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Manage Data Storage Space

It is the total space occupied by the records in the standard and custom module, which is inclusive of the notes that are added to the records. It also includes the space occupied by the data in your recycle bin.

How is the data storage calculated?

Data storage is calculated by taking the size of the records that you store in every module, the notes added to the records, and the data stored in the recycle bin. 
(These are approximate values that are arrived based on the average consumption of a user).
System defined modules
(Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Deals, Campaigns, Products, Vendors, Quotes, Purchase Orders, Invoices, Sales Orders, Cases, Price Books, Visits, Tasks, Calls, and Events)
2 KB
Custom Modules
2 KB
Linking Modules
1 KB
1 KB
Emails (each records in the email related list)
1 KB
Recycle Bin
Size for each component will be same as above

Purchasing additional data storage 

Additional storage space is available only for Professional and above editions.

In addition to the  storage space that is provided (based on the subscribed edition), you can purchase additional data storage separately. If you are close to exhausting your storage limit or have already reached the limit you can purchase the additional storage.
Note that the additional storage space is charged on a monthly basis, For instance, if you have less than 200 users and you are subscribed to Enterprise edition, then you will be charged $4 for 100MB /month. However, if you have more than 200 users and you are subscribed to Enterprise edition, then you will be charged $2 for 100MB /month. Click here to check edition-wise data storage limits and pricing of additional storage.
For the trial editions, the base data storage limit is 5,000 records only. However, if a user chooses to trial another edition while being subscribed to a paid edition, then they will be entitled for the base storage of the purchased edition (the trial editions limits will be inapplicable). For example, if you have subscribed for Professional edition and choose Enterprise trial edition, then the data storage limits will be as per the Professional edition. 
To purchase additional storage
  1. Go to Setup > Data Administration > Storage > Data Storage.

  2. Click Add Storage. 

Alternatively, you can also go to Manage Subscription > Click Data Storage add-on to buy additional storage. Click here to check edition-wise data storage limits and pricing of additional storage. 
If you subscribe for a Professional edition and purchase 2 user licenses you will get a total storage space of 10 GB + 20 MB (10 MB for each user). You can purchase additional data storage and expand the storage limit to a maximum of 5 GB (This storage is independent of the user license purchase). 

Rationale for separating Data and File storage

The data that you store in CRM is used by the system to generate meaningful insights. For example, the Leads details are processed by CRM to generate reports, dashboards, make predictions, give recommendations, and in creating custom analysis. In order to churn useful and actionable information, the system has to perform numerous operations on the stored data.

In addition, if unchecked and limitless data is stored over a long period it becomes difficult to make meaningful analyses and the results may be skewed. Therefore, it is essential to keep a check on the data that is entering and stored in your org's CRM account, also it is instrumental in maintaining a clean database.

Components in Data Storage

In storage details page you can see:

  1. The Total storage space as per the subscribed edition and the consumed data storage space.

  2. In Usage details you can view the total space occupied by the data in each module, that is inclusive of all the records and notes. When you click on the module name, it will show the top 25 users who have consumed storage space.
  3. In the Clean up tool, you can see the data that can be deleted to free-up storage space. The clean-up tool will allow, the users to:

    1. Empty recycle bin.
    2. Remove Junk Leads - Leads which are marked as Junk.
    3. Untouched records - Module wise records that are untouched for more than 3 months.

Note: The Junk files and the untouched records once deleted will be moved to the recycle bin. You MUST delete the records from the recycle bin to free-up storage space.
To view the data storage
  1. Go to Setup > Data Administration > Storage.
  2. Click Data Storage tab to view the used and remaining storage space.

Notifications displayed on reaching the storage limit 

When the data storage limit is reached the user will not be able to create records or perform certain activities that require storage space. To convey the same, system will send notifications via email and popup (inside CRM) when the user performs actions that require storage space. These notifications will be displayed on performing both online and offline activities. 

I. Notifications when online activity is performed:

  1. create records manually
  2. approve records through approval processes
  3. log calls
  4. create tasks
  5. send emails
  6. setup new integrations

II. Notifications when data is created offline:

  1. Offline activities like data sync (data transfer from other apps to CRM) from Zoho apps (eg. Zoho desk, Zoho finance integration etc.) or third party apps like Google, Microsoft etc.
  2. Creation of records through workflow rules etc. 
These notifications are shown when the first offline record is created and thereafter repeated once every 24 hours.  

List of actions that will be restricted when Data Storage limit is exceeded

  1. Record creation through workflow rules.
  2. Module creation via multi select lookup field
  3. Data import
  4. Record creation through Lead conversion and Quote conversion
  5. Record creation through approvals: Review process, Approval process, Zia vision
  6. Creation of draft and saving of record via wizard
  7. Creation of online meetings (scheduled and instant meeting) via Zoho Meeting or third party vendor
  8. Creation of calls, tasks, and meetings via Calendar
  9. Creation of call logs and updating records via call follow-up pop-up in call module
  10. Creation of records via Sheet View
  11. Bulk actions like mass update of records, mass creation of tasks
  12. Creation of notes across CRM including notes added as Reason for loss - while moving deal stage to closed / closed lost, reason for rescheduling call/Cancel call.
  13. Sharing notes with portal users
  14. Syncing CRM with QuickBooks, Outlook, Google Contextual Gadgets, Telephony integrations, Office 365, Google Sync, Google Adwords
  15. Syncing CRM with Zoho Integrations - SalesIQ integration, Finance Suite Integration, Campaigns integration, Desk Integration, Zoho Calendar integration , Zoho Survey etc.
  16. Check-in through mobile app
  17. Sending mass or individual emails
  18. Creation of webforms and performing A/B testing
  19. Creation of tasks via MailMagnet, Workflow, Macros, Bulk task in list view, calendar, related list
  20. Creation of records from related list
  21. Emails in BCC Dropbox
  22. Creation of records via API, Custom functions

NoteAll the above mentioned restrictions are applicable for mobile apps ( iOS and Android ) and mobile website (

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