure that you're always aware of the emails that need your attention.
Read more about the various ways to create smart filters and avoid the email clutter here.

How do I add additional "from" addresses?

Email integration in CRM is generally account specific. This means that each user in a Zoho CRM account must configure their own email account in CRM. There are two ways to add more "from" addresses:

You can add additional "from" addresses while configuring IMAP. Read more about how to do this here.

You may want to create a shared company-based email account which all users can send emails form, for example, support@zylker.com. This is referred to as an organization email address and this has to be configured by the Administrator.
To add organization emails:
    1. Navigate to Setup > Channels > Email > Email Configuration and select the Organization Emails tab.
    2. Click + Add New Email Address.

    3. In the Add Email Address page:
    • Add a Display Name.
      The display name helps identify who sent the email. This helps the customer if the email address of the organization may not be specific.
    • Enter the organizational email address.
    • Select who can use this organization email from the Profile dropdown list.

    4. Click Create.

Can I access my emails through my email client after I integrate my email account with Zoho CRM?

Integrating your email account with Zoho CRM can allow you to view your emails from your email account and a copy of all the outgoing and incoming emails will be associated with the corresponding CRM records, so that you can view them in CRM. You can use either of the following two protocols to set up your business email account within Zoho CRM:
  1. IMAP: IMAP lets you work with emails without downloading them to your computer first. IMAP allows you to store emails on remote servers. This two-way protocol also allows synchronizing emails across multiple devices.
  2. POP3: POP3 downloads email to your computer and usually deletes the email from the remote server. This protocol does not allow synchronizing emails across multiple devices. If you use more than one device to read your email, you may see read emails as unread with no indication of which you deleted, read, or flagged on another device. The folders you created on one device won't be replicated on the other devices.

Can Zia identify the intent of an email that came in via the BCC dropbox?

No, email sentiment and intent will not be analyzed in emails that are received through the BCC dropbox. Email intent is only identified for emails that are received in CRM. 

Why was an email received via BCC Dropbox not associated to the deal?

A BCC Dropbox email is always associated with most recently modified deal that does not have probability value as "0" in its current stage. If the probability is zero then two possibilities are there:
  1. the email will be associated with the next recently modified deal whose probability is not zero.
  2. if no deals are available or all deals have zero probability, then the email will be associated with the contact. 
For example, if a deal is "budget approval stage" that has a probability value as "0", then any email received via BCC Dropbox will not be associated with it. In case the particular contact has Deal 2 which was recently modified and doesn't have "0" as the probability value, then the email will be associated with Deal 2. If no deals are available the email will be automatically associated with the contact. 

Can I see all the email added through BCC dropbox in reports?

Yes, emails added via BCC dropbox can be seen in custom reports created for emails. 

To create the report:
  1. Go to the Reports module and select Create Report.
  2. Select the Primary module.
  3. Select Emails in Select related module.
  4. Click Continue.
  5. Select Tabular report or Summary report as the Report type.
  6. Cick Continue.
  7. Select the necessary field in Report Representation and click Continue.
  8. Select Source is BCC Dropbox from the dropdown under Advanced Filters.
  9. Click Save.

Why can't I see the emails in CRM even after configuring the POP account?

There could be two reasons why you are not able to see the emails even after configuring the POP account.   
Reason 1: You may have selected the incorrect POP configured account's email address in the mailbox. If you click Setup > Channels > Email, the mailbox will list all the POP configured mailboxes and the Zoho mailbox. Please ensure that you have selected the exact mailbox you want to fetch emails from. See Also Configure Mailbox 

Reason 2: You may have added the same email address as that of the POP account's and may have set it as the default email address. By doing so, the email address will be listed in the mailbox. You can check the same by following the steps given below:   
  1. Click the Email tab.
  2. Under Account Details, ensure that the Set Default Email ID selected is that of Zoho. (for example, yourname@zoho.com)
Ensure that you have not selected the Default Email address to be the same as that of the configured POP account. The reason being that both the default email address and the configured POP account's email address will be displayed in the mailbox. You will not know which is the mailbox that needs to be selected to fetch mails inside CRM as both the email addresses will be the same.

How do I configure my company or personal email account inside CRM?

You can configure your company or personal email account inside CRM through these steps:

1. In Zoho CRM, click Setup > Channels > Email.  
2. In the Email Settings page, choose one from the Popular IMAP Email Integrations
3. Enter the Name, Email address and Password. 
4. In case you have enabled Two-Factor Authentication for your email account, you must enter the App-specific password for IMAP configuration and not your regular email and password.  
5. Click Continue.
6. Click the Add link to add more From Addresses, if required. 
7. Click Server Details to view the incoming and outgoing server settings. The Server Details are automatically populated on selecting one of the popular IMAP Integrations.
8. Choose the EmailSharingSettings.

How can I set up an email account to share all customer emails with other users?

You can set up an email account to share all customer emails with other users by following these steps:  
  1. Click Setup > Channels > Email.
  2. In the Zoho Mail Add-on page do the following:
    • Choose the Mailbox that you want to configure within Zoho CRM.
    • Choose the Account with the complete sharing option.
    • In the Exclude Domains field, specify the Email domains to be excluded from sharing. 
  3. Click Save.

We hope that this list of frequently asked questions about Email is informative. If you still have questions that haven't been addressed, please let us know here. We will be happy to discuss them with our subject matter experts and add them in the future. And please don't forget to share your rating below :)

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