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Managing Profile Permissions

To make the process of managing profile permissions easier, the permissions have been grouped in such a way that you will have no problem customizing them as needed. You can enable or disable permission in a single click rather than having to go through the hassle of disabling each checkbox. With instant saving, you don't have to worry about losing your progress.

List of Permissions

The module permissions are grouped in the same way that they appear in the CRM and the Setup permissions are grouped similarly to the Setup page, making it easier for you to find them. There are three main sections of permission that are available. With the ability to change the permission in one click, you can easily enable and disable them.

Module Permissions

Module Permissions lets you define which module the users associated with that particular profile will have access to. You can also specify what actions they can perform.

Basic permissions - These permissions are based on the modules. The permissions for actions can be changed by using the check box that is available in the drop-down next to each module permission. Some of the common actions include.
  • View
  • Create
  • Edit
  • Delete
  • Share
Standard Profile
Administrator Profile
Record Management (Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Products, etc.)

Creating, editing, deleting, and sharing records in standard or custom module.
Reports and Dashboard

- View Reports
- Manage Reports 
- Schedule Reports
- Create Dashboards
- Share Dashboards

Create Forecasts

- Create feed
- Manage feed
Advanced permissions - Permissions like Import / Export, Send Email, Tool and other advanced permissions can be enabled only when their pre-requisite are enabled. For example, a user can send Mass Email only when Send Email permission has been enabled for that profile. This makes sure that users can't exceed their permissions.
  • If you had disabled an advanced, then disable the basic permission and then enable it, the advanced permissions won't enable it automatically. You will have to go enable them manually.

Import / Export Permissions

Standard Profile
Administrator Profile
Import Records

Importing records to modules

Export records from modules and reports
Export Module

Access data export feature

Send Email Permissions

Standard Profile
Administrator Profile
Send Email

Send email to records from different modules
Mass Email

- Send emails in bulk from different modules
- Configure and run macros
Delete Email

Delete sent and received emails of the records in selected modules
Mail Merge

- Perform mail merge actions
- Create merge documents
- Send merged documents via email

Tool Permissions

Standard Profile
Administrator Profile
Mass Update

- Perform bulk update of records in modules
- Export and take backup of all CRM data
- Create and run macros
Mass Delete

Perform bulk deletion of records in modules
Change Owner

Change the owner of a record
Mass Transfer

Perform bulk transfer of records between users

Convert a record form one module to another. For example, converting a Lead to Contact.
Mass Convert

Convert records in bulk form one module to another. For example, converting multiple Leads to Contacts.

Share records with others by giving: - Full access - Read/Write - Read only

Other Permissions

Standard Profile
Administrator Profile

Print View

View all records (list view) in a module in the printable mode.

Sheet View

View, add and update records from the module using Spreadsheet.
Find and Merge

Find and merge the duplicate records.

Manage Custom List View

- Create Custom List View
- Create Canvas

Add and manage tags in the modules.

Configure gamescope and add trophies or badges.
List Subordinates only
 Only the subordinate users will be listed in record assignment, record sharing, and note mentions

Setup Permissions

Setup permissions can be used for defining the configuration of different features in Zoho CRM. These permissions let you decide if the user associated with this profile can manage Template, Automation, Webform and Data Administration. Since Setup permission is not something that is generally given to all users, you have the option of disabling all of the Setup permissions at one go.

Admin Level Permissions

Standard Profile
Administrator Profile
User Management

- Manage users, roles, profiles, and groups.
- Set profile permissions for other users.
- Set and manage data sharing rule
Manage Compliance Settings

Manage GDPR compliance.
Module Customization

- Customize Modules
- Customize Tab Groups
- Customize Web Tabs
- Create Custom Fields
- Create Links and Buttons
- Create Layouts
- Create Related Lists
- Create Business Card View
- Create Kanban View
Validation Rules

Configure Validation Rules

- Configure Wizards
- Set Wizard as default layout for other users.
Manage Portals

Create and edit portal configurations.
Manage Portals Users

- Send invitation
- Activate and deactivate portal users
Manage Calendar Booking

- Set up team bookings.
- Share calendar bookings
- Activate and deactivate calendar booking
Create Meeting or Call

Create user bookings
Copy Customization

Copy customizations from one CRM account to another.

- Setup translation.
- Add language
- Import and Export language file
Marketing Attribution

Configure attribution models

  • Only users with Administrator Profile can customize Company Details, Fiscal Year, Business Hours, Territory Management, De-duplicate, CRM Variables, Copy Customization, Organization Email and Currency.

