FAQs: Next Gen UI 2024

FAQs: Next Gen UI 2024

CRM for Everyone is in the Restricted Early Access mode and is available only to a select set of users upon request. Please refrain from posting about this publicly. 

FAQs: Transitioning to the Next Gen UI 2024

Why did we change the current Zoho CRM UI to the Next Gen UI 2024?  

CRM for Everyone brings together all crucial teams that interact with customers directly into the CRM platform, promoting collaboration, overcoming communication hurdles, boosting user involvement, and distributing administrative tasks without undermining privacy.

We've rolled out new features including:
  1. Teamspaces (Helpdoc/FAQs)
  2. Team modules (Helpdoc/FAQs)
  3. Chart View (Helpdoc/FAQs)
  4. Interactions Tab (Helpdoc/FAQs)
These enhancements are seamlessly integrated with our previous user interface, resulting in a well-organized workspace management system. This update, characterized by an attractive, easy-to-navigate interface filled with eye-catching visual elements, is now called the Next Gen UI 2024.

Where is the top menu bar in the Next Gen UI? 

The top menu bar has been repositioned vertically to the left side of the screen and is now divided into two sections: the primary sidebar and the secondary sidebar. In addition to the functions previously performed by the top menu bar, these sidebars offer additional functionalities. 

Are web tabs available in the Next Gen UI 2024?  

Yes, web tabs are available in the Next Gen UI 2024.

What is the difference between web tabs and Teamspaces?  

Web tabs and Teamspaces in Zoho CRM serve distinct functions within the platform:

Web Tabs are essentially gateways within Zoho CRM that allow users to access external web pages, web applications, and Zoho Creator apps directly from the CRM interface. These tabs are accessible organization-wide, enabling users to integrate custom or third-party applications seamlessly into their CRM workflow. Creation and access to web tabs are initially reserved for users with Administrator privileges, but access can be extended to others who have been granted the Customize Zoho CRM permission. Importantly, web tabs operate independently of CRM's other modules, meaning they don't link back to CRM data, and deleting a web tab won't impact data stored in other CRM modules.


Teamspaces, on the other hand, are collaborative environments within Zoho CRM designed to mimic the concept of departmental spaces in a business. Each teamspace is like a virtual office for a specific team, providing a dedicated area tailored to the team's operations and needs, whether based on function, location, or project. This feature supports the organization's internal collaboration by allowing customization and management by a designated teamspace admin, akin to an office manager's role in a real-world office. Teamspaces can be created by anyone with administrator rights or those specifically authorized with the Manage Teamspace permission.
In summary, while web tabs extend Zoho CRM's functionality to include external web resources, Teamspaces focus on enhancing internal collaboration by offering team-specific work areas within the CRM.

How can I switch to the Next Gen UI in my Zoho CRM?

In the old UI, a banner will appear offering you the option to explore the CRM for Everyone features along with the Next Gen UI by clicking 'Try Now' on the banner. If you happen to skip this banner, you can still switch to the new UI by selecting the 'Switch to new UI' option, which is located at the top inside the the profile panel.

Can I switch back to the Old UI? 

Yes, once you've transitioned to the Next Gen UI, you have the ability to revert to the previous interface independently. Simply click on your profile icon located in the upper left corner, where you'll find the option to 'Switch to old Version'.

If I switch back to Old UI, will the UI be reverted only for my account or for all users in my organization?  

If you decide to switch back to the old UI, this change will only apply to your account. Other users within the organization will continue using the new UI unless they individually choose to revert to the old version as well.

Does the UI change affect any of the CRM functions? 

No, the introduction of the Next Gen UI doesn't alter the existing functions of the CRM. Instead, it enriches the platform with an easier-to-navigate interface and additional functionalities.


FAQs on Next Gen UI 2024

What is the purpose of the primary sidebar in the Next Gen UI 2024?

The primary sidebar is used for navigating into your Zoho CRM account and accessing configurations quickly. It contains various options for easy access, such as:
  1. Navigate to different modules in your teamspace
  2. Switch to a different teamspace
  3. Search for records
  4. Access your calendar and emails
  5. Check for signals
  6. Access Setup
  7. Access marketplace
  8. Access my requests tab
  9. Use analytics, generate reports and so on.

What is the purpose of secondary sidebar in the Next Gen UI 2024?  

The secondary sidebar is dedicated to your tasks. It displays content based on what you choose from the primary sidebar on the left. For instance, you can navigate to different teamspaces, manage teamspaces or add a new teamspace using the teamspace switcher at the top in the secondary sidebar.

What is the teamspace switcher at the bottom of the secondary sidebar?

Zoho CRM for Everyone enables users to establish various teamspaces within their CRM system, accommodating different needs and facilitating collaboration among teams directly within the CRM. With the presence of multiple teamspaces, it's essential for transitioning between them to be seamless and straightforward.
To address this, we've introduced a teamspace switcher feature that allows you to:
  1. Move between different teamspaces
  2. Manage the teamspaces
  3. Create a new teamspace
  4. Remove an existing teamspace
  5. Modify a teamspace

What is the use of the collapse icon or expand icon in the Next Gen UI 2024?

The collapse icon helps to increase the viewing area of your screen, allowing you to see all records or data in the main panel. Clicking the collapse icon () will minimize the secondary sidebar. When you want to see all the options in the secondary sidebar again, simply click the expand icon () to bring it back to its original size.

What is the purpose of the Requests tab? 

The My Requests Tab serves as a central hub for creating and tracking all your requests to other teams within the CRM. The secondary sidebar will list all the team modules for which you've been added as a requester. Simply select the team module and click the + button to start creating a new request.

For additional information on the Next Gen UI, please consult this help document.

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