FAQs on Translation | 13 Jan 2022

FAQs on Translation in Zoho CRM

1.  What does the Translation tool in Zoho CRM do?  

Translation is a tool in Zoho CRM that allows CRM admins to set the preferred languages for users across their organization. With the help of this tool, the custom field names, default field names, and picklist values are displayed to the users in their preferred languages.

For example, your organization is located in the US and the language preference in the organization CRM account is set as US English. If employees (CRM users) working from other locations want to view the fields and values in their preferred language, you (the admin) can use the translation tool to set it for them.

You can upload translated files that contains field and picklist values, allowing you to translate these values into 28 languages within Zoho CRM.

Please note that translation can only be enabled and set by an admin user in Zoho CRM.

2.  Are translations user-specific or organization-specific?   

Translation is a tool that improves the overall user experience by translating CRM into a user-specific language, however the feature itself is organization specific. Only users with an administrator profile can access and set translations for specific users. For any users with a custom, non-admin profile or a standard profile, it is not possible to toggle translation on/off or change the language.

3.  If I change the language in Zoho CRM's personal settings, will custom fields and their values get updated to the chosen language? 

No, the custom field names and picklist values will not be changed to the language selected under personal settings. Only the default field labels can be changed to the language selected under personal setting.

Therefore, to update these field names and picklist values, you need to enable the translation feature from the CRM setup screen. With this tool, you can change the language of fields, picklist values, and other elements of the page.

4. How can I enable translation in Zoho CRM?

To enable translation in Zoho CRM:

1. Go to Setup. 
2. Navigate to Customization, then Translations.
3. Toggle the Translation Settings on.


5.  How to perform a translation in Zoho CRM?  

To perform translations, first enable Translation Settings:

1. Go to Setup.
2. Navigate to Customization, then Translations.
3. Toggle the Translation Settings on.


Make sure you are logged into your CRM account with an Administrator profile.

Add language:
When you click on Add Language, you will be able to choose a language from a predefined list. Upon selection, a file will be auto-added, containing a unique language code to identify the chosen language.

The file lists all the picklist values and custom fields in the default language of your CRM account. One by one, you can add as many languages as you require and can use the language files to translate them.

Export language:
The next step is to export the language file that you want to translate for your organization. You can choose to export files individually or export all the language files at once. Once the language file is exported, you can translate the picklist values and custom fields in an export file. Learn more about the contents of an exported file. 

Import Language:
Once you translate the fields, you can click on the Import button and then import the file to translate the fields. While importing, make sure you select a file that contains the translated literals. Also, make sure that the language code is mentioned in the selected file.
Please ensure that the format of the exported file is not changed as it might affect the translation in Zoho CRM.

Read more about translating a language.

6. What is a language code?  

A language code in translation is a unique code that is used to identify languages in Zoho CRM.
When you import a translated file into your CRM account, the file is mapped to the respective language with the help of this unique language code. 

The language code helps in mapping the imported file to the correct language in CRM. Therefore, these language codes should not be altered while exporting or importing a language file.


7.  What does an exported file contain?  

The exported file contains the list of custom fields and picklist values that you have in your Zoho CRM account.


 8.  What does the "Export ALL"  button in translations do?  

The Export All button exports all the languages that were added in translation in one go.


9.  What are the supported file formats to import the translated file ?  

The supported file formats to import the translated files are .txt and .zip.


10.  What is the language history in the translations feature? 

The language history holds the complete list of files that have been imported to date. It is available under the Language Import History tab. The imported language files are arranged in chronological order with the most recent ones on top.


11. If fields are updated in an incorrect language when importing a translated file, can it be undone? 

Yes, you can undo the language import. Undoing the language import will delete the translated texts permanently.
In Zoho CRM:
1. Go to Setup > Customization > Translations.
2. Click on the Language Import History tab.
3. Hover the mouse over the selected file, and there you will see Undo this language import on the right. 



12. How long does the imported file remain available in the language history?  

An imported file will be available under the Language Import History tab for 60 days.


13.  What happens when I delete a language?  

When you delete a language, all the translated text in that specific language will be lost and cannot be restored.


14. What happens when I deactivate the translation? 

If the translation setting is deactivated, the language setting will revert to the default language that was set in your CRM account.

Please note that, if you deactivate or delete a particular language, the users who are using that translated language will view the picklist values and custom fields in the default language set in your CRM account.

There are two options to deactivate a translation.

Deactivate a particular language translation - 
In case you imported the wrong language file, or you do not want users to use a particular translated file, you can choose to deactivate that language file in your CRM account.

By deactivating the translation of a language, all the field labels will be displayed as they were shown before the translation. All the values of the picklist fields will be shown in the default language set in your CRM account.

Deactivate the entire translation setting - 
If you no longer want to use the translations feature, you can deactivate it under the translation settings in your CRM account. If the translation setting is deactivated, the language settings will revert to the default language that is set in your CRM account.

Please note that the translations made for all the fields and picklist values for the various languages will be disabled, including the organization's default language. 

15. I have signed up for Zoho CRM in Hebrew, and I later changed the language to English. However, some fields and picklist values are still in Hebrew. How can I change it? 

You can use the translation tool in Zoho CRM to translate the language of the fields and their values.
Enable translations in CRM under Setup > Customization > Translations.


To enable translation in CRM, you must have administrative privileges.

16.  If I deactivate translation, will it change the fields and values to the language chosen under my CRM's personal settings?

If the translation setting is deactivated, the language setting will revert to the Default Language that is set in your CRM account.


17.  Do I need to change the language in personal settings to the same language that I wish to translate to while performing translations?  

No, it is not necessary to have the same language in personal settings while performing translations. This is because the sole purpose of translation is to translate the whole page, including the custom fields, default fields, and picklist values that a user views.


We hope that this list of frequently asked questions about Translation in Zoho CRM is informative. If you still have questions that haven't been addressed, please let us know.We will be happy to discuss them with our subject matter experts and add them in the future. And please don't forget to share your rating below!







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