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Setting up SalesIQ Integration

Zoho SalesIQ integration with Zoho CRM, also called as Visitor Tracking, allows you to engage with people visiting your website through chat and push their information into CRM. You can also embed a chat widget on your webpage and converse with the visitors and push the interested customer's information into CRM as leads/contacts, you can also attach the chat transcript to their record for reference or follow-up.  
Once you enable the integration, following elements will be added to your Zoho CRM account. All the visit related details will be captured in the Visits tab.
  1. New fields in Leads/Contacts module (Visit Summary).
  2. Related list (Visits – Zoho SalesIQ).
  3. Notifications in Zoho CRM for the visits in your website.
To configure visitor tracking for users without SalesIQ account
  1. Go to SetupChannels > Chat.
  2. Click Get Started.
  3. In Create your Zoho SalesIQ Account page, enter the Account Name.
    Your Account URL will be generated.
  4. Click Create.
  5. In the Choose Zoho SalesIQ Users page, select Zoho CRM users whom you want to add in Zoho SalesIQ as well.
  6. In the Manage your lead generation pop-up, specify the following details:
    1. Push your visitors to CRM as – You can select Leads or Contacts. The new visitors to your web page will be added as a lead or contact based on your selection.
    2. Assign these contacts – You can choose one of the options below to assign the new visitor to a sales rep in your Zoho CRM account.
      1. To a chat attendee - This denotes the users in Zoho SalesIQ. The email address of the user who attends to the visitor via chat will be populated in the Attended By field. Note that the Attended by field will be empty if missed chats and unknown visitors (who has not initiated a chat).
      2. To a user - Users in Zoho CRM will be listed. You can select any one user. The selected user's email address will be populated for the AttendedBy field.
You can either set the lead generation setup while configuring the integration or do it later by clicking SettingsManage Lead Generation.

To configure visitor tracking for users with SalesIQ account
  1. Go to SetupChannels > Chat.
  2. Click Get Started.
  3. In SalesIQ Map existing account page, select the account from the drop-down list.
  4. Click Associate Account.

Associating More Accounts  

If you have already set the SalesIQ configuration and want to associate other available accounts, you can choose the Associate account option from the Visitor Tracking page.
To associate accounts
  1. Go to Setup > Channels > Chat.
  2. In the Visitor Tracking page, under Choose Account click Associate more accounts from the drop-down list.
  3. In Choose Account to Configure, select the account from the drop-down list and click Associate Account.

Setting Other Configurations  

From the Settings option you can do the following:
  1. Set up lead generation configurations
  2. Set routing website visitors: Configure rules based on which the visitors will be assigned to specific agents.
  3. Define intelligent triggers: Trigger system defined automatic actions or chat on the webpage based on the user's activities. For example, you can:
    1. Proactively initiate chats with visitors who match the criteria set.
    2. Open the chat windows to your visitors based on criteria, such as show the chat window when the visitor is on the pricing page. 
    3. Track custom actions performed by visitors and engage them accordingly.
    4. Engage visitors with customizable trigger actions, such as display discount banner only for the privilege customers.
  4. Manage chat team: Add or remove SalesIQ agents from the SalesIQ Account.
  5. Disable SalesIQ Account: You can disable accounts using this option. If you have associated multiple accounts, you can select the appropriate account from the list initiate disabling. 
Deactivate account
If a single account is associated, then disabling the account would be equivalent to deactivating the integration. Alternately, you can click on the Deactivate button to disassociate all the associated SalesIQ accounts.

Upon deactivating the Zoho SalesIQ integration, the following will not be available:
  • Visits summary and related lists created for this integration in the Leads or Contacts modules.
  • Visits on Reports tab.
You will be able to add the SalesIQ link to the individual emails that you send to the leads/contacts from CRM. This will allow you to track the visitors who click on the link as leads/contacts instead of unknown visitors in CRM. 

Also, you can insert the SalesIQ identifiers in the email template to track the visitors who visited your website by clicking on the link from the sent email. 


