Can I select an org if I install an extension from CRM Marketplace | Zoho CRM - FAQ

Can I select an org if I install an extension from CRM Marketplace?

Yes, if you are part of more than one organization then while installing an extension from the CRM Marketplace you can select the org account to which the integration should be installed.

Find below the behavior of multiple org accounts and integration.

If you are using other Zoho products or any third-party applications that you want to integrate with Zoho CRM, you will be prompted to choose one of the org accounts during integration. The selected org account will be integrated with your application.

For reference we have included screenshots from some applications to show the multi-org selection:
CRM - Desk integration (Desk UI)

MS Teams-CRM integration (MS Teams UI)

CRM-Slack integration
a) If the integration of Slack and CRM is enabled from Slack

b) If the integration was enabled from Zoho CRM Marketplace.

The table below highlights the way multiple org accounts will work with integrations:

Integration type

  1. Zoho Desk
  2. Zoho Projects
  3. Zoho Survey
  4. Zoho Webinar
  5. Zoho Backstage
  6. Zoho Cliq
  7. Zoho Meeting
  8. Zoho Forms
  9. Zoho Social, Zoho Finance
One-to-one mapping. That is, only one org account can be associated with a Zoho Desk, Zoho Backstage, Zoho Cliq etc. portal.

  1. Zoho Campaign
  2. Zoho Creator
  3. Cisco Teams
Multiple CRM org accounts can be associated with one Zoho Campaigns or Zoho Creator org and Cisco Teams.
Zoho Analytics
One report can be integrated with multiple CRM accounts.

Google and Office 365 
One-to-one mapping. That is, one Gmail (contact or calendar) and Office 365 folder can be associated with one CRM account.
MS Teams
One-to-one mapping from MS Teams only. One portal from Teams can be associated with one CRM account. The integrations allows to integrate the following:
  1. Tabs: Multiple tabs from different orgs can be configured to display CRM analytics. A tab can show analytics data from Org 1 while another tab can show from Org 2. 
  2. Messaging Extension: One-to-one mapping where user can map one org at a time. They can change the org whenever needed.
One-to-one mapping. One Slack account can be associated with one CRM account. 
Sales IQ
One-to-many mapping. That is, one CRM org account can be associated with up to five SalesIQ accounts.

Listed below is the platform from where a user can initiate integration:

From both CRM and Zoho app
Only form Zoho CRM
Only for other services

  1. Zoho Desk
  2. Zoho Backstage
  3. Slack
  4. Zoho Campaign
  5. Zoho Analytics
  6. Sales IQ
  7. Zoho Meeting
  8. Zoho Forms

  1. Zoho Projects
  2. Zoho Survey
  3. Zoho Webinar
  4. Zoho Cliq
  5. Cisco Teams
  6. Google
  7. Office 365
  8. Zoho Social
  9. Zoho Creator
  1. MS Teams

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