Troubleshooting Tips For Webforms | Zoho CRM Help

Troubleshooting Webforms

1. If the Submit button in the webform is not working.
  1. Check if it works in other browsers.
  2. Re-embed the code from Zoho CRM on to the website.
  3. Make sure that the Submit functionality attributes are not removed from the source code, i.e.: "type=submit". If this is removed, the Submit button will not respond.
If these suggestions do not work, write to us at and make sure to include the webform URL where the code is embedded in the email.
2. If the records submitted through the webform are not updated or visible in the modules.
  1. Check the Approve Leads section.
    1. Go to the Leads module and click on the three dots in the top-right corner.
    2. Select Approve Leads and check each of the three views:
      1. Unique Leads
      2. Duplicate Leads
      3. Invalid Entries.

  2. Check if Double opt-in is enabled. Disable it from the Webform Setup page as shown in the screenshot.
    Note: Enabling the double opt-in mechanism for webforms will mean that customers who submit their information will have to confirm their submission before their data is pushed into Zoho CRM.

  3. Check that the Form Location URL in CRM > Setup > Webforms > Edit the form > Form location is the same as it is on the website.
    1. Even a small difference can cause problems. For example, the form was embedded on " but the form location was entered in CRM as " ("us" is missing). Or you may have entered "http://" but the actual page is "https://". So be careful to verify every character of the URL.
  4. Check whether the record is available in the Recently Created or All Leads view. You can also search for any of the values submitted through the webform in the global search, such as last name, email address, or phone number.
  5. If a record is found to be a duplicate based on its unique field in the CRM, it will automatically be moved to the Approve Leads section, under either Duplicate Leads or Invalid Entries, even if lead approval is disabled. This is due to CRM validating records according to the validation rules and unique field properties you have set.
3. When a record is submitted from a webform, workflow rules are not triggered. 
  1. The workflow will not be triggered if the record is waiting for approval. Only when the record is approved, will the workflow execute.
  2. The workflow will not be triggered if there is a data mismatch.
Common causes:
If you have a workflow to assign a task based on the City specified in the form settings, make sure the proper operator is used in the workflow criteria.
For an example, a contact submits a record by entering it as "Charlote" but the actual workflow was created for "Charlotte". There is a spelling error from the customer, so the workflow will not be triggered.

  1. Change the criteria to 'City Contains "Charlo"' or 'starts with "Charlot" 'or 'City Contains "Charlote, Charlotte, Charlot"' using comma separated values, so that the workflow will still be triggered even when common typos are made.

  2. If the record was submitted via Zoho Forms, check whether the workflow trigger checkbox is selected in the Zoho Forms integration setup.

4. A record was submitted via the webform but the notification email was not received.
  1. Check that the Notify lead owner option is enabled.

  2. Make sure that the record owners check all their webmail folders including the inbox, filters, junk, and spam.
  3. If these solutions did not help, please contact us with the record ID, the date and time of record creation, and the email address of the owner who did not receive the email so we can investigate.
5. How can I prevent spam records which are submitted via webforms from being added to Zoho CRM?
You can avoid spam records entering your CRM by enabling CAPTCHA, or Record Approval or using the Validation Rule feature. Even if a bot bypasses CAPTCHA, it cannot get past the validation rule in CRM. Spam records will then be moved to Invalid entries in the Leads Approval page.

Solution 1: Using validation rules
Imagine that contact fills in the Phone field using phoneword (1800-Zylker, 1800-Logica) instead of complete phone number. We can validate this data by creating a validation rule in CRM as shown here:

When a record is submitted with letters in the phone number, it will not be created in CRM but will instead go to the the Invalid entries list in the Approve Leads section as show below.

Solution 2: Adding standard CAPTCHA
The default CAPTCHA code in CRM can be added to webforms to avoid spam entries.

Solution 3: Google reCAPTCHA
You can use Google CAPTCHA to avoid spam leads by any bot or hackers.

Make sure the site key and secret key exactly match the ones provided in the ReCAPTCHA settings in Google. If the leads are still flagged as spam, contact us with the lead ID and the URL of the page where the webform is embedded so that we can troubleshoot.

6. Records submitted through the webform have Not Provided as the value in the Last Name.
  1. Go to the record's timeline and check whether it was created via a webform. If the value for the Last Name field is Not Provided, this means that the Last Name field was not set as mandatory. This means that the checkMandatory() function was altered in the source code. The only way to fix this is to re-embed the code from CRM on the webpage without altering the source code.
  2. If this does not work, send us the record ID, date and time of record creation, web page URL, and the form's code.
7. The mandatory field in the webform is not working
Check whether multiple webforms have been added to the same page. If yes, then get the HTML code and check the following:
  1. The return checkMandatory 12345XXXXXX() and function checkMandatory 12345xxxxxx() are identical.
  2. No changes or edits have been made to the variable in the checkMandatory 12345xxxxxx() function.

8. The file submitted through the File Upload field in the webform is not available in the records
Check whether the file storage limit has been exceeded. Go to Setup > Data Administration > Storage > File Storage.

9. How can you make the webform compatible with mobile browsers?
Zoho CRM webform is not mobile responsive, however we suggest that you use top alignment when creating your webforms, to make them more mobile friendly.

10. Upon submitting webform, a new form opens instead of the landing page.
To make sure the lead is directed to the landing page, ensure the right URL is specified in the Landing Page URL section too.
  1. Go to Setup > Developer Space > Webforms.
  2. Select the webform that you have created and click on Next Step.
  3. Under Form Details, enter the desired URL to which you want to direct your lead on submitting the form. 
Note: You have to use the newly generated code and host in your website to apply the recent changes you have made to your web form.

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