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Comparison between Review Process and Approval Process


Approval process

Review process

Execute on

Record creation and edit.

Applies to all records that enter the CRM system.


Standard and custom

Standard and custom

Entity (records or fields) for approval

A record is considered for the approval process. 

Fields of a record will be considered for review.

Field level approval/rejection

Not allowed


Individual fields can be set for review process. Each field should be approved/rejected by the reviewer.

Layout specific


Yes. You can configure review processes for each layout.

Who can be selected as approvers or reviewers?

  • Individual users

  • Users at specific roles

  • Users from a particular group in CRM

  • Levels (based on the role hierarchy)

  • Managers

  • Record owners 

  • Individual users

  • Users at specific roles

  • Users from a particular group in CRM

  • Record owners

How many approvers or reviewers are allowed?



Approval needed from all approvers or reviewers?

Depends on the configuration.

Configure whether the record should be approved by:

  • anyone (any approver)

  • everyone (all approvers)

  • parallel (all approvers in parallel)

  • in sequence (all approvers one after the other)


Records can be reviewed by any reviewer. It is not mandatory for all the reviewers to mark a record as approved or rejected. Anyone can review the record. 

No. of approvers/reviewers allowed

Maximum 10

Maximum 5

Notification upon record submission

System generated email notification is sent only to the record approver.

A notification will be sent both to the record submitter and the reviewer only if notification is configured while setting up the review process. 

Action for the approver/reviewer

Task can be assigned to the approver that they need to perform upon approving a record

Action cannot be assigned to a reviewer

Action on approval/review of a record (based on configuration)

Following actions will take place upon approval of a record: 

  • Assign task

  • Email alerts

  • Call webhooks 

  • Call functions

  • Field update (can be configured for each approver in case of multiple approvals)

Notification can be sent to the record submitter, reviewer, and CRM administrators once the record is reviewed and approved.

Actions on rejection of a record (based on configuration)

Below actions will take place automatically upon rejection of a record: 

  • Assign task

  • Update field

  • Email alerts

  • Call webhooks 

  • Call functions

Notification can be sent to the record submitter, reviewer, and CRM administrators once the record is rejected. 

Reason for rejection

Approver can enter a reason before rejecting a record. 

Following pre-defined reasons can be configured:

  • Invalid Entry

  • Data Insufficient

  • Data does not match 

You can configure custom reasons too.


Can be resubmitted

Can be resubmitted


Criteria for record entry

Can be configured

Can be configured

Records outside of criteria

Will not be considered for approval

Can be assigned to a user for review

Timeline for completion of approval

No set timeline

Can define the number of days in which the review should be completed.

SLA escalation

Cannot be configured

Can be configured. The chosen user will be sent a notification after the review completion time exceeds.

Delegate records to other users


Can delegate a record to another user for approval


Cannot delegate a record to another user.

Process reordering






Following predefined reports are available:

  • Average waiting time in review process

  • Review status by record count

  • Field status by record count

  • Rejected reason by record count 

Deletion of process

Yes. The records awaiting for approval will be locked and the approver has to approve them.

Yes, only if there are no records waiting for review. 

Deactivation of process


The records waiting for approval would be locked. They can be approved or rejected from the list view.



The records waiting for review can be:

  • Rejected

  • Move them into the CRM system.

  • Exit them and run through other active review processes.


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