Email & Templates

Standard Profile
Administrator Profile
Email & Chat Settings        

Manage BCC Dropbox, Mail Integration and Zoho Chat bar.
Manage Templates

Manage Email, Inventory and Mail Merge templates.


Standard Profile
Administrator Profile
Manage Automation

Create and manage the below tools that govern automation in your organisation:
- Workflow rules
- Blueprint
- CommandCenter
- Approval processes
- Review Processes
- Scoring Rules
- Custom schedules
- Multiple sales pipelines
- Segmentation
Case Escalation Rules

- Enable the Escalation Scheduler
- Set up Case Escalation Rule
- Create Rule Entry
- Define Escalation Action for the Rule Entry
Assignment Rules

Configure assignment rules and assign users to it.


Standard Profile
Administrator Profile
Manage Webform

Design and publish web forms in order to collect customer or visitor data.
Webform A/B Testing

View, create, edit, and delete webform A/B testing
Approval Process

Configure Approval process, approve and reject records.
Unsubscribtion Link

Users with Unsubscribe form permission can set up and embed unsubscription link.

Data Administration

Standard Profile
Administrator Profile

Migrate data from other CRM


Enable the ability to migrate data from other CRM.
Import History

View the import history of modules.
View Storage Details

View the storage details of the account.
Manage Sandbox

Create or edit sandbox.
Audit log

Admins can view all users' audit logs.
Standard users can only view their own and subordinates' logs.
Standard users cannot view other user logs
Data Backup

Request data backup
Export Data

Users with export permission for the module can export the data.


Standard Profile
Administrator Profile



Configure Recommendation

Configure Predictions
Image Validation

- Configure image validation rules.
- Review and approve images.
Zia Voice

Enable Zia to identify customer satisfaction based on their tone.
Data Enrichment

- Field mapping in settings page
- Manage profile permission settings.
Manage Data Enrichment Settings

Enable or disable Data Enrichment for modules. 

Voice of the Customer

Voice of the Customer tab permissions are automatically enabled for administrator profiles by default. For other profiles, it needs to be manually enabled.

Standard profile
Administrator profile
Access and view the dashboards. 
View, configure, reorder charts and initiate the computation of dashboards.
View record level insights
View insightful charts for eligible records from the modules for which VoC dashboards have been created.

Extension Permissions

This section lets you define permissions for Extension, CRM API and Social Settings. These permissions deal with the communication of Zoho CRM with third party integrations.


Standard Profile
Administrator Profile

Enable or restrict Visits tab visibility
Phone Bridge

- Enable or disable Telephony in Zoho CRM.
- Integrate CRM account with Phone Bridge.

- Integrate CRM account with Projects portal.
- Map Zoho CRM fields with Zoho projects fields to auto populate data on new project creation.
- Set permission for other CRM users to create, view, edit or delete the projects

- Integrate CRM and Desk accounts
- Invite CRM users to Zoho Desk
- Sync accounts and contacts modules with Desk account.
- Choose the modules where tickets can be viewed in the records related lists


Standard Profile
Administrator Profile
Sync with Google Contact

- Integrate own CRM account with Google contact.
- Sync records between CRM and Google.

Sync with Google Calendar

Synchronize Google and Zoho CRM calendars and update calendar entries

Google Ads


Configure Google Ads setup page


Standard Profile
Administrator Profile
Plug-in for Microsoft-Outlook

Enable Plug-in for interaction with Microsoft-Outlook.

Plug-in for Microsoft-Word

Enable Plug-in for interaction with Microsoft-Word for creating Mail Merge template.
CRM Mobile Apps Access

Access the CRM mobile app.


Standard Profile
Administrator Profile
Social Admin

Setup social media accounts and manage user profiles
Social Tab

Use social profile integration, see the tab and details such as views, likes, comments, mentions etc.
Social Profiles

Use social profile integration and interact with customers using brand accounts.


Standard Profile
Administrator Profile

Zoho CRM API Access

Access the Zoho CRM API for integrating CRM modules with third-party applications such as accounting, ERP, e-commerce, self-service portals and others
Manage Extensibility

Manage connections, functions, and widgets.
Manage CRM Variables

Manage CRM Variables to store static and reusable information in Zoho CRM Accounts.

Delete Profile

You may want to delete profiles that are not in use.

  1. Click on the more button that appears when you hover the mouse over the profile you wish to delete.
  2. Click on delete.
  3. In the confirmation page click delete again.
  • When you want to delete a profile that is associated to a user, you will be prompted to transfer the user to another profile before deleting them.

  • To know which users are associated with the profile, click on the more button in the Profile View page and select View Users.


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