A Zoho SalesIQ user is allowed to create only one portal of their own. However, a user can be a part of portals created by other users. Each org can associate maximum 5 SalesIQ portals in Zoho CRM.

Embed Code

Once the SalesIQ integration is enabled, the list of available accounts will be displayed in the dropdown of your Visitor Tracking page. You can choose the required account from the drop-down list and view the list of embed codes available for that particular account.

To view the Embed Code

  1. Click the View Code link to generate the Embed code. Publish this code in your website where you want to track visitors.

  2. Allow customers to chat with you checkbox will be selected by default, so that you have a chat window on your webpage. If you do not want the chat icon to be displayed, deselect the checkbox while copying the embed code. You can also send the code to the Webmaster by clicking on the Send to Webmaster link.

Use Visits Tab

The Visits tab is available by default in your Zoho CRM account. You can view the visits data of any specific SalesIQ account. The list of available accounts will be displayed in the drop-down. As soon as you enable the integration, before any visits are captured, the Visits tab will have a link to "Send to Webmaster".

The link will not be available once the visits starts coming in. Each record in the Visits tab will provide you details on the IP Address of the visitor, the page that was visited, referrer, time spent on the page, etc. These details are captured from the website with the help of Zoho SalesIQ integration and cannot be modified by the users.

Just like other modules, the Visits tab can be hidden for certain user profiles. The administrator can hide the tab and additionally restrict permissions for ViewingCreating and Deleting records. See Also Managing Profiles

The following details will tell you more about the Visits tab.

Records in the Visits Tab

When a visitor visits your website and chats with the sales representative by providing name and email address, the visitor's details are captured as an entry in the Visits tab. The various fields capture the information such as time spent in the web pages, visited pages, IP address, visitor’s name, etc.

The ActionsPerformed related list will tell you more details on the pages that were visited, the actions performed in them, time spent in them, etc. Additionally, chat transcript will be attached to the record and you can create notes for the visits.

Standard Fields

Following is a list of Zoho defined fields available in the Visits module. The data in these fields will be automatically populated via the Zoho SalesIQ Integration. You cannot edit the values in these fields.

Field Name
IP Address
IP address of the user who visited the web page.
Name of the Lead or Contact who visited the page. Based on the integration settings in Zoho SalesIQ, new visitors will be added as Leads or Contacts.
Visited Page
The web page that was visited by the prospects.
Time Spent (Minutes)
Number of minutes spent by the visitor on the web page(s) in a single visit.
It is the URL of the page that directs visitors to your web page. This field gives the URL of the page that the person was on before visiting your page.
User Agents
Details on the browser, operating system, etc. used by the visitor
Attended By
Name of the user who contacted the visitor via chat option in your web page.
Visited Page URL
The URL of the web page that was visited.
The browser in which the web page was accessed.
Visitor Type
The visitors are categorized into these types: Customer, Potential, Leads, Contact, and Unknown.
Revenue till date, from the customer.
Visited Time
Date and time of the visit.
Search Keyword
The search keyword that listed your web page as one of the search results and brought the visitor to the page.
Search Engine
Name of the search engine where the keyword was used to search.
Operating System
Operating system of the visitor's computer/laptop.
Portal Name
Name of the portal through which the visits arrived.

Custom Fields

For the visits, if you need additional information that are captured in Zoho SalesIQ, you can do so by creating custom fields in Zoho CRM. These custom fields should have the same label as in Zoho SalesIQ. Only then values will be automatically populated in these fields. Just like the other fields, the custom fields created for the Visits tab also cannot be edited. See Also Create Custom Fields

To check fields in Zoho SalesIQ

  1. Log in to Zoho SalesIQ with Administrator privileges.
  2. Click Visitor History.
  3. In the VisitorHistory page, from the list of chat transcripts, click on id.
    All the fields used to capture visitors' details will be listed.You can create similar fields in Zoho CRM for the Visits tab too.

