FAQs on Review Process

FAQs: Review Process

1. What is the purpose of a review process?

A review process allows you to check and validate the values of a field before the record enters the CRM system. For example, responses entered for fields such as qualification, eligibility criteria, GPA, or product quantity can be validated and approved by CRM users before the record is allowed to enter the system. The fields that require review are highlighted and the reviewers can approve or reject the value and choose a reason for rejecting each field.

2. Who can be a reviewer?

A reviewer can be selected from any of the following:

  • a particular role

  • a particular group

  • any CRM user

  • the record owner

Read more about selecting reviewers.

3. Which modules can I create a review process for?

You can create review processes for all standard and custom modules except for the following:
  1. Campaigns
  2. Activities
  3. Zoho Finance


To view the modules you can create review processes for:
  1. Go to Setup > Process Management > Review Processes.
Click All Modules in the Review Processes list view to see the list of supported modules.

4. Can more than one user be set as a reviewer?

Yes, multiple users can be added as reviewers. Admins can select reviewers from any of the following categories during the configuration process:
  1. Users
  2. Roles
  3. Groups
  4. Record owners

If there are multiple reviewers, notifications sent on submission of a record and rejection or completion of review will be sent to all the reviewers.
Reviewers can reject a record by marking just one field as rejected. It is not necessary to reject every field.
Once a reviewer approves or rejects all fields in a record, the rule gets satisfied and the record exits the review process, and will not be available for the next reviewer as a record waiting for review.

5. Can submitters edit other fields when the record is waiting for review?

No, once a record is submitted for review, it cannot be edited.
If the record is rejected, the submitted can make changes to any fields before they resubmit it for review.

6. How can I check the actions performed on the records in a review process?

The Review Log in the My Jobs module contains a list of the actions performed on records including:
  1. Entered
  2. Re-entered
  3. Rejected
  4. Reviewed
  5. Unreviewed

To view the actions:
  1. Log in to your CRM account and click My Jobs.
  2. Click Review Logs. You will see a list of all the actions performed on records. 
  3. To view a specific action, click the Actions dropdown and choose an action from the list.

7. Can I delete the records which are in the review process?

To delete records in the review process, admins and users need the Delete permission for the module in which the review process is configured. Only admins can perform mass delete operations.
To enable the Delete permission:
  1. Go to Setup > Security Control > Profiles.
  2. Select the profile which the user is associated with.
  3. Select the module you want to delete records from under Basic Permissions.
  4. Click the down arrow next to the toggle switch and select the Delete checkbox to give users with that profile the permission to delete records.

8. Why can't I see an option to resubmit a record?

The Submit for Review button will only be available when all the fields which need to be submitted for review have been filled in by the submitter.
If a record is rejected during review, it can be resubmitted. For example, if a review field is left blank by the submitter, the approver can reject the record due to missing data. The submitter can now recheck the record and ensure that they fill in all the review fields and then resubmit the record for review.

9. How do I delete a review process?

You can delete review processes that are no longer required in your CRM system. However, you cannot delete a process if it contains records which are pending review or have been resubmitted.


To delete a review process:
  1. Go to Setup > Process Management > Review processes.
  2. Hover your cursor over the process which you want to delete and click the Delete icon

10. What happens to the records pending review if I delete a layout?

When you delete a layout that has records waiting for review, you will be prompted to choose another layout to move the records to.


If the new layout doesn't have a review process configured, the records will be added to the CRM's list view as records in that module and layout and will no longer require review.
To delete a layout:
  1. Go to Setup > Customization > Modules and Fields.
  2. Hover over the module and click Layouts.
  3. Click the   icon next to the layout and click Delete Layout.

11. Why can't I see the Review Process option in my account?

A user must have the Manage Automation permission enabled in order to access review processes in their account. 

To check the user's permissions:
  1. Go to Setup > Security Control > Profiles.
  2. Select the profile the user is associated with.
  3. Check if the Manage Automation option is toggled on. If it is not, toggle it on to allow users with that profile to use the review process.


Note: The review process is supported only for users with enterprise edition and above.

