FAQs on Wizards

FAQs on Wizards

1. What is a Wizard?

A Wizard helps you divide a long form into a series of screens, where users can enter data on each screen as they proceed to the next step until completion. A step-wise approach is less overwhelming and reduces chances of erroneous data entry, as the partially completed form can be saved as draft and submitted later.

Wizards are typically helpful when:
  1. you want users to complete the form only in a systematic sequence.
  2. There are several steps involved in accomplishing something.
  3. You want users to be able to save the form as a draft before submitting.

2. Is Wizard supported in Sandbox?

Yes, Wizard is supported in Sandbox. 

3. Do validation and layout rule work with Wizards?

Validation rule will work when you create records using Wizards. 

Wizards have their own layout rules called Conditional Rules, therefore layout rule is not needed for wizards since the same result can be achieved via the conditional rules.

If a validation rule is applied on any field, it will behave in the intended manner in the Wizard as well. For example, in the below image, the mobile field has a validation rule setup therefore, the record creator is prompted to enter a value to save the record. Read more about creating validation rule.

4. Can portal users create records through Wizards?

No, Wizards are not yet accessible to the portal users.

5. Can I create a report to see the number of records created through Wizard?

Yes, you can create a report to view the records that were created by Wizard. While creating the report, in the advanced filter select the option as Wizard. 

To create a report to view the records that has been created using Wizards layout,
  1. Go to the Reports tab and click Create Report.
  2. Select the desired module, report type and the required columns.
  3. In the Advanced filter section, select the Wizards layout.
  4. Click Run.
    You can now view the report of records created via Wizards layout.

6. How can I send emails to the records created via Wizard?

There are various ways in which you can send an email to the record's email address:
  1. Once the record is saved you can click on Send email button in the record detail page.
  2. You can also set workflow to send emails automatically.
  3. You can set an automatic action in the button while configuring Wizard, such that an email alert is sent when the button is clicked. You can associate an email template. The email can also be sent to the record owner, record owner's manager, secondary email of the record, other people associated to this record (eg., contact, deal etc.) or other CRM users.

7. Can I add tags or update fields through Wizards?

Yes, you can trigger an action using the functions which will automatically add tags or update fields in the records whenever the button is clicked.

8. Is there a specific time upto which a record can remain as a draft?

No, there is no time limit for storing records as draft. The records will remain as draft until they are deleted. You can view the drafted records and save it as a record whenever you want.

9. Are Wizards used for creating records through automatic methods?

No, Wizards cannot be used for creating records through webform, import or API. It is available only when records are created manually in the CRM module. 

10. What kind of errors can prevent a wizard from saving?

There are a range of errors that you might come across while saving a wizard. For example:
  1. Orphan screens: If a screen is not connected with another screen.
  2. Save button not valid: If the save button on a screen is available before all the system mandatory fields are added.
  3. Invalid buttons: If the button is not configured to the save action or not linked to another screen before you save the wizard.
  4. No option to save: If a screen doesn’t have a save button.
  5. Looping is not allowed: If the screens are connected so that the wizard starts and ends with the same screen. For example, if you have connected screen 1 > screen 2 > screen 3 > screen 1, this will cause an error because the path starts and ends with the same screen (screen 1). 
  6. Save button missing: If save button is not configured before you save the wizard.
  7. Empty wizard: If no screens have been added to the wizard.
  8. Duplicate name: If the wizard name already exists.
  9. Mandatory fields are missing: If the screen does not contain all the mandatory fields.
  10. Node has no save or transition: If there is no save button or path from the screen.
  11. Field [field name] is repeated: If a field is repeated on more than one screen so that the record creator will come across the same field twice in a path. For example, if the wizard path is screen 1 > screen 2 > screen 3 > screen 4, and a field appears on screens 2 and 4 then field repeat error will be displayed.

