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Create Surveys from Zoho CRM

Campaigns allow you to track all marketing initiatives in your business. It also lets you evaluate the performance of every campaign based on the generated ROI. Survey campaign lets you identify your prospects' requirements which helps you identify quality leads. 

Integrating Zoho Survey with CRM allows you to create surveys right from your CRM account. You can invite the leads/contacts to a survey by sending them an email. You can also view campaign details like:

  • Number of customers the survey is sent 
  • Number or customers yet to visit 
  • Number of customers visited 
  • Number of customers who completed the survey
Permission Required
Users with Administrative profile can setup Zoho Survey Integration.

  1. While integrating, you can map only the fields in a standard layout.
  2. Integrating Zoho Survey, adds a Zoho Survey layout in the campaigns module. Hence you must ensure that you have not reached the maximum layout limit.
  3. Upon integration the following fields are added to the Zoho Survey layout:
    1. Survey Type
    2. Survey URL
    3. Survey Department
    4. Survey
    5. Department ID

Create a Survey

Once the integration is completed, you can create surveys from the campaigns module in Zoho CRM. There are two ways in which you can create surveys:

  • Associate an existing survey
  • Create a new survey

Associate an existing survey

If you have already created a survey in Zoho Survey, you can associate it with Zoho CRM.

Create a new survey

You can create a new survey from the Campaigns module by using the following options:

  • Blank survey - You can create a survey from the scratch.
  • Template Gallery - You can use a pre-defined survey template.
  • Copy from existing - You can replicate an existing survey and make changes.

To create a survey

  1. Go to the Campaigns module.
  2. Click the Add (+) icon and choose Zoho Survey.
  3. In the  Create Campaigns page, do the following:
    • In the Survey Details section, select the Survey Department from the drop-down list.
    • Select the  Survey Type from the drop-down list.
      You can either  Associate Existing Survey or create a  New Survey.
      • To associate existing survey, do the following:
        • Select Associate Existing Survey from the Survey Type drop-down list.
        • Choose the survey from the Survey drop-down list.
      • To create a new survey, do the following:
        • Select New Survey from the Survey Type drop-down list and choose Blank SurveyTemplate Gallery, or Copy from Existing.
        • Enter the New Survey Name.
  4. Enter the Campaign and Description Information and click Save.

    You will be redirected to the Zoho Survey page.
  5. Build a survey by adding questions and appropriate responses.

  6. Go to the Launch tab and click Publish.

  1. Ensure that you have published the survey before inviting leads or contacts.

Add Survey Registration URL in Email Templates

Once the survey is created, you can embed the registration URL in the email template and send it to your leads or contacts. You can send upto 1000 emails a day.

To add survey registration URL

  1. Go to Setup > Customization > Templates.
  2. In the Email tab, select the desired template.
    You should choose a template only from the Leads or Contacts module.
  3. Click  Create Link
     or  Survey link   icon.
    • If you click the  Survey Link button, do the following:
      • Select the Survey from the drop-down list.
        The link is displayed in the Survey Link field.
      • Enter the hyperlink text in the Text to Display field.
      • Click Insert.
    • If you click the  Create Link button, do the following:
      • Choose Zoho Survey from the Link Type drop-down list.
      • Select the Survey from the drop-down list.
        The link is displayed in the Survey Link field.
      • Enter the hyperlink text in the Text to Display field.
      • Click Save.

Send Survey to Leads and Contacts

Once a survey is created, you can send the survey links to your leads or contacts through email.

To send survey

  1. Go to the Campaigns module and select a record.
  2. In the Record Details page, click Leads or Contacts from the related list.
  3. Click + Send Survey.
  4. Select the leads or contacts and click Next.
  5. Choose the Campaign Member Status from the drop-down list and click Send Survey.
  6. Select an email template and click Send.

    The status gets updated with the number participants invited, yet to visit, visited, and completed the survey.
  1. You can also add a new lead or contact when sending the survey.
  2. To add a new lead or contact:
    1. Click +Send Survey button from the Leads or Contacts related list.
    2. Click New Lead / Contact button.
    3. In the Quick Create page, specify the details and click Save.

Update Campaign Member Status

The campaign member status defines the status of the leads or contacts who are part of the campaign.
Note that the lead status is different from the Campaign Member Status.

To update Campaign Member Status

  1. In the Record Detail page, go to the related list and choose Leads/Contacts.
  2. Hover over the lead/contact and click the Edit icon.
  3. Select the Member status from the drop-down list and click Save.

Filter records

You may have associated many leads/contacts to a campaign and it can be difficult to find one particular lead/contact. You can use the filter to sort the records by specifying the appropriate conditions.

For example, you have sent the survey to 100 leads and want to invite only those who completed the survey for a 'product demo'. Using filters you can specify the condition, Service status is Completed and apply. 

To filter records

  1. Click the Filter icon.
  2. Specify the criteria.
  3. Click Apply.
    The records matching those criteria will be displayed.
    You can click Clear to discard the applied filters.

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