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Setting up an Unsubscribe Link

Allow the customers to unsubscribe from your email communications by creating an unsubscribe link and embedding it in the emails or hosting on the webpages. You can use the system defined default link or create a custom link.The default unsubscribe link will be available for all users and that cannot be customized. 

Permission Required
Users with the Unsubscribe Form permission in profile can access this feature.
Two essential things you need to set this up are:

Location URL

It is the web page where the unsubscribe link will be hosted. You can choose a standard page designed by Zoho CRM, that will display the information and the link to unsubscribe as a location URL. 

Alternately, you can host the unsubscribe link on your company's web page. If you select this option, you must generate a code and paste it on your web page to display the unsubscribe link.

Note that you will not be shown the unsubscribe form after you paste the code in your webpage. If you want to test the unsubscribe form and link or preview the webpage before sending it to the customers, we recommend you to use the link in email template and send it as test email. Once satisfied you can host the webpage. 

Action on unsubscribe

Once the customer unsubscribes, you can  choose one of the following actions: 
  • Redirect the visitor to a web page. In this case, you must copy the generated code and paste it in that web page.

  • Show a success message as shown in the image below. This cannot be customized.

To create an unsubscribe link

    1. Go to Setup > Developer space > Webforms > Unsubscribe Link.
    2. Click New Unsubscribe Link.
    3. Enter the Link Name.
    4. In the Location URL, choose Standard page or Custom page.
    5. Specify the URL, if you choose Custom page.
      You can click the Preview button next to standard page to see the unsubscribe form.
    6. In Action on unsubscribe, choose one of the following:
      1. Display a Message - Click the preview icon to view the standard message.
      2. Redirect to another URL - Specify the web page's URL where the person needs to be redirected.
    7. Click Generate Code > Copy Code and paste it in your webpage (the page from where the customer can unsubscribe). Read more Location URL
      Generate code option will be displayed only if you choose the custom page option in Location URL.

    8. To check the Unsubscribe link in the webpage, you need to send the link via email or email template and click on the link from within the email. Upon clicking the link you will be redirected to the webpage where the Unsubscribe link is hosted. 
The unsubscribe link can be embedded in an email template if you want to send bulk emails or it can be added directly within an email while composing. 
To add an unsubscribe link to email
  1. Go to any module, select a record and click Send Email.
  2. In the Email compose window, click the add Link icon and choose the unsubscribe link icon.
  3. In the popup, choose the unsubscribe link from the drop-down list.
  4. Click Save.

To add unsubscribe link to an email template

    1. Go to Setup > Customization > Templates > Email template.

    2. Create a template and click the link icon.

    3. In Add Link page, select the link type as Unsubscribe Link.

    4. Select the Unsubscribe Link and Save.

Viewing unsubscribed users

In Leads, Contacts, and custom modules you can view the number of users who have unsubscribed under the custom views.

Different modes of unsubscribing

There are four ways in which a customer can unsubscribe:
  1. Through Unsubscribe Link - The customer can click on the unsubscribe link in an email that is sent to him.
  2. Manual Unsubscribe - When the customer requests for unsubscribe in person then the email optout field will be manually checked. This mode of unsubscribe is called as manual.
  3. Through Consent form - If the customer does not choose Email as one of the modes for communication, the email opt-out field will be selected for his record. This mode of unsubscribe is called as consent link. 
  4. Through Zoho campaigns - If the customer unsubscribes through an email sent via Zoho Campaigns, then the mode of unsubscribe is called as Zoho Campaign. 
Note that, though the email address will be considered unsubscribed and emails will be restricted from Zoho CRM, it may take at least an hour for the email opt-out field to be enabled. 

View unsubscribe mode

In the record detail page next to the email and email Opt Out fields you can click on the info icon to see the time and mode of unsubscribe.

Points to remember

Once the customer unsubscribes, the following will happen:

  • The system will check whether the unsubscribed email address is used in other records as well. All the records that have the same email address will automatically be unsubscribed.

  • Unsubscribing through primary or secondary email addresses will unsubscribe the record.

  • If the customer unsubscribes through a custom email address (an email address that is not a primary or secondary email like the CEO's or org's email address), then the email opt out field in the record will not be marked as unsubscribed. The unsubscribed mode and time will be displayed under the custom email address (same as the above screen). Also, the system will check if this email address is used in other records and mark the unsubscribe mode and time. In case, the custom email is used as a primary or secondary email address in a record, then the email opt out will be checked and the record will be considered as unsubscribed.     

  • If the check on the email opt-out field is removed, then the email address will be resubscribed across the records.  

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