FAQs on segmentation, Segmentation, marketing automation

FAQs on Segmentation

1. What are the benefits of segmentation?

Segmentation allows you to classify your customer base depending on the way they interact with your company. It gives you a platform to take cues from their buying pattern and categorize them into different groups like not interested, visiting customers, interested buyers, high spending, and occasional buyers. 
Once you understand which category your customers belong to, you can personalize marketing strategies and selling experience resulting in higher customer satisfaction and conversion. 
Read more about benefits of segmentation, here.

2. Where can I see the segmentation history of a record?

Once you create a segmentation, a section called Segmentation will be added to the record detail page. Here, you can view the complete details of the customer's purchase such as their previous score, the monetary value, when they purchased, number of purchases, and the amount they spent.

3. How long it will take to calculate the score for the records once I publish the segmentation?

It will take at least 24 hours from the time of publishing to display the segmentation label on the records. 
Read more about labelling, here

4. Can I filter records using the segmentation fields?

Yes, you can filter the records using the fields - Segment label and Segment Score (RFM values) in the advanced filter of the module to which the segmentation is applied.

5. The purchase details are displayed but the segmentation label is not updated?

The purchase date, count, and amount of a record will be updated once a purchase is made or values are entered into the respective fields manually or through automation. However, the RFM scoring and label will be updated every 24 hours from the time you published the segmentation.

6. Is it mandatory to set the score and criteria?

Yes, it is mandatory to set the score and criteria if you are using the manual method of calculation.
In automatic calculation, the system takes in to account the highest and lowest values for the RFM metrics and calculates the score based on percentiles and segments the records.
The automatic method is only available in the Ultimate edition. 
Read more about setting score ranges, here.

7. Can I use criteria other than RFM to segment the records?

No, segmentation can only be performed with the recency, frequency monetary (RFM) metrics. This is a system-defined model that cannot be changed.
Read more about RFM metrics, here

8. Can I set time as a criteria in the Recency Date field?

No, even if you are allowed to use both date and time fields for recency, only the date will be used in the criteria.

Read more about selecting RFM fields, here.

9. Can I set the segmentation with two score ranges?

No, it is not possible. minimum of three score ranges is required for each metric. Read more about setting score ranges, here.

10. If I make changes to the scoring scale, will this affect my existing record segmentation labels and scores?

Yes, if the scoring scale is changed, the evaluation will be reset and the existing scores will be recalculated based on the new scales. The new labels will be generated for the records.  
Read more about adjusting the percentile bar and score range, here.

11. How can I set the score for each label?

There are two ways segmentation scoring can be done:
  1. Manual 
  2. Automatic (available only in the Ultimate edition)
The segmentation score is set in a range of 1-5 by default. You can adjust the score range by moving the slider to the desired position like 1-2, 1-3, or 1-4. 
Once the score range is set, you can choose either a manual or automatic method of calculation for assigning the segment labels to records.

Manual: You have to define the criteria manually and set the score for the system to use to compute the R, F, and M scores.

For example:
  1. Enter the score of the Recency score as 5 if the closing date is "between this week and last week" or "is not last month". Similarly, the score will be 4 if the recent purchase time is "till yesterday".

  1. You can set that if the number of deals is more than 8 in the Frequency field, the score will be 5 and if it is between 5and 10 the score will be 4, and so on.

  1. In the Monetary field, set the score as 5 if the amount spent is more than $1500 and 4 if the amount is between $800and $1200.

Automatic: The system will automatically compute the RFM score using the percentile method. The entire data set is divided into five parts (to give scores within a range of 1-5) with distribution at the 20th percentiles. This means that each RFM score will be split across the percentiles percentile: 0 to 20, 20 to 40, 40 to 60.

For the recency score, the dataset will be arranged from the most recent purchase to the oldest purchase. For example, if themost recent purchase was a week ago and the oldest purchase was 6 months ago, CRM will set these two times as the boundaries and draw the percentiles within this time period. The scores will change at every 20th percentile.
Similarly, for frequency and monetary fields the datasets will be arranged from the highest to lowest occurrence and highest to lowest value respectively.

12. Can I replace the value in a segmentation label manually?

No, you cannot edit the label. It is a system-generated label that is calculated based on the scores and the criteria configured by the admin.
Read more about creating labels, here.

13. Is frequency calculated automatically both by count and by field?

No, frequency is only calculated automatically by the system by count. The calculation is based on a lookup field or a related record in the contributing module that indicates the number.
If you select By field, you will have to enter a value manually (for example, using a custom "Number of
purchases" field) which the system will use to calculate the frequency.
Read more about selecting RFM fields, here.

14. Can segmentation values be viewed in Zoho Campaigns and Zoho MarketingHub?

 Yes, the segmentation results, i.e., recency, frequency, and monetary values for each contact, will be displayed in the Zoho Campaigns and MarketingHub platforms only if these platforms are integrated with the CRM account. 

15. Can the segmentation scores be mapped with the Zoho Campaigns fields?

Yes, the segmentation scores and labels can be mapped with the fields in Zoho Campaigns.
Read more about segmentation scores, here.

We hope that this list of frequently asked questions about segmentation is informative. If you still have questions that haven't been addressed, please let us know here. We will be happy to discuss them with our subject matter experts and add them in the future. And please don't forget to share your rating below :)

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