To set an SLA:
  1. Go to Setup > Process Management > Review Processes.
  2. Select the process to add the SLA to or create a new review process.
  3. Set the the Conditions, Target Fields, and Rules and then select actions.
  4. Check SLA Escalation under Actions.
    1. Choose the Time Period and choose the reviewers to escalate the record to.
Read more about review processes

13. Can fields from a subform be reviewed in the review process?

Yes, fields from layouts and subforms can be selected for a review process
The following field types can be selected for review:
  • Single
  • Multi line
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Date
  • Date/time
  • Number
  • Currency
  • Decimal
  • Percentage
  • Long Integer
  • URL


Read more about review processes.

14. Where can I find the records that need to be reviewed?

Records pending review can be viewed by going to the My Jobs module and selecting the [Module name] in Review option, which is a custom view for each module, for example, Leads in Review or Contacts in Review.


To access from My Jobs,

Reviewers or users with the Administrator permission can view all the records in review in the My Jobs module.
  1. Select My Jobs and click on the Review Process tab. The number of records submitted for review will be displayed next to the Review Process tab.
  2. Check the Process Name to see which module each record belongs to and click on a record to be redirected to the record detail page.


To access from the [Module name] in Review option on a custom view
Every module has a custom view, which can be accessed by going to the top-left of the module page. If a module has a review process, it can be accessed by clicking the [Module name] in Review option on the custom view.
Example: Leads in Review, Contacts in Review, Deals in Review.
Any user can view a record which is pending review. To view the record:,
  1. Select the module which the record in review belongs to.
  2. Click Custom View in the top-left corner.
  3. Select [Module name] in Review.
  4. This will show a list of the records sent for review.
  5. Select the record you want to view.


To approve or reject a record:
On the record details page, the fields that are pending review are marked with a tick symbol next to them.
Click on the tick symbol to Approve or Reject the field. Adding comments during review is optional.


Note that a record is considered rejected if even one field is rejected by the reviewer. The reviewer can reject a record without reviewing all the fields.

15. Can I add a lookup field for the review process?

No, only the following fields can be sent for review process:
Single line, Multi line, Email, Phone, Date, Date/time, Number, Currency, Decimal, Percentage, Long integer, and URL

16. What will happen if both the approval process and a review process are configured?

By default, the record will first enter the data validation and approvals that are set before entering the review process. A record will undergo validation, web form approval, layout rules conditions, and approval before it is sent for review. 

17. Is it possible to add personal reasons for rejection?

Yes, you can add reasons of your own while configuring the review process.

Click Configure Reasons For Record Rejection under Actions and enter your reasons.

18. How do I trigger review process for records created via APIs?

You must pass "process":["review_process"] to trigger the review process when records are created via V2 API.

19. What is the "Leads in Review" view in the Leads module?

Records that are awaiting review are displayed in the system-defined view Leads in Review. This view is not available to the reviewers.

20. How do you approve or reject the records submitted for review?

All the records awaiting review will be listed in the My Jobs module.
  1. Go to the My Jobs module.
  2. Select Review Process from the dropdown list.
  3. You will see the list of records waiting for review
  4. Click on the records and approve or reject the fields.

21. How will the submitter be notified when the field is rejected?

You can configure an email alert to be sent to the record submitter whenever a record is rejected. When the field is rejected, a system-generated email will be sent to the record submitter stating the reason for rejection.

To configure an email alert on rejection:
  1. Navigate to Setup > Process Management > Review Processes.
  2. Click on a process if you have already created one.
  3. Enable the check box to trigger the notification for rejection under Actions.
You can also trigger email notifications when a record is submitted and when review is completed.

22. Will the records under review be visible in My Jobs to the admins or only to the reviewer?

By default, the records awaiting review will be listed under My Jobs for all administrators as well as the reviewer. Even though they are not appointed as the reviewers, they will be able to take actions on the record.


23. Can I trigger a review process for records that are imported?

No, You can't trigger review for records that are imported into CRM.

24. Does the review process work on records created via automation like APIs?

Yes. You can configure the review process for records that enter your CRM through APIs. The review process will also work on the records that enter CRM through a portal, import, or integration with other applications.

25. Can I trigger the review process when a record is edited?

No, the review process can only be triggered only when a record is created.
The aim of the review process is to verify the field values before the record is submitted to the CRM system, so the process is only permitted when a record is newly created. If you want to review and confirm the values when a record is edited, you can set up an approval process.

