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Troubleshooting Module Customization

Troubleshooting Modules and Fields

1. Why does the editor go from top to bottom instead of left to right when I click the Tab key while creating or editing a record?
The order depends on the Tab Order Preference set by the Admin for each particular layout and module.

2. I am trying to add a new value to a picklist field and I see an error which says "Duplicate option Found. Enter a unique option." How do I resolve this?
Make sure that the value you entered is not present under the unused values and used values sections of the picklist.

In this example, the value "Seminar Partner" can be available in either the used picklist values section or the unused values section, but not both. In this case the value from the unused section should be deleted or be modified.
3. I am seeing the error message "Parent field length should be less than or equal to other field length" Lead conversion mapping or Sales Order Conversion. What does this mean?
During conversion, the field length must be similar to the length of the field it is being mapped with in the other module's layout.

For example: A single line field in the Leads module has a character length of 100. When this field which is mapped to other modules (like Contacts, Accounts, or Deals), it must be mapped to a single line field with a character length of less than or equal to 100.
4. Why isn't the Verify Details pop-up appearing when I mark a deal as Closed Lost?
Make sure that the Forecast Category for the Closed Lost stage is Omitted, the Probability (%) is 0, and the Forecast Type is Closed Lost.

5. Why are some field not available during mass update?
A primary field in any layout rule or validation rule will not be available for mass update.
For example:
Layout Rules
The primary field used in this layout rule is Last Name, so this field will not be available for mass update.

Validation Rules
The primary fields used in this validation rule are City and Lead Source, so these fields will not be available for mass update.

6. Why are certain fields not found when using advanced filters, even though I have read and write permissions for the fields?
Make sure that the field you are looking for is not an encrypted field. Encrypted fields cannot be found with advanced filters or by searching by criteria and they will not be visible in the Sort option.

7. A checkbox field is not being updated on the contact record when the record goes through lead conversion. Why is this?
The value in the checkbox field will not be updated if the record already has a value in that field.

For example:
The checkbox field is True when checked and False when unchecked. This means that when the checkbox is empty, there is still a value in the field (i.e., False). So, the value in the field will not be not updated when the record is converted from a lead to a contact.

8. I changed the record owner of an account and also selected the option to transfer all items belonging to the current record owner related to the account to the new record owner, but the related records were not reassigned to the new record owner. Why is this?

The related records will be transferred only if they have the same record owner as the account record.

Let's look at an example: When you change the account record owner to Martha, only the Contacts which previously belonged to Sandy (the previous account record owner) will be transferred over to Martha.

Sandy is the account record owner, and the account has five contacts associated with it. Sandy is the record owner of two of the contacts associated with that account, and the other three have Paul as their record owner.

9. When I try to create or save a record, I see the following error message:
"Oops something went wrong! Please try again or check for the following reasons:
  1. Please check your function for any possible failed case
  2. Please check your function for any loop that might take time to respond"
How do I resolve this?
This error occurs when a validation rule is created based on a custom function which has an error in it or when the custom function fails to handle an exception. Check the custom function used in the validation rule for errors.

10. Why am I unable to access the Sales Order conversion mapping or Quote conversion mapping settings?

This error will be displayed if the user does not have permission to access the modules involved in conversion or if the modules are hidden for the Organize Modules permission.
For example:
During Quote conversion mapping, a quote can usually be converted to a Sales Order or Invoice, but if either of these modules are disabled for the user's profile or the user doesn't have permission to access either module, an error message will appear.

11. Why is the external field ID not working while creating, editing, or updating records through APIs?
In order to use the external field ID, you must set the field as an external field.
  1. Go to Setup and then Modules and Fields.
  2. Select the module you are working on and then the field.
  3. Select Edit Properties and select Set as External Field.
    This option is only available for fields with the Single Line Field type. It is not available for standard fields.

12. Why am I not able to update a picklist field while creating or editing a record?
If a picklist field is not editable it needs to be mapped as a dependency field.
  1. Go to Setup > Modules and Fields and select the module.
  2. Click Settings and then select Map Dependency Field.
13. Why am I not able to save a layout after adding a new subform to the Inventory module?
I am seeing the following error message: "Limit Exceeded: Maximum row entries allowed in all subforms within a module are 200. Please reduce the row entries in the subforms and then save the layout". 

CRM allows a maximum of 200 row entries in all subforms in each module.

By default, the Product subform in the Inventory module, has the maximum row entries set to 200, so users will not be able to create new subforms without first changing the row entry limit in the Product subform.

14. I am trying to create a view with the Lead Source value "External Referral", but the records are not appearing even though they are available. Why is this?
Please confirm that the picklist value in the view criteria is exactly the same as it appears in the records. When records are created via API or webforms, users may add custom picklist values directly to the record that is passed via API or a Webform without adding the value to the existing picklist in the layout.

For example, if the users adds "External-Referral" or "ExternalReferral" as the value in the record, it will not match the criteria for the view, which is "External Referral". To resolve this, the user can mass update the existing records with the correct value.

To resolve the issue in future records, the user should update the webform or API call settings to add the correct value.

15. There is a contact in the Zoho CRM Campaigns module with the Member Status "Clicked", but when I try to filter by Member Status, "Clicked"not an option. Why is this?
Check whether the value is available in the Customize Campaign Member Status on the Modules and Fields section. If the value is not available there, add it.

