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View Approval History

Approval History gives you a list of records that were submitted for approval.

To view the Approval History

  1. In your Zoho CRM account, click the My Jobs tab.
  2. Click the Approval Process tab.
  3. In the Awaiting your Approval page, click Approval History.
    The Approval History page displays all the approval-related records in a chronological order.

Since the Approval History could get exhaustive over a period of time, it could be quite tiresome to sift through the entries if you are looking for a few specific details. For example, if you wish to see only the records submitted for approval by a particular user or a list of records submitted for approval in the last 7 days, it could be difficult to find those specific entries among a huge list. In such a case, you can use the Filter options offered to you and narrow down on the record(s) you are looking for.

To filter the records in the Approval History page

  1. Select a Module, in order to view Approval History of records in that particular module.
    Choosing All Modules will display Approval History in all modules.
  2. Select a User, in order to view Approval History of a particular user.
    Choosing All Users will display Approval History of all the users in your organization.
  3. Select an Action, in order to filter the entries based on the actions performed on the records.
    • You can choose an action among ApprovedRejectedDelegated and Submitted depending on your requirement.
    • Choose All Actions to view the approval history of records based on all the four actions.
  4. Select a Time, in order to view the Approval History of records in the chosen timeframe. Choose among the following options.
    • Today
    • Last 7 Days
    • Last 30 Days
    • A Specific Date
    • A Date Range

For example, if you wanted to view all the records submitted for approval by a specific user in the Leads module in the last 7 days

  • Choose Module as Leads.
  • Choose the desired User.
  • Choose Action as Submitted.
  • Choose the Time as Last 7 Days.

The Approval History will be displayed according to the above filters

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