How to share a single record (lead, deal etc.) with several users | Zoho CRM - FAQ

How to share a single record (lead, deal etc.) with several users?

There are two ways in which records can be shared with others in the organization:
  1. Direct Sharing - Individual records can be directly shared with other users. For example, a deal can be shared with another sales rep. 
  2. Indirect sharing - A record can be shared as an associated record, that is through related list. For example, a deal can be associated with a contact and when you share the contact's record the deal too will be shared with the other user. This type of sharing is called indirect or sharing records with their related-list. 
Remember that you cannot share records from Activities (Tasks, Calls, and Meetings) and Linking modules.
Setting permission for the users
There are three types of permissions that can be given to the users while sharing a record, depending on the action you want them to perform on the record.
  1. Read Only - User can only view the records that are shared with them.
  2. Read/Write - Users can view and edit the records that are shared with them. This does not include the permission to change the owner or delete the record.
  3. Full Access - User view, edit and delete the records that are shared with them. They can also change the ownership of the record.

To share individual record
  1. Go to the Module from which you want to share a record and select a record.
  2. In the Record Details page, click the More Actions icon and then click Share.

  3. In the Sharing [Record] popup, do the following:
    1. Select the record access type: Private or Public.
    2. For Public sharing, Choose the access permission: Read Only, Read & Write, or Full Access
    3. Click Share.

    4. For Private sharing, select the users with whom you want to share the record.
    5. Choose the access permission: Read Only, Read & Write, or Full Access.

    6. Click the Add user icon to add more users and define sharing permissions. You can add multiple users with different access permissions.
    7. Select the With Related List checkbox, if required. All the associated records will also be shared. In future, if you associate new records, (for example, you add tasks), they will also be shared.
    8. Select the Notify through feeds checkbox to alert users when you share records with them.

    9. Click Share.
      You can always manage the sharing, as required or revoke sharing.

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