List Views

Some predefined list views are provided for the Visits tab. They are:

  • All Visits
  • Today's Visits
  • Top Visits
  • Today's Top Visits
  • Visits by Leads
  • Visits by Contacts

CRM View for Visits Tab

Along with the normal List Views, the Visits tab has a CRM view that segregates  your website visitors' details based on the creation time of the visit. They are grouped under three categories:
  • Customers - Lists the visitor tracking details related to the contacts with at least one potential that is won and closed.
  • Potential Customers - Lists the visitor tracking details related to the contacts with at least one potential in pipeline.
  • Leads/Contacts - Lists the visitor tracking details related to the leads and also the contacts that do not fall under the other two categories.

Choose the required account from the drop-down to view all the visits data of that particular account.

The CRM View gives you holistic view of all the details related to the visitor. You can check the visitor's details that is already available in CRM, view the chat histories, visit details, mail conversations, potential summary, activities, notes, etc.

Page Visits, Chat History, and Visits History

Info, Conversations, and Timeline

Related Lists

You can associate notes and upload documents, as attachments to each record under the Visits tab. Chat transcript will be attached to a visit. There is another related list, namely ActionsPerformed. In a single visit, the pages that the visitor navigated to and the actions performed in them will be listed here. Following are the details:

  • Action Type - Either one of these three values - Accessed, Navigation, Chat.
  • Actions - Title of the web page or the page’s URL.
  • Time Spent - Number of minutes spent by the visitor on the web page(s) for a particular action.
  • Action Performed Time - Date and time when the action was performed in the web page.

Identify New Fields in Leads or Contacts

Once you enable the integration, a few new fields will be added in the Leads or Contacts modules (based on the integrations settings in Zoho SalesIQ). Following are the additional fields in Leads/Contacts module:

  • Days Visited - Number of days the lead/contact visited your website.
  • Number Of Chats - The total number of chat sessions with the lead/contact.
  • Average Time Spent (Minutes) - Total time spent on your website (including all the visits) by Number of days the lead/contact visited.
  • Last Visited Time - The last time the lead/contact visited your website. Date and time will be available.
  • First Visited Time - The first time the lead/contact visited your website. Date and time will be available.
  • First Visited URL – URL of the web page that the lead/contacts first visited in your website.
  • Referrer - URL of the page that directed the visitor to your web page. This field gives the URL of the page that the person was on, before visiting your page.
  • Visitor Score - The Lead Score pulled from Zoho SalesIQ.

For leads/contacts, a new related list, Visits – Zoho SalesIQ is added where the details on the each visit's IP Address, Visited Page, Time Spent (Minutes), Referrer, and Search Engine will be recorded. Choose the required portal from the drop down and view the visits data of that particular portal.

Automate Sales Processes on Visit Creation

You can configure workflow rules on the creation of a visit. For example, as soon as a visit is created, you may want to automate sending an email to the related lead. In such cases, you can configure workflow rules for the Visits module.

  • When you configure a workflow rule for the Visits module, you will see only the Create rule trigger. The other rule triggers like EditField Update etc are not available for the Visits module.
  • When Workflow Actions are configured on creation of Visits, those actions will be executed for the leads/contacts associated with the Visit and not for the Visit itself. For example, when alerts are configured for the visit, the emails are sent to the leads/contacts associated with the visit. Similarly a task created on the creation of the visit is assigned to the record owner of the associated lead/contact.

Check Visitor Tracking Notifications

During the setup, the administrator can enable the Visitor Notification option so that users can receive popup notification whenever there is a visitor to your web page. This can also be defined in Zoho SalesIQ from Settings > Integrations > Zoho CRM > CRMConfiguration.

When the visitor tracking code is added in your website, all the visitors will be tracked and you will start getting notifications within Zoho CRM, for the visits. Ideally, it is not feasible to manage the overwhelming visits and the notifications but to help you with that we have Routing Rules.

