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Logging Calls

  1. Activities module is split up into Tasks, Calls and Meetings modules. This change will reflect for users who signed up after September 6, 2021.
  2. Existing users will have both the Activities module and the individual Tasks, Calls and Meetings modules to ease the transition. 
  3. Activities module will be discontinued for existing users after giving them enough time for the transition and only Tasks, Calls and Meetings modules will be available.
An essential part of a rep's daily activities is to make and receive calls. They need to track calls that are made to the customers, schedule calls according to the customer's availability, maintain details of the discussions in their database, and keep a record of the missed calls so they can follow-up. It's important to record all this information in an organized manner despite how busy they may be.

The Calls module provides a perfect platform to store and track every detail related to a call. The sales reps can enter call details like duration, date and time of calls, and notes about the content of calls. This data can be used to evaluate the time spent on each call or the average time a call takes to complete and more. The details can be helpful in generating reports on billing details, call status, and number of calls made per day.

Permission Required
Access to Calls that include View, Create, Edit and Delete permissions.

Create Call

The Create call functionality helps you to register the  inbound calls  (received from leads and customers) and  outbound calls  (dialed to leads and customers) with details such as call duration, date and time of calls, notes, etc.  You can:
  1. Schedule a call
  2. Log a call
  3. Call now

By maintaining call records in CRM you can:

Monitor average time spent by a rep on call: Customer support executives can log calls and monitor the time spent on each call and track the average time a rep spends on calls on a monthly basis. 
Keep track of the calls made by the presales team:  From the call records the managers can track the number of prospects that were engaged by the presales team. 

Generate reports and billing details: The call details can be further used to generate reports on billing details, average time spent on calls, number of calls per day, etc.

Create a current call

To create a call
  1. In the  Calls module, click  Create Call > select Call now.
  2. In the  Log a call popup window, do the following:
    You cannot add custom fields in the Create Call page. However, you can customize the existing fields using page layout customization.
    • Specify the Contact/Lead name from whom the call came or to whom the call is made.
    • Select to whom the call is Related to from the drop-down list (for eg. account, quote, order etc.)
    • Choose the Call purpose from the drop-down list.
    • Enter the Call agenda.

    • Click Call.
      The call timer indicates the duration of the current call.
      You will be taken to the interface where the call is made. You can  Pause call if required.

      Add a call description at the foot of the call window. You can see this in the  Description field of the call once it has been saved.
    • Click End Call when the call is completed.
    • You can attach a Follow-up Meeting, Call or Task if required to the call. This will be associated with the contact.
  3. Click Save to save the current call.
  1. The Related To field will be available only if you are calling a Contact.
  2. The user who logs a call is the Call Owner and you cannot change the owner of the call.
  3. The details of the call will be available in the Calls tab.

Log a call

To log a call
  1. In the  Calls module, click  Create Call > select Log a call.
  2. In the  Create Call popup window, do the following: 
    • Specify the Contact/Lead name from whom the call came or to whom the call is made.
    • Enter the Subject of the call.
    • Select the purpose of the call from the Call Purpose drop-down list.
    • In case of a call from/to a contact, select the Related To record, if required.
    • Select the Call Type as Inbound or Outbound.
    • In the  Call Details section, click  Completed Call.
      By default,  Current Call is selected.
    • Enter the  Call Duration in minutes and seconds.

    • Specify Description and Call Result.
  3. Click  Save.
    The call is saved in the  Calls module.
    The call will also be displayed in the  Closed Activities Related List in the Details page of the respective lead/contact.

  1. The Related To field will be available only if you are calling a Contact.
  2. The details of the call will be available in the Calls tab.
  3. Once the call is marked as completed, you will not be able to edit the record entry.

Schedule a Call

Schedule calls in Zoho CRM that can be taken up by users later. Each call that is scheduled has three option in the details page.

  • Mark as Completed - The calls that you mark as completed will be moved to the Closed Activities Related List in the associated record.
  • Reschedule Call - At times when you are not able to stick to the scheduled call, you can reschedule it for later.
  • Cancel Call - You can also cancel a call whenever necessary.

These options are available in the call's details page, list views, related lists, reminders and calendar.

To schedule a call

  1. In the  Calls module, click  Create Call > select Schedule a call.
  2. In the  Create Call popup window, do the following: 
    • Specify the Contact/Lead name from whom the call came or to whom the call is made.
    • Specify the Subject of the call.
    • Select the purpose of the call from the CallPurpose drop-down list.
    • In case of a call from/to a contact, select the RelatedTo record, if required.
    • The Call Type is selected by default as Outbound.
    • In the  Call Details section, click  Schedule Call.
      On selecting Schedule Call, you will have the option to assign the call to a user.
    • Select the  CallOwner from the lookup.

    • Specify Description and CallResult.
    • Select a Reminder option from the drop-down list.
  3. Click Save.

Associate calls with CRM records

To associate calls with CRM records

  1. Click the Leads or Contacts tab.
  2. Select the record for which you want to log a call.
  3. In the  [Record] Details page, the existing call details, if any, are displayed.
    • Click SubjectActivity Type, StatusDue Date or Owner Name links to sort the display order of the records.
    • Click the Edit or Delete link to modify or delete the call details respectively.
  4. Click the Log a Call link.
  5. In the Log a Call page, enter the call related details.
  6. Click Save, or click Save & Create Follow-up Task to save and create a follow-up task.

Standard fields in Calls module

In the  Log a Call  page, you need to specify the call-related information. The following table provides description of the various fields in the page.
Field Name Description Data Type
Subject Enter the subject of the call. Text Box
Call Type
  • Choose Inbound for the incoming calls in your organization.
  • Choose Outbound for the outgoing calls in your organization.
Select option
Related To Choose the type of record to which the call is related and then choose the record. Drop-down list
Call From/To Specify to whom the call is made or from whom the call is received. Select option
Call Purpose Choose the purpose of the call from the drop-down list. Pick list
Call Result Specify the call result Text Box
Time Details
  • Click Current Call if the call is in progress.
  • Click Completed Call if the call is completed.
Select option
Call Start Time Automatically displays the current date and time. Date and Time
Call Duration
  • Displays the call duration for the Current Calls.
  • For Completed Calls, specify the call duration.
Description Specify the description of the call. Text Box

  1. You cannot add custom fields in the Log a Call page. However you can customize the existing fields using page layout customization.
  2. You cannot mark the Call Duration and Call Start Time fields as non-mandatory.

Customizing the Calls layout

The layout is divided into four sections, which each have default fields to allow your sales reps to capture information about the call:

  • Call information
  • Purpose of outgoing call
  • Outcome of outgoing call 
  • Reason for incoming call

You can customize the layout by adding custom fields to all the sections except for Call Information. The total number of each type of custom fields that you can add are as follows:

  • String fields: 40
    (Includes single line, pick list, multi-select pick list, and multi line)
    Max limit for multi line, pick list, and multi-select pick list: 10 each.
  • Number fields: 10
  • Decimal and percentage fields: 20
  • Date fields: 10
  • Date/time fields: 10

To add custom fields

  1. Navigate to Setup > Modules and Fields > Calls.
  2. Click the Standard layout.
    Alternately, hover over the Standard layout and click More and then Edit Layout to add fields to the Standard layout.
  3. Drag and drop the required field types from the New Fields tray on the left.
  4. Enter a name for the field.
  5. Click Save.

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