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Zia for Emails

Most business communication and transactions happen over emails, be it with customers, prospects, partners or vendors. Besides being an essential mode for communication, emails are an official repository for important information details on meeting schedules, business agendas, addresses, invoices, social handles, etc. are available on emails and sales representatives may spend quite a lot of time in entering such details manually into the CRM database.

In Zoho CRM, Zia can help them capture important information such as customer's personal information or details of a meeting right from the emails. Furthermore, without even having to read the entire conversation, one can know the intent of the email, as in, a request, a query, or complaint as suggested by Zia.

Zia for email comprises of the following features:

  1. Data Enrichment from email signatures
  2. Activity extraction from email
  3. Intent of an email
  4. Email Sentiment Analysis
  5. Summary of an email

These features are available for Enterprise and above edition with more than 20 user license in the organization. 

To enable Zia for emails,
  1. Log into the CRM account with administrative privileges.
  2. Go to Setup > Zia > Communication > Email Intelligence.
  3. Toggle the Email intelligence button. 

The CRM admins can disable the Email intelligence tab, upon which the following features will no longer function for all records

Data Enrichment from email signatures

In professional emails, signatures are considered as one's corporate identity as they contain information about the sender. It carries details about their role in the company, their social handle, and contact details. People even use email signatures to create brand recognition, drive traffic to their website, or promote different events.

When such valuable information is available in signatures, why not let Zia help you capture the details in your CRM account. Zia's Data enrichment from email, facilitates data population for leads, contacts, and accounts from the email signatures. Details like email address, website, contact number, company name, social handles, designation, company location, and address mentioned in the email signature can be captured into CRM record. It will help reduce the time and effort that is needed to update a record manually and additionally ensure the accuracy of the data.

In CRM we have identified some fields that are commonly used such as fax, designation, phone number, last name, email etc. and termed them as "enrichment fields". But, as there may be a possibility of referring these fields with different names in the CRM account, to avoid confusion or incorrect data entry we let you map these enriched fields with the right CRM field.
This feature is available only in the Leads, Contacts or Accounts modules. Only the users who have permission to access these modules can use the feature.
To enrich data from email signatures
  1. Select a record from Leads, Contacts or Accounts module.
  2. Open an email from the record's related list.
  3. Click Enrich Data.
    If there is no new information you will receive a notification from Zia stating the same.
  4. In the Data Enrichment by Zia page, click Configure field mapping.
  5. In the Enrichment Settings page, under Zoho CRM fields tab choose the fields from the drop-down list.
  6. Click Save.
  1. If you have already installed the "Data Enrichment" plugin in your CRM account, few global or company based information will be auto-populated from the internet. If required, you can overwrite those fields with the information retrieved from the email signature. You can instruct CRM to do so by selecting the checkbox of the respective fields under the Update tab.
  1. You can use both the plugin and the email signature to enrich your CRM data. The former can enrich any global information on the record from the internet, while the latter can enrich personal information of a record.

Activity extraction from email

Emails often hold a lot more information than just a response or business conversation. Organizations can send invitations for webinars or send meeting links, share agendas or venue details, schedule calls or managers may assign tasks to their team members over emails. These information can be captured as activities in CRM for record keeping and proper follow-up. But adding these details manually can be time-consuming and may also introduce inadvertent errors while manually copying details from the emails. Zia's activity extraction from emails can help you to capture meetings, tasks, and calls automatically from an email. 

Zia can identify and pinpoint activities mentioned in emails and suggest the agent to add the activity to CRM from the email. They can edit the suggestion and enter more details or save the activity as it is. Zia's suggestions can be seen in the emails present in the related list of a record as well as in the SalesSignal.

Points to consider
  1. In case multiple meetings are mentioned in the email, then the most distinct one will be captured by Zia. For example, if the email states a call at 9:00 am and a task at 4:00 pm, Zia will pick the 9:00 am call because its the first occurrence. 
  2. The activities will be automatically tuned to the organization's business hour. For example, if the time and date mentioned by the customer in the email is 10:00 am PST, then the time will be converted to the organization's timezone. 
  3. If a business hour or shift hour is not configured in an account, then the default time, that is, 9:00 am will be taken into account for all the activities.   
  4. In cases where the time or date are mentioned in ranges like 3:00 to 3:30 pm or 20th to 22nd March, Zia will pick the first instance that is, 3:00 pm and 20th March. To ensure accuracy we recommend you to check the populated time and date before saving and edit it if needed.  
  5. Zia will capture meetings/tasks/calls that are scheduled for future dates only. For example, if a meeting is scheduled for the same day then Zia will not pick the activity. 
To capture activities from an email
  1. Go to the Leads/Contacts/Deals or equivalent custom module and select a record.
  2. In the email related list, open an email and click Capture Meeting/Schedule Call/Schedule Task.

  3.  In the Activity Information popup, view the populated details of the meeting/task/call.
    If needed, edit the details.
What to expect in near future
We are constantly working to maximize Zia's capability to deliver the highest possible benefit to our customers. Here are a few things on our road map:
  1. Capturing multiple activities from the email and marking them inside the body of the email. 
  2. Activities extracted from emails will be suggested in a common place outside of emails, so that even if you miss the email you will not miss the activity.
  3. Create a feedback loop based on edits made by the user on the suggestions and parse the model for increase accuracy. 
  4. Train Zia with more industry specific keywords and improve its accuracy. 

Intent of an email

Zia will monitor the email conversations and highlight the intent of the received emails. She will understand the email content and capture the following intents: request, query, complaint, and others.

Summary of an email

Emails from customers contain important information for your sales reps, like complaints, feedback, requests, etc. In general, we open emails to understand the meaning of the text and tend to summarize it to interpret what the sender is trying to convey. However, in real life business there are numerous emails that a person has to work upon. 

In Email Summary, Zia automatically summarizes the text of emails and provides a concise insight of the email in a single line . This way, without opening the emails the recipient will know the context and decide which email requires priority and which ones can wait. 

For example, an email complaint regarding the service employee will be summarized by Zia in a single line as shown below. The subject of the email will be  reflected as the header in the summary.

Zia will also analyze the forwarded or repeatedly replied to emails and give a summary for the same. Besides viewing the email summary, a CRM user can perform the following actions by clicking the drop-down next to the Reply :
  1. Download email attachments
  2. Reply to the email
  3. Forward the email
  4. Preview email and initiate print action
  5. Linking the email to a CRM deal

To view email summary
  1. Go to the Leads/Contacts/Deals or equivalent custom module and select a record.
  2. In the Emails related list, hover the cursor on an email.
  3. Click View Summary.
  4. Click Reply to send a reply to the original email sender's address. For other actions click the dropdown arrow and choose an option:
             (i) Reply all: Choose this to reply to everyone in the email thread.
            (ii) Forward: Choose this to forward the email.
            (iii) Print Preview: Choose this to view the email that is printed and initiate a print action.
            (iv) Link Deal: Choose this to add this email to an existing deal or a new deal in CRM.

  1. Zia automatically summarizes the emails that are received. There is no minimum number of email limit. 
  2. Email Summarization is only supported in the English language

Email Sentiment Analysis

Zia analyzes the sentiment of incoming emails and categorizes them into positive, negative, or neutral to help the recipient decide which email needs their immediate attention. For example, among 10 emails if there is an email from a customer regarding payment failure, Zia will highlight it with negative sentiment thereby indication prompt attention. Prioritizing which emails have to be read and reply first is crucial for the sales team in organizing their routine activities which is made easy with Zia's email sentiment.

Learn more about how email sentiment works. 

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