16. Why am I seeing the following error message when I try to delete a module?

Check whether there are any lookup fields, including multi-select lookup fields, for the module you are trying to delete, including in the unused fields section. If there are, delete the lookup fields permanently from all layouts and then delete the module.

17. I am trying to add a multi-select lookup field and I cannot find the right module in the Select Related Module dropdown list. Why is this?

If the module has already been used twice as a related module in any two other modules in CRM, it will not be available in the list, since there can be a maximum of two related module lookup associations per module.

18. I have updated the auto-number field to start from 25, but the records do not start at 25, why is this?
Check whether the "Also Update Existing Records" checkbox is enabled in the Auto-Number Properties for the field. If this checkbox is not enabled, the auto-number starting with 25 will only apply when creating new records.

19. I have set the currency field in a layout to show up to 3 decimal places, but the field value only displays 2 decimal places in the records. Why is this?
If multi currency is enabled and the Decimal Places in the Currencies setup page is set to 2, then all currency values in CRM will display 2 decimal places, regardless of the decimal places set for each individual currency field.

20. I have created a lookup for a custom module in one of the standard modules. The related list for the custom module is not showing the contact record associated with.
That particular profile might have set the permission as "Do not show" in the field permission for the custom module lookup in the contacts module and so the related records are not showing in the related list.

21. I have created a Leads lookup in a custom module and I want to associate leads with records in the custom module but the lookup doesn't show any lead records. Instead, I see the message: "You do not have sufficient permission to perform this operation. Contact your administrator." How do I resolve this?
This may occur if your CRM profile does not have the necessary permission to view the Leads module. Ask your admin to provide permission to the Leads module for your profile.

22. The default contacts look up field in the deals module , doesn't show the contact associated to the accounts through the deals - accounts relationship, even though account has contacts in its related list.
This means that the accounts is not associated to any contact through the default contacts-accounts relationship, or the contact might have associated to the accounts through a custom account lookup module.

If the Contact is not associated to that account, he can click on "All Accounts" drop down and still search for the contact.

23. Attachments are missing from Sales Order and in timeline, we don't see attachment as deleted as well?
When a Sales order is converted to an Invoice, the attachment from the Sales order will be transferred to the converted Invoice and the status of the SO will be updated to Delivered, so check if the SO is converted.

Troubleshooting Buttons

1. Why is Invoke URL not working for buttons?
Check in another tab whether the URL is active and working and check that the SSL certificate for the URL is active. If the URL works, it should also work as a button.

2. I have created a custom button to be displayed in the List View page but it doesn't appear in the module's list view page. Why is this?
For custom buttons on a List View page, make sure you select at least one record before executing the button action.

3. Buttons are not passing the field values from the record to the invoked URL. Why is this?
Make sure the field value is being passed as a param correctly in the invoke URL. 

Troubleshooting Pipelines

1.Why isn't the stage value available in the record view when it is available in the Stage Field section of the layout?

With the introduction of pipelines, the stages are not specific to layouts but they are specific to pipelines. Hence, even if the stage values are available under Stage field in the layout, those stage values should also be available under pipelines so that by selecting the correct pipeline, the stage value will be available.

If the stage value is not added to the pipeline, then the value will not be available while creating or editing records in record view.

2. The deal stage order in record is not the same as how it is in Stage-Probability Mapping.
Yes, it will not be the same. The order of the stage values in a deal is not based on the Stage-Probability Mapping if Pipelines are enabled. If Pipelines are enabled and you need to sort the Stage values then, you need to do it in Pipelines.

Troubleshooting Copy Customization

1. When I try to use Copy Customization in Zoho CRM, I see an error message: "The email address does not match any existing Zoho CRM accounts."

This issue occurs when there is no Zoho CRM account with the email address provided or the email address provided is in a different data center (DC), as Copy Customization is not supported across DCs.

For example: If the source account is in the US DC and the target account is in the EU DC, Copy Customization cannot be performed.

2. I clicked on the link in an email from Zoho CRM to initiate Copy Customization, and got the error message "Page cannot be accessed". Why is this?
This issue usually occurs if you click on the link in a browser where the source account is already logged in. Please open the email in a different browser or in a private window and click on the link to initiate the process.

Troubleshooting Translations

1. Some picklist fields are not available or are missing in the exported translation file from Zoho CRM. Why is this?
Please check that the missing field is not a multi-select picklist. Multi-select picklist fields are not supported for translation in Zoho CRM.

2. One user is seeing different values in a picklist field from a different user in the same organization. Why is this?
If translation is enabled and picklist values have been translated, then users who will see the translated picklist values for the language they have set their CRM to.

For example: Grace has set CRM to English (UK) and Mark has his set to has English (US). If the organization has added translations for English (UK) then Grace and Mark will see different values in picklist fields.

Troubleshooting Customize Home page

1. Why can't I see the role to which I want to associate a customized Home page?
Each role can have only one customized Home page section. If a role is not available to associate, that role might already be associated with a different Home page.

Troubleshooting Canvas Builder

1. I have created a new canvas view for a module but when I open a record, it is not displayed in the new canvas view. Why is this?

Check that you have added the view to the Canvas Assignment for the profile the user is associated with.

Troubleshooting Templates

1. I have created a new inventory template from scratch but it doesn't shows the line items from the records. Why is this?
Please check that the product table has been added to the template. A template can only display the line items from the records if the product table has been added to it.

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