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Zoho Directory integration with CRM

Integrating CRM with Zoho Directory gives the CRM administrators a stronger hold on the organization's CRM account by enforcing password security, IP restrictions, and other policies. Read more about Zoho Directory here.

Benefits of integrating CRM with Zoho Directory

Password management: The CRM admins can create policies to optimize password usage across the organization by:
  1. Mandating usage of strong and complex passwords.
  2. Setting expiry date to ensure users change their passwords often.
  3. Disallowing recycle of old and insecure passwords.
Multi-factor authentication: Elevate security of your org account by providing an additional layer of security aside from username and password. Admins can configure the following MFAs: 
  1. Zoho OneAuth - Users will have to authenticate themselves via OneAuth in addition to username and password. They can verify using Face ID and Touch ID.
  2. YubiKey - A hardware-based MFA that generates a unique passcode or master key for the users. 
  3. Other apps - Google authenticator or Authy are software-based security providers that use time-based-OTPs, push authentications and more for user verification.
Allow access from selected IPs: Restrict users to access the org account from the whitelisted IP addresses only. Multiple IP addresses can be whitelisted. 
Note: In Zoho CRM also you have an option to define allowed IPs. It will not interfere with Zoho Directory.
Web session management: Admins can configure advanced form of user authentication by defining the sessions hours, timeouts, and concurrent sessions. These factors give the ability to identify the users on their subsequent accesses and avoid anonymous access. Following session management factors can be configured:
  1. Session lifetime - Users will automatically be signed out of their accounts after the defined period. The timeline ranges between 10 to 30 days.
  2. Session Timeout - Users will signed out of their accounts if they stay inactive for more than the defined period. The time ranges from 2 to 24 hours. 
  3. Concurrent Sessions - Users will be allowed only the chosen number of active sessions at a time.
Active Directory Sync: CRM admins can synchronize the account with Active Directory to store and manage user identities in a common place. It also serves as a user authentication and authorization platform. Admins can do the following: 
  1. Configure LDAP queries and exclusion rules to fine-tune the sync.
  2. Sync passwords from Active Directory and remove the need for multiple passwords.
  3. Perform one-way sync to preserve Active Directory data from changes.
  4. Schedule automatic syncs to ensure your Zoho data always up to date.
  5. Get email reports on sync statuses.

Configuring the integration

You can access Zoho Directory from the CRM Setup page. 

Configuration has to be carried out only from the Zoho Directory account. It is not mandatory to create an account in Zoho Directory before integrating with CRM. Once you begin integration an account will be automatically created and all the CRM users will be synced with ZD. Read more.
Following features can be configured by signing in to Zoho Directory:
  1. Single Sign-on (SAML): Enabling SAML will allow the users to authenticate themselves through their identity provider (or domain). For example, if SAML is enabled for zylkercorp.com, then users logging in from that domain will be verified and allowed to login.
  2. Security policies: Three types of security policies can be configured. Read more about Security policies.
    1. Password policy - Set password complexity, expiry date, and password reuse criteria.
    2. Multi-factor authentication - Enable two-factor authentication by selecting either of the methods: Zoho OneAuth, Google authenticator, YubiKey, SMS.
    3. Allowed IPs - Define static IP address or set a range from which users can log in to the CRM account.
    4. Advanced settings - Set the web session management parameters by defining session lifetime, timeouts, and concurrence. 
  3. Active Directory Sync: Maintain a common repository for users' details by syncing data with active directory. Configure sync settings such that there is only one-way sync which will preserve data sanctity in the directory at all times.
  4. Login History: Capture complete login history to know user's login time, login device, number of times they logged in and the apps (in cases when third-party applications are integrated with CRM) they have logged in.

Common Questions

  1. I already have an account in Zoho Directory can I begin integration with CRM?
    Yes, if you already have an account in Zoho Directory then you can login to your CRM account and go to Setup > Zoho Directory > Choose one of the policies. You will be redirected to the ZD account where you can start the configuration. Note that all the CRM users will be automatically synced into your account.
  2. I don't have an account Zoho Directory, can I still integrate with CRM?
    Yes, you can integrate even without an account in Directory. When you start integrating, the system will automatically create an account and sync the CRM users.
  3. Is there a limit to the number of CRM users that can be synced?
    No, there is no limit to the number of CRM users that can be synced with Zoho Directory.
  4. Who can configure the integrations?
    Only administrators can perform the integration. Users who are in administrative profile in Zoho CRM and Zoho Directory can set up the integration. 

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