Deprecation of the Activities tab — FAQs

Deprecation of the Activities tab — FAQs

Effective March 15, 2024, we will deprecate the Activities tab in Zoho CRM. Please note that you can continue to view and work with your Activity records through the existing individual modules—Tasks, Meetings, and Calls—even after the Activity tab's deprecation. 

While we understand that this is a significant change and is bound to cause inconvenience in your everyday sales operations, we assure you that this is call made to primarily enhance Zoho CRM's performance and also to help you organize your sales activities in three separate dedicated modules— Tasks Meetings and Calls. This change has been designed with careful consideration to suit your needs better and provide a more tailored approach to managing your sales tasks. 

In this document, you will find answers to all pressing questions regarding the Activities tab deprecation. 

FAQs on Activities tab deprecation

What is getting deprecated? 

The Activities tab of Zoho CRM will get deprecated after March 15, 2024. However, you can still view and perform operations on the Activity records through the individual modules— Tasks, Meetings and Calls.

If the Activity tab is getting deprecated, does that mean I can no longer add sales activities? 

No. You can most certainly find all your Activity records in the Tasks, Meetings and Calls modules from where you can add and perform your sales activities.

Why is the Activities tab getting split and deprecated? 

The Activities tab has typically been a central module to house your tasks, meetings and calls in a consolidated manner. While it has been useful as a central repository, we haven't been able to optimize it greatly, while it still remains a single tab. With the Tasks, Meetings and Calls as three independent modules, there is a greater scope for introducing improvements and better performance optimization. You can also have a dedicated management of sales activities, and hence this move. 

We are aware that this change may pose inconveniences initially, however, we will help you prepare for this change through the upcoming months until as well as after this deprecation. As we have already outlined in our announcements in the past, the division of the Activity tab has been around for a while and you can learn more about it here.

Will I lose all my activity records because of the deprecation?

No. You will certainly not lose your Activity records. A copy of your Tasks, Meetings and Calls from the Activities tab is already available under the individual modules — Tasks, Meetings and Calls, respectively. This behaviour has already been handled when the Activity module branched out into Tasks, Meetings and Calls. Therefore, there will be no loss of data and you do not need to migrate records manually. That has already been handled in the system. 

We recommend that you begin using the Tasks, Meetings and Calls module to track your sales activities rather than the Activities tab.

Is there any chance that I will lose any other data in CRM because of this deprecation?  

While you will not lose any of the Activity records, there is a chance that after the Activity tab deprecation, you may lose the reports, dashboards, home page components, motivator components and custom views that are associated with the Activities tab. That said, you can prevent this loss of components by simply recreating them with Tasks, Meetings and Calls, as applicable, before March 15, 2024. 

If you have successfully recreated these components with Tasks, Meetings or Calls, there will be no data loss whatsoever because of the deprecation. 

When is the Activities tab getting deprecated? 

The deprecation of the Activities module will take place by March 15, 2024, post which you will not see the Activities tab in Zoho CRM. 

What should I do before the deprecation?

You are advised to begin using the dedicated, independent modules —Tasks, Meetings and Calls, to perform operations on your sales activities. 

Primarily, you are also advised to recreate the following components previously associated with the Activities tab, and associate them anew with Tasks, Meetings and Calls modules, as applicable. 
  1. Reports 
  2. Dashboard
  3. Home page
  4. Motivator components 
The reports, dashboards, home page and motivator components that have been associated with the Activities tab and now need re-creation are indicated by alerts and prompts. Clicking on the links in these prompts will take you to the list of components that needs to be created with the respective Tasks, Meetings and Calls module. 

What are the consequences of the deprecation, if I do not perform any action?

You will lose reports, analytics, homepage, KPI components and custom views associated with the activity module and will not be able to retrieve the lost data, in case you fail to recreate them before the said deprecation date. However you can prevent the loss of data associated to Activities module components by recreating them with Tasks, Meetings and Calls, as outlined in this document referred below. 

Do I have to search for the individual reports associated with the Activities module?

No. Clicking the Reports link on the banner will take you to a list of reports associated with the activities module.

How will I know which components I have to recreate?

Going to the home page, reports, analytics, and KPI components, we will show you an alert message on the component that you have to recreate.

How to recreate custom views that I created in the Activities module.

To recreate the custom views created using activities module:
  1. Go to the Activities module.
  2. From the list of custom views, click a view that you would like to recreate in Calls, Meetings, or Tasks module.
  3. Click Edit and view the criteria for the custom view.

    The Edit option will only allow you to view the criteria of the custom view and will not enable you to do edit.

    It will be good practice to take a screenshot of the page so that you can view the screenshot while recreating them in calls, meetings, and tasks.

  4. Go the relevant calls, meetings, or tasks module where you want to create the custom view.
  5. Recreate the view that you just viewed in the Activities module.

Will I lose the workflow rules and blueprints created for Tasks, Meetings and Calls?

No, you will not lose the workflow rules and blueprints because you would have created them using Tasks, Meetings and Calls only. Therefore, it will continue to function seamlessly. 

Are the open and closed activities linked to the Activities module at risk of being deleted or affected?

No, you will not lose the open and closed activities associated with the activities module. You will  be able to view them under the column, chronological, and tab views even after the activity tab deprecation.
    To view all the components associated with the activities module:
    1. Go to the Activities module. Click Learn More in the alert pop-up message..
    2. A banner will be displayed, listing all the components associated with the activities module that are going to be deprecated.
    3. Click each component to navigate to the respective component page.

    What will happen to my data sharing settings that I have configured now for the Activities module?

    The data sharing settings will be automatically migrated to tasks, meetings and calls modules once the Activities tab is depreciated.

    Whom should I contact if I still need assistance with the activity deprecation activity?

    If you have any questions or if you need any migration assistance regarding the deprecation of the Activity tab or related components, you can go to this link and provide your contact information so that our experts can reach out to assist you.

    Assistance for Activity deprecation - Form

    ===================UPDATED NOTES=======================
    We understand and acknowledge that the previous version of this document (original official communication) on this Activities tab deprecation has been confusing and has caused reason for panic— quite understandably. Our sincere apologies for the same. We have now attempted to rewrite this document for better clarity and will keep evolving these FAQs based on feedback, further questions and concerns. We have also created detailed notes on actions required from your end in restoring components associated to the Activities module before deprecation. 

    Please know that your feedback is invaluable to us, and we're committed to learning from this experience. Moving forward, we will make every effort to ensure that you are kept well-informed and updated with all the information you require. Your satisfaction and understanding remain our top priorities, and we are dedicated to regaining your trust through improved communication. Thank you for your patience. 
    Last Updated: February 29th 2024

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