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Analytics for Zia Best Time to Contact

For every organization, winning a deal and converting a prospect is a positive milestone. It requires a combination of the right product, the right pricing, and, perhaps most importantly, the right communication at the right time. This is why Zia, Zoho CRM's AI-assistant, suggests the best time to contact your prospects and customers. With its ability to analyze historical correspondences, Zia will suggest a best time to email or call your prospects or customers. Click here for more information about Zia's best time to contact.

Analytics for Zia Best time to contact 

In addition to the best time suggestion, Zia also observes the pattern of its usage and gives you a 360° analysis as to how well best time suggestions are used in your organization and how it aids in conversion as different graphical charts.
As an admin, you can review low conversions in the sales process, the sales manager can assess the best time to contact analytics and see potential reasons prospects are not converting even after multiple outgoing calls and emails and so on.


Permission Required
Users with Manage Configuration permission can access these analytics.
These analytics are available for organizations in our Enterprise and Ultimate edition with more than 20 user licenses.

Benefits of analytics for Zia Best Time to Contact 

Zia compares your interactions with the best time suggestions to provide various insights for enhanced process management. Using these insights, you can:
  1. Discover if and how many CRM users are using the best time suggestions to contact leads and contacts
  2. Understand what type of correspondence these time suggestions refer to, Emails or Calls

Key insights displayed in the Analysis for Best Time to Contact 

Zia provides the following analyses to help you monitor business correspondence in your organization.
  1. Best time to contact analysis summary for leads and contacts
  2. Individual Analysis  Outgoing Calls and outgoing emails
  3. Best Time Usage analysis for calls and emails
  4. Customer interaction heat map
  5. Call attend rate
  6. Email open rate
  7. Best time followers
  8. Analytics for users who don't follow best time for communication
  9. Failed activities

  1. Insights will only be shown for the outgoing calls and outgoing emails that correspond to records the in Leads and Contacts modules
  2. All the insights are displayed for the duration selected on the best time to contact analytics page
  3. The report duration like last week, last month, last quarter, last year will be shown based on the time from when Zia started to analyze the data.

 Best Time to Contact Summary  

The Best Time to Contact Summary displays insights for your leads and contacts modules separately.
The summary highlights:
  1. Total number of converted calls and emails
  2. Number of calls answered at best time
  3. Number of emails opened at best time
  4. Number of calls answered at a different time
  5. Number of emails answered at a different time

    Also, with the help of a donut chart, Zia represents the percentage of calls and emails that were sent on best time and on a different time. With this one-on-one comparison, you can evaluate which is beneficial for your business–correspondences made on the best time or those made at a different time.

For the best suggestions on the best time to contact, configure Zoho CRM with the following features:
  1. Email Integration
  2. Zoho Telephony

 Individual Analysis for Outgoing Calls  

Zia categorizes outgoing calls as cold calls and follow-up calls for leads and contacts. For each category, the following parameters are displayed:
  1. Calls done at the best time 
  2. Calls done at a different time
Within each parameter, the answered and unanswered ratio is also displayed. 

Cold Calls Metric
The first call made to a lead or a contact is categorized as a cold call. These calls create the first impression about your business and provide great opportunities to expand your business with them. If the calls are not answered, you can inspect the cold call metrics to see if the leads or contacts are reached based on the suggested best time or not.

This analysis highlights:
  1. Number of cold calls done at the best time and their call answered rates
  2. Number of cold calls done at a different time and their call answered rates
Even if the lead gets converted to a contact, the first ever interaction as a lead is the only one considered as a cold call.
Follow-up Calls Metric
Each subsequent call made after the cold call is categorized as a follow-up call. These conversations nurture your leads and contacts to move further along your sales pipeline. Insights from these analyses will help you gauge the interest of the user based on their response and assess which calls done at which times are most productive.


