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Best Time to Contact Customers

We often hear telecallers asking, "Is this the right time to talk?". Though most of the times our response is not affirmative, have you wondered why is it important for them to know whether it is the right time to contact? Because, oftentimes approaching a customer at an inappropriate time can cost a lot more than just a lost deal, it sometimes sours the customer's experience with your company. 

Unlike the telecallers, a sales person doesn't get an opportunity to ask the customer if it's the right time to chat with them or send an email. Zia's best time to contact can make their job a lot easier by auto suggesting the suitable time to contact for every customer.  

Permission Required
Available for all the users.

How Zia computes the best time?

Zia can suggest the best time to contact prospects based on actions performed by:
  1. the customer
  2. the rep in response to an email or call from the customer
Say a customer browses through your website and leaves a chat. The system will suggest an ideal time to contact based on the time the link was clicked and the time of the chat. If the rep calls, sends an email or replies to the chat at the suggested time, there may be better chances of getting a response.
These suggestions can help the sales team plan and distribute their activities around the customer's suitable time and utilize the rest of the day in other important tasks. 

Instances that Zia uses to suggest the Best time

Best time to Contact appears for a Contact only when at least one of the following has happened at least once:
  1. Contact has answered your call and the call duration is more than one minute
  2. Contact has called you and you have missed
  3. Contact has called you and you have answered
  4. Contact has opened your email
  5. Contact has opened your email and clicked any links
  6. Contact has sent you an email
  7. Contact has submitted a Support Ticket
  8. You have commented or replied to a Support Ticket
  9. Contact has submitted Webform
  10. Contact has posted on your wall
  11. Commented to your post
  12. Liked your post or sent you a Direct Message

View best time to call/email

Zia notes the time when a customer answers your call, replies to your emails, how long they take to respond an email, how soon do they reply to your emails, the time during the day when they mostly reply or take your call to suggest the best time to send an email or call. 
You can view the best time in the record's detail page in the Leads and Contacts modules.

Points to consider  
For better suggestions on best time to contact, configure Zoho CRM with the following features:
  1. Visitor tracking with Chat
  2. Email Integration
  3. Zoho PhoneBridge
  4. Social Integration
  5. Zoho Campaigns and Zoho Desk Integration
  1. You cannot modify the best time suggested by Zia. 
  2. The best time suggestions will be accompanied by a star symbol to indicate the most relevant time of contact. A partially filled star indicates lesser relevance than a filled one. 

  1. Once the suggested time for the day has past, the system will automatically strikes it after 30 minutes.
  2. Zia will consider your organization's working hours and the locale timezone for auto suggestions.

Disable best time to contact suggestion

You can disable the best time to contact suggestion from Setup > General > Zia > Zia Reminder, by toggling the call and email buttons.

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