With Routing Rules, you can manage which visitor details needs to be tracked and route it to sales reps. These sales reps would then be automatically notified whenever a visitor visits your website and their details meet the criteria in the routing rule.

To add routing rules

  1. In Zoho CRM, go to Setup > Channels > Chat. 
  2. In the Visitor Tracking page, click Settings > Routing Rules.
    A new tab with the settings for routing rules in Zoho SalesIQ will be available.

  3. Under  Rules , do the following:
    • Specify the criteria based on which you want the visitors to be tracked.
    • Select an option to route the notifications about the visits to the sales reps.
    • Select an Action to be performed.

  4. Select the Route rest of the visitors to all agents check box, if required.
  5. Click Add for more rules.

Track Online Visitors

Zoho SalesIQ integration allows tracking online visitors within your CRM. You will have a portal wise filter, so that you can track the visits data for that particular portal.

You will get notifications for different types of visitors such as:

  • Customer Online Notification
  • Lead/Contact Online Notification
  • Potential Online Notification

  • Unknown Visitor Online Notification

  • Multiple Notifications

Besides Routing Rules you can create your own automated chat triggers based on your business needs. You can increase visitors' conversation by configuring triggers based on specific actions performed by the visitor on your website.

Identify Visitors Online

In addition to the regular visitor tracking notification popups, you can also watch out for green dots besides your customers' names to know if they are online on your website. This green dot is designed to appear in the List View and the Details pages of Leads and Contacts. It also appears in the Contacts section of Accounts, Activities, and Deals Details pages.

Leads/Contacts List view

You can select all the leads/contacts online in a particular page at one shot if you want to apply a mass action on those records. To do this, simply select one online lead/contact and click the Select All Online Leads/Contacts in this page link subsequently appears.

Leads/Contacts details page (Business card section)

Accounts details page

Deals details page

Activities details page

To add Intelligent Triggers

  1. Go to Setup > Channels > Chat. 
  2. In the Visitor Tracking page, click Settings > Triggers.
    A new tab with the settings for adding chat triggers in Zoho SalesIQ will be available.
  3. Under  Rules , do the following:
    • Specify the criteria for the chat trigger.
    • Specify the action to be performed when the criteria is met and the rule is triggered.

  4. Click Add for more rules.

Make Calls to Visitors

You can make calls to the online visitors right within your CRM, in case the entity has a mobile number associated with it. You can add the mobile number to the contact created and make calls if necessary either using Skype or PhoneBridge integration. Once the contact number is associated, a call icon will be created in the visitor online section within your CRM.

View Google Ads Information

A user who has enabled Google Ads Integration as well as Zoho SalesIQ integration will have the benefit of viewing Google Ads information in the corresponding Visits tab as well. If a new visitor enters a site by clicking on a Google Ads campaign and fills up a form, the following actions occur in Zoho CRM:

  1. A lead is created in the Leads module. The Leads Details page presents the Google Ads information as well as Visitor Tracking information.
  2. In addition to this, the lead appears in the Lead/Contact stream of the Visitis module. The same Google Ads information is included in the Marketing Information section of a Visit's Details page as well.

This tracking information is obtained with the help of the GCLID that is appended to every URL on your site upon Google Ads integration. See also: Understanding the GCLID Mapping in Zoho CRM

To view the Google Ads information in the Visits Details page

  1. Click on the Visits Module
  2. Click on the desired Visit
  3. In the Visits Details page, scroll down to the Marketing Information section.
    The relevant 
    Google Ads info is displayed.

Visitor Tracking in Webforms

You can enable the visitor tracking option in your Zoho CRM Webforms to track the visits of the respective webform.

  • If visitor tracking is enabled in your webform, you will get an option to choose both portal and embed code. Portals integrated within your CRM will only be displayed in the list.
  • If there are no portals integrated in your CRM, then all the available portals in SalesIQ will be displayed. You can also choose a specific portal, so that the visitor tracking for that particular portal will be enabled.
  • If there are no active SalesIQ portals, an option to create new portal will be displayed in your webform.

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