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Synchronizing the G Suite Calendar

Synchronizing calendar entries of Google Calendar and that of the Zoho CRM Calendar is now made easy with the Google Calendar Synchronization feature. You can update the calendar entries in either Google Calendar or Zoho CRM and have them updated in both. Please note that if you delete the sync configurations and again synchronize the calendar events, then duplicate records will be created.

Permission Required
Users with the Sync with Google Calendar permission can access this feature.

  • You should also have the profile permissions for Sync with Google Calendar and the Activities tab, i.e. ViewCreateEdit and Delete permissions.
  • Users with View profile permission for Sync with Google Calendar and the Activities tab can enable one-way sync of events from CRM to Google Calendar. 

To configure synchronization settings

  1. In G Suite, click on  (the Apps icon).
  2. Click More > Zoho CRM.
    You will be redirected to Zoho CRM
  3. In the Calendar Synchronizationpage, do the following:
    • Select the Sync Calendar from the drop-down list.
    • Choose any one of the Sync Options:
      • 2 Way Sync
      • 1-Way: Zoho CRM Calendar to Google Calendar
      • 1-Way: Google Calendar to Zoho CRM Calendar

  4. Click Save.
  • For both 1-way or 2-way synchronization for the first time, 5000 calendar entries for the past 3 months, from Google Calendar are synchronized with Zoho CRM. For the consecutive syncs, maximum 500 entries will be synchronized.
  • When you add an event in Zoho CRM, it will be synchronized instantly but events from Google Calendar will be synchronized every few minutes.
  • If you delete the sync configurations and again synchronize the calendar events, then duplicate records will be created. In case of two-way sync, duplicates will be created in both Zoho CRM and Google Calendar.
  • Events added from Google Calendar will be added under the All Events list view in Zoho CRM.
  • Only the Calendars for which you have the Read and Write permission will be listed in the Google Calendar drop-down list.
  • In case of two pop-up reminders for the event coming from Google Calendar, only the first pop-up reminder will be added in CRM.
  • Events with no title in Google Calendar will be added with the Subject as " Not Provided " in CRM.
  • We do not support the synchronization of recurring events.

The data will be transferred based on the field mapping mentioned below:

Zoho CRM Fields
Google Calendar Fields
Start date time/end date time
same as Zoho CRM
Remind At
Add Invitees
Add guests

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