11. Will actions configured on a button be triggered when a record is saved as a draft?

Yes, actions are configured on buttons and it will be triggered upon click of a button. Automatic actions will take place irrespective of the state of a record, except if an action is specifically configured on a button that saves the record.
You can configure actions like sending email alerts, or configure actions using webhooks or functions. Read more about actions and saving a record as draft

12. How can I edit the drafted data and save it as a record?

To view the draft:
  1. Go to Modules, click the More button and select Drafts.
  2. Select the draft that you want to edit.
  3. Edit the record and click Save.
The record will be saved and added to the module.

13. In which modules are wizards supported?

Wizards are supported in both standard and custom modules, except Inventory and Activities modules. You can also create wizards for different layouts.

14. Can wizard be used to edit records?

Yes, records that were created using the wizard can be edited using the same layout.
That is, if you created a wizard for student's application form and added a student's profile then in future if you edit that record you will be able to do it with the help of wizard layout.

15. Is it mandatory to create buttons in wizards?

Yes, it is mandatory to create buttons, because buttons act as navigators or links to the subsequent screens and are also used for saving records.

16. Can a draft record be sent for approval?

No. A "draft" is considered an incomplete record. The record will only be added to the module and enter the approval process after it has been submitted or saved. Until then, the drafts are stored in the Drafts section of the module.

The Drafts tab is automatically created the moment you save a record as a draft. 
Right-click on the link or connector and click Delete Path.

18. How do I create SCREEN 2 or subsequent screens in a wizard?

In the Wizard Design page, drag and drop the cursor from the button to add another screen.
Alternately, you can click Link to screen over the button.

19. How do I create a button to save the record?

When you add a button to the screen, there is an option to use the button to save the record. If you check this option, you will not be able to add further screens to the wizard, as this will be considered as the final step in creating a record.

You will also not be able to save the wizard unless you have added a button that saves the record.

20. Can I change the colour and shape of the buttons ?

Yes, you can customise the buttons by selecting the shape or colour of your choice from the available styles. You can choose a normal, curved, or rounded shape. You can select a colour for the available options.

21. When do I use the Disable Button option?

The best practice for using the Disable Button option is to make sure the record creator enters correct values in the fields.

For example, you can set the criteria that until the email address is entered the Next button will be disabled. This will ensure that the record creator fills in this field before moving to the next screen.

22. When do I use the Hide Button option?

A button can be completely hidden from the screen if you don't want the creator to use or view it.

For example, if an agent is creating a record, you can hide the Payments Details button which takes the person to the payments screen. This will prevent the agent from navigating to that screen. You can use the same wizard without enabling Hide Button for the office administrators. This will allow them to enter details on the payments screen.

23. What is a "text component" in a wizard?

A text component allows the admins to add instructions, disclaimers, or call script in case the form is filled out via phone call to the record creation form. This makes it easier for the record creator to adhere to the company guidelines.
(A maximum of five text components can be added to each screen).

24. Can I trigger actions when a button is clicked?

Yes, the admin can configure actions like sending email alerts and webhooks that will be triggered by clicking a button.
For example, students can be sent notification via webhook when their application form is submitted to the university portal.

25. How do I create records using wizards?

The steps required to create records in Wizards can vary based on the layout permission set by the CRM administrator. 
  1. If the administrator has made the wizard layout as default, then
    1. Go to the desired module and click the + icon.
    2. You will see the wizard screen where you can enter values to the fields.
  2. If wizard is not set as the default layout:
    1. Go to the desired module and click the + icon.
    2. Click the Edit page layout drop-down.
    3. Select the Wizard layout.
    4. Start adding values to the fields in the wizard screen. 

26. What is the purpose of wizards?

Wizards is a feature in module customisation that lets you:
  1. Simplify the creation of records by showing the process as a series of screens, each of which has a selected set of fields.
  2. Ensure data is entered in a systematic way.
  3. Navigate easily by showing relevant screens to the record creator based on the values that are entered.
  4. Save the record as a draft.
Regular record create page:

Wizard record create page:

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