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Blueprint: Sample Process Flow

Sample Process Flows

In the following slide deck, you will find sample process flows for business from various sectors such as Education, Real Estate, Insurance, Banking and Finance. These are generic process flows meant to give you the perspective you need to start designing your own Blueprints. You can tweak the States, Transitions, and flow based on your unique needs. Start browsing the gallery now! ( See attachment )


Points to remember
  • Blueprint Limits:
    No. of Blueprints allowed per Edition
    (inclusive of default Blueprints)
    No. of Transitions per Blueprint
    No. of Common Transitions per Blueprint
    No. of fields that can be prompted in the During Transition section
  • Blueprints will be executed in the order in which they are listed in the Blueprint page. You may reorder the processes if required.
  • When you have all automation features configured in Zoho CRM, the order in which they get executed are: Assignment rules, workflow rules, approval process, Blueprint and finally case escalation rules.
  • Different users can own different Transitions in a process. If a user does not have access to a record but is made a Transition owner, then the user will be able to execute the Transition but not edit the record.
  • There can be up to 20 outcomes from a State. That is, one state can be connected to 20 different States through different transitions.
  • If you  modify * a Blueprint while there are still active records in the process, you will be prompted to either move those records to the latest version of the Blueprint or exit them out of the process altogether. 
    (*)  Modification  here refers to:
    • A change in the process flow
    • Deactivation of a Blueprint
    • Deletion of a Blueprint 
      Note that modification does not refer to changes made to the Transitions. Any change made to the Transition blocks in a Blueprint is effective immediately, regardless of new records or existing records in the process.
  • You cannot delete a Blueprint while there are active records in the process. However, you can deactivate it so that further records do not enter the process. 
  • Blueprint overrides the field access rights set for a user. For example, if a user has  Read-only  access to the Amount field, but is responsible to execute a Transition that mandates the  Amount  field, he/she will be able to update the amount while executing the Blueprint Transition. At all other times, the user will continue to have Read-only access to the field.
  • A Transition will be visible only to the chosen Transition owner(s) and users on the Administrator profile. A Transition owner can access records assigned to him/her from the  My Jobs  module.  


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