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Prediction Analytics

Zia can understand business metrics, analyze it, and predict the possible outcome that can help in decision-making and preparing ones business for the future. To substantiate the prediction results, Zia shows the analytics that were taken into consideration to predict an outcome.

The analytics will highlight:
  1. Number of active predictions that are currently available for a module. For example, in the image below, Zia has computed 15 active predictions for the Apartments module.
  2. Overall accuracy of the predictions and its quality. For example, 50% accuracy is considered as acceptable while more than 50% is excellent.
    For example, in the image below we are predicting the type of apartment that is likely to be in demand. Based on the analytics, Zia shows that 15 active predictions are currently available and the accuracy is 78% excellent.
  3. Number of records involved in the active prediction grouped according to their probability range.
    For example, among the 15 active predictions 4 records have a probability value between 25-45, 8 records have a probability value between 60-70 and so on.
  4. The number of records that uptrend or downtrend.
    Based on the recent activity a record's progress towards higher or lesser probability is calculated and displayed as an uptrend or a downtrend.
  5. Time based graphical representation of prediction accuracy display:
    1. Number of accurate predictions made last week, month, quarter etc.
    2. Number of successful and failed predictions, calculated by evaluating the actual field value vs. the predicted field value at the end state. For example, the number of deals that were predicted as closed won vs. the actual number of deals that were closed won. As per the image below, 195 deals were accurately predicted.
    3. Number of records accurately predicted for the respective record owners. For example, Zia may make more number of successful predictions for John as compared to Richard or other sales reps. These insights can highlight the importance of several minor steps taken by the sales rep that add value to the final purchase decision made by the customer such as multiple follow-ups, a demo right when the deal is nearing the end state etc.

Points to remember
  1. If there is no sufficient data, Zia will not be able to compute the analytics. Hence, there won't be any data to display.
  2. If the number of records in active prediction are shown as 0 that implies the records may not have undergone any recent update or they have been newly added to the CRM system. You can wait for a couple of days or weeks and revisit the Analytics to see the uptrend or downtrend.
To view prediction analytics
  1. Go to Setup > Zia > Zia Prediction.
  2. Click the Analytics tab.
Note: Only those users who have the permission to manage Zia configurations can view the Prediction Analytics.


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