26. Can automations like blueprint and workflow rules be triggered when a record is under review?

No, when a record is under review, it does not enter the system so automations will not be triggered until it is approved. However, there are few approvals and validations that will take place before the record enters the review process:
  1. If you have enabled the web form approval option, then the records will enter the review process after the web form approval is completed.
  2. Before entering a review process, a record will always go through other data validations and approvals in CRM: validation rule, web form approval, layout rule.

27. Can I select all the fields in the record to be sent for the review process?

Review processes only can be created for the following field types:
  1. Single line
  2. Multi line
  3. Email
  4. Phone
  5. Date
  6. Date/time
  7. Number
  8. Currency
  9. Decimal
  10. Percentage
  11. Long integer
  12. URL
These same field types in subforms can also go through a review process.

28. How does the review process work?

Records will go through review based on your system configuration as soon as they are created or enter the CRM system automatically through a web form, portal, API, integration, or import.
The records will only enter the process if they satisfy the criteria for it. When a record is in the review process, it will be listed in the My Jobs module under Pending for review for the respective reviewers. An email alert will be sent to notify the reviewer about the records awaiting review.
The reviewer must validate every field that is marked for review and approve or reject each field. They can select a reason for rejection from the available options.
If configured, an email alert is sent to the record submitter to notify them about the rejection or completion of review..
Rejected records will display a Submit for review button so they can be resubmitted once the reason for rejection is resolved.
The record submitter can resubmit the record. The status will be changed to Pending for re-review.

Note that a record is considered rejected even if only one field was rejected by the reviewer. The reviewer can reject a record after marking a few fields as rejected.

29. Can I assign selected records to a particular reviewer?

Yes, you can define the criteria for certain types of records to be assigned to a particular reviewer.
For example, you can assign records from Canada to Peter and records from the US to Mary.

30. Can I configure different review processes for different layouts?

Yes, Review processes can be created for different layouts. The layouts can be standard and custom layouts. The records will enter the process based on the criteria that you have set during configuration.



If you delete a layout that has records awaiting review, you will be prompted to choose another layout. If the new layout doesn't have a review process configured then the records will be added to the CRM list view. 

31. Can I enter a reason for rejection of my own?

Yes, you have the option to configure your reasons for rejection while setting up the review process.

32. Can I select the reason for rejecting a record?

Yes, the system provides three default reasons for rejection that can be selected during configuration:
  • Invalid Entry
  • Data Insufficient
  • Data does not match
In addition to these, you can configure reasons of your own. When a reviewer rejects a field, they have to select one of the listed reasons for rejection.

33. What type of notifications are sent and to whom?

Email notifications are sent in the following instances:
  • Submission of records: Notifications will be sent to the reviewer and the record submitter.
  • Completion of review: Notifications will be sent to record submitter, reviewer, and the CRM administrators.
  • Rejection of record: Notifications will be sent to record submitter, reviewer, and the CRM administrators.

34. Can review process be set for selected records only?

Yes, you can set up a review process for a selected set of records only.
For example, if you want applications with a credit score less than 300 to be reviewed, then you can define that criteria in the configuration and then
any record that has a credit score less that 300 will be automatically sent for review and other records will be added to the CRM list view.

35. When will the reviewed records be available in the CRM list view?

Once the record is marked as reviewed it will be added to the CRM list view of the relevant module.

36. Can I set a SLA for the review process?

Yes, while configuring the review process, the admin can set the SLA escalation. The pending record will be escalated to another reviewer after the time that is set. The time be set in days, hours, minutes, business days, or business hours.
Once the period is exceeded, the reviewer will receive an email alert. 

37. Can I set a SLA for the review process?

Yes, while configuring the review process, the admin can set the SLA escalation. The pending record will be escalated to another reviewer after the time that is set. The time be set in days, hours, minutes, business days, or business hours.

Once the period is exceeded, the reviewer will receive an email alert.

38. How is a reviewer assigned to a record?

While configuring the review process, the CRM administrator must select the reviewers who will approve or reject the fields. They can select reviewers from:
  • a particular role
  • a particular group
  • any CRM user
  • the record owner
A maximum of five reviewers can be assigned per rule.

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