This analysis highlights:
  1. Number of follow-up calls done at the best time and their call answered rates
  2. Number of follow-up calls done at different times and their call answered rates

Individual Analysis for Outgoing Emails 

The outgoing emails analysis lets you assess how many outgoing emails were sent total, as well as how many of them were sent at the best time and how many of them were sent at a different time. The KPIs displayed are: 
  1. Open rate
  2. Response rate

Best Time Usage

This section analyzes how many of your reps are using these suggested best time, to contact leads and contacts. It explores usage for calls and emails using bar charts.
It compares absolute and cumulative usage percentage against the user count. Let's look at how they can be read.
Best time usage - Call
The call usage chart explores the usage percentage against the number of users who used the best time suggestions. From the image below, you can infer about 50% of the users, which is about 300 of them have utilized the suggestions. This is the absolute value. However, cumulatively, about 200 users have used the suggestions 70% of the time.

Best time usage - Email

Like the call usage, a chart for emails is also displayed. You can see how many of your users are using Zia's suggestions and cumulatively how the usage amounts to, in your organization. 

Customer Interaction Heat-Map
The interaction heat map is a dynamic chart that indicates when in the day most number of emails and calls were sent. It is a weekly timetable that indicates the peak hours for each day. Based on the map, you can evaluate when in the day or when in the week, the outbound correspondences are made by your sales representatives and assess and plan their productivity.

Call Answer Rate
The call answered rate is explored between the percentage of calls made at best time with that of calls made at a different time. It is a visual cue that will help you evaluate the rate of response in a week. In the below image, you can understand that calls made in best time on a Friday are not as good as a call made on a different day. Likewise, you can look at detailed insights from this chart.

  1. The insights include overall calls made by your sales rep, irrespective of it being a cold call or a follow-up call.
  2. Using the duration filter, you can also get into a deep dive with respect to the time in the day. 
Email Open Rate
Like call answered rate, Zia also displays the email open rate analysis across duration. 

So far, you can see the performance of the correspondence based on Zia's suggestions. The following charts are analyses about the consumption patterns of Best time to contact by your sales representatives. If Best time to contact suggestions are efficient, you can examine how it is being used by users in your organization and make amends accordingly.

 Usage-based analysis 

Best time Followers
The chart compares the metrics of most used followers and least used followers. It displays usage metrics for individual users.

Furthermore, Zia allows you to investigate the conversion rate of users who did not use the suggested best time. It displays the calls and emails practices of those users and lets you compare their metrics. 

Analytics  for failed activities

Best time to contact is an activity-based prediction. Although, Zia suggests favorable time to communicate with your lead and contacts, there is a dependency on the deliverability of those communication. The following analytics will divulge insights about the predictions based on the activities. Following are the charts that Zia will display:
  1. Overall failed activities
  2. Failed calls
  3. Failed emails
  4. Failed activities by user
Overall failed activities:

Failed calls:

Failed emails:

Segmentation in failed calls and emails section:

Zia will segment the failed activities under the Best-time to contact analytics. This will help managers understand the characteristics and the unique factors across the segment and derive reasons for lower conversion rates. Under each segment, the failed call/email count, and condition for each segment will be listed. There will also be further segregation of failed calls or emails and whether those activities were done at the recommended best time or at a different time.

The failed segmentation will be provided for both leads and contacts modules separately under failed calls and failed emails section.

Time saved if the user uses the best time for communication:
Already, you would have an idea about the number of failed calls across the module. With this additional data, managers would get a deeper insight into how many calls were not answered in a day. It will provide analytics on whether calls were answered mostly at the start of the week, middle of the week or end of the week or if it was evenly distributed every day. It will also show if the failed calls were initiated during the best time to connect or some other time.
Another graph will show how much time was lost by the salesperson. This can be used as input for managerial decisions and for sales reps to focus on better connectivity with leads to ensure efficient deal closure.

These charts will let you evaluate the performance, efficacy, and usage of Zia's best time suggestions and allow you to make informed decisions.

Enable Best time to contact analytics

To view your best time to contact analytics
  1. Go to Setup > Zia > Communication.
  2. Click the Best Time Analytