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Working with Tasks

  1. Activities module is split up into Tasks, Calls and Meetings modules. This change will reflect for users who signed up after September 6, 2021.
  2. Existing users will have both the Activities module and the individual Tasks, Calls and Meetings modules to ease the transition. 
  3. Activities module will be discontinued for existing users after giving them enough time for the transition and only Tasks, Calls and Meetings modules will be available.
Permission Required
Access to Tasks include View, Create, Edit, and Delete permissions.

Create Tasks

A task is a piece of work that is usually time bound. In Zoho CRM, tasks are listed in the record's Home page, and in other related records. While creating a task in CRM, you must enter task details such as Subject, Task Owner, Due date, and the contact or account to which the task is related to. You can also add custom fields to the Tasks module.

To create tasks
  1. In the Tasks module, click Create Task.
  2. In the  Create Task  page, specify the task details. 

  3. Click Save.

  1. Tasks will be closed, only when the Status of the task is updated as Completed.
  2. The status, Completed, is a system defined field. An alternate custom field with the same label will not close the task automatically.

Set repeat type for a task 

If you want to create recurring tasks that need to repeat over a specific period of time, you can create recurring tasks. You can specify when the task should be completed. Recurrence time can be set as - daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or custom repeat type - where you can specify your time period.

To set a repeat type
  1. Select the repeat type as Daily, Weekly, Monthly or set a custom repeat type from the drop-down list.
    1. If you choose Custom repeat type, do the following:
      1. Select the Frequency as Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly.
        1. Daily: In every [x] days, specify the number of days after which the task should be repeated.

        2. Weekly: In every [x] weeks, specify the number of weeks after which the task should be repeated along with the exact day.

        3. Monthly: In every [x] months, specify the number of months after which the task should be repeated along with the date or day of the month.

        4. Yearly: This allows you to specify the date or day and month in which the task should be repeated.

  2. In Ends, choose when the task should stop:
    1. Never - Task will never be terminated.
    2. After [x] Times - Task will be terminated after the number of times specified here.
    3. On [Date] - Task will be terminated on the specified date.

  1. Due date should be specified to set repeat type.
  2. When the repeat type is chosen as Daily, you can choose to exclude Weekends and Holidays.
  3. When the repeat type is chosen as Monthly, you can choose to set the due date of your task to the next business day if the selected due date is not a working day.

Set reminders for tasks 

You can set reminders to receive notification before the task reaches the due date. You can choose to be reminded on the day of the due date or number of days/weeks/months before the due date at a particular time either via email or popup or both. This reminder can also be repeated if required.   

To set reminders
  1. Toggle on the Reminder switch.
  2. In the pop-up, specify when you want to be reminded.
    You can choose a specific date and time or number of days/weeks/months before the due date at a specific time.

  3. Choose a Repeat Type from the drop-down list.
  4. Select how you want to be notified from the drop down list.
    You can choose from Email, Pop Up or Both.

  1. If you are creating a task for other users, you can notify that user via email, by selecting the  Notify Owner checkbox from the top panel.

    The user will be notified when:
    1. A new task is assigned to another user.
    2. Owner of an existing task is changed to another user.
    3. A task is completed. 

Edit tasks

You can edit a task or the repeat type of a task whenever required. 
To edit tasks
  1. Select the task and click the Edit icon.
Edit Repeat type
You can edit the repeat type after the task is saved. The recurring tasks can be extended or reduced based on your requirements.
  1. Single task to recurring
    If you have created a single task and want to change it to recurring type then you can edit the task and configure the appropriate repeat type. 
  2. Stop Recurring tasks 
    If you have created a recurring task and want to stop it, you can do so by editing it. You can toggle off the repeat configuration which deletes all your upcoming tasks too. 

  1. When the repeat type is turned off, the task which you are editing along with all the upcoming tasks can be removed.
  2. If the repeat type is turned off for the first task in the repeat sequence, then the recurring task will be converted into a single task.
You can edit the reminder pattern of a recurring task. While doing so, you can choose if the change should be applied to all the upcoming tasks or this particular task only. 

Create tasks in Bulk

If a particular task is supposed to be performed for multiple records, then instead of creating task for individual records you can create them in bulk. 
To create recurring tasks in bulk
  1. Click the [Module] tab.
  2. From the list view select the checkboxes of the records for which you want to create recurring tasks.
  3. Click More Actions > Create Tasks.
  4. In the popup, specify the task details and enable Repeat toggle switch to specify the recurring details.
  5. Enter the Repeat Type and specify when the recurring task should end.
  6. Click Done and then Save.

Standard fields in Task module

Field Name
Task Owner
Select the name of the user to whom the task is assigned.
Specify the name of the task. This field is mandatory.
Due Date
Specify the due date for the task.
Select the related contact or lead.
Select any other record related to the task.
Specify the status of the task.
Select the level of importance or urgency for the task.
Send Notification Email
Select the check box to send notification email to the task owner.
Remind At
Select the check box to set reminder for the task.
Recurring Activity
Select the check box to mark it as a recurring activity.
Specify the details about the task.

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