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Managing CRM Account Settings

Once you sign up for Zoho CRM and have your own account, you can personalize your CRM account. By default, the mandatory information provided by you at the time of sign up, is automatically updated. After logging in, you can change these details according to your preferences.

The following table gives the list of functions that are specific to Administrator and Standard Users:

Change Name
Administrator and Standard User
Change Address Information
Administrator and Standard User
Change Language
Administrator and Standard User
Change Date Format
Administrator and Standard User
Change Time Zone
Administrator and Standard User
Change Signature
Administrator and Standard User
Change Name Format
Administrator and Standard User
Change Email ID*
Standard User
Change Password*
Standard User
Change Security Question*
Standard User
Change Answer*
Standard User
Change Profile
Change Role
Change Currency
Add User
Activate/ Deactivate User
Re-Invite User

Change Personal Information

You can change your personal details such as name, phone number, website, date of birth, address, language, time format, time zone, etc.

To change personal details

  1. Go to Setup > General Personal Settings.
  2. In the Personal Settings page, click Edit icon for the corresponding section.
  3. Modify the personal details in the Account Information pop-up as required. (Refer to the table below)
  4. Click Save.

List of Standard Fields

Field Name
Data Type
First Name
Specify the first name of the user.
Text box
Last Name*
Specify the last name of the user. This field is a mandatory field.
Text box
Specify the other name of the user.
Text box
Select the role (for example, Administrator, Standard User, and others). This is a mandatory field. Only if you have the Administrator profile, you can change this value.
Pick list
Display the primary E-mail ID of the user. This field can be updated in Zoho Accounts.
Specify the website URL of the user.
Specify the official phone number of the user.
Pick list
Specify the mobile phone number of the user.
Text box, integer value
Specify the FAX number of the user.
Text box
Date of Birth
Select the date of birth of the user from the mm/dd/yyyy drop-down list
Date box
Specify the primary address of the Zoho CRM user.
Text box
Specify the name of the city where the user lives.
Text box
Specify the name of the state where the user lives.
Text box
Specify the postal code of the user's address.
Text box, integer value
Specify the name of the user's country.
Text box
Select the language. This field is a mandatory field.
Pick list
Country Locale*
Select the country locale to specify your date format. This field is a mandatory field.
Pick list
Time Zone*
Select the time zone in which you are working. This field is a mandatory field.
Pick list

Add Social Information

Add social profiles to your CRM account. You can add only your Twitter account details in the social profile.

To add a social profile

  1. Go to Setup > General Personal Settings.
  2. Choose any of the social profile from the available list and click the +Add link.
  3. Enter the login credentials and click Authorize app

    Your social profile will now be linked with your CRM account. You can also change any of these profiles, reauthenicate or delete them whenever required.

Change Locale Information

Based on the country locale, you can mention the language for your account. Also, choose between 12 hr time format and 24 hr time format in the CRM account. The date format is automatically updated with the country locale that you select. The following international date formats are supported:

  • dd-mm-yyyy
  • mm-dd-yyyy
  • yyyy-mm-dd

To change language, country locale, time format and time zone.

  1. Go to Setup > General Personal Settings.
  2. In the Personal Settings page, click Edit icon for the Locale Information section.
  3. Choose the value from the corresponding drop-down lists.
  4. Click Save.

Change Name Format & Preferences

Under the Name Format & Preferences section, you can modify the name format and set sort order preferences.

Change Name Format

By default, the name format is set as <Salutation><First Name><Last Name>. However, you can change the name format as per naming conventions used in your country.

Example: In the USA the name format is generally <Salutation><First Name><Last Name> whereas in Japan the format is <Last Name> <First Name> <Salutation>

To change name format

  1. Go to Setup > General Personal Settings.
  2. Under Name Format & Preferences, select the required Name Format from the drop-down list.

    This format will be saved instantly and applicable in list views, lookup fields and user name.

Set Sort Order Preferences

Records are usually sorted in the [Module] list view based on the name format. However, if you prefer to have a sort pattern that is independant of the display name format, you can set this preference under sort order preference.

For example, your display name format is <First Name><Last Name>. But you wish to sort records in the Ascending or Descending order based on <Last Name> <First Name>. You can do this by setting the suitable sort order preference.

To set sort order preferences

  1. Go to Setup > General Personal Settings.
  2. Under Name Format & Preferences, select a suitable option from the Sort Order Preference drop-down list.

    You will be able to sort the records based on this format even if this is not the display name format.

Full Name field in the List View

While creating a custom list view for a module, you will find a field called Full Name under Available Columns. This is a combination of the First Name and Last Name. This can be pushed to Selected Columns. Once used in a list view, the Full Name field will be displayed as Lead Name and Contact Name in the Leads and Contacts modules respectively.

Note that the First Name, Last Name and Full Name are indivudual fields, based on which records in the list view can be sorted in the ascending or descending order.

 Change Password

Zoho provides Single Sign on service, and so if you change password for Zoho CRM, it will be changed for all Zoho Services. You can change password from Zoho Accounts. Please note that you cannot change password for other users.

To change password

  1. Click Settings icon and then click My Account.

  2. In the Zoho Accounts page, click Security.
  3. In the Password page, enter your Current Password and New Password in the corresponding fields.
  4. Click Save.
    The New Password gets updated and should be used to sign in to all Zoho Services.

Add Signature

While sending emails to your customers, you can embed a signature automatically in the body of the message. Signatures can be customized as per your requirements.

To add signature

  1. Go to Setup > General > Personal Settings.
  2. In the Personal Settings page, click Edit icon for the Signature section
  3. Specify the signature in the HTML editor.
    To use the signature in emails, you need to enable the Add User Signature check box in the email template.
  4. Click Save.

Add Logo in your Signature

You can also add a logo in your signature by providing the image source in the HTML code.

To add logo in your signature

  1. Go to Setup > General > Personal Settings.
  2. In thePersonal Settings page, click Edit icon for the Signature section
  3. In the editor pop-up box, click to select an image and insert.
  4. Click Save.

Changing Themes

Zoho CRM Themes give individual users the option to customize the colors in their CRM account. Using the Themes feature, you can change the background color of tabs.

Please note that this customization is User specific, i.e. a theme changed by one user will not be reflected in another user's CRM accounts.

To change theme

  1. Go to Setup General > Personal Settings.
  2. In Personal Settings page, you can choose any theme from the available list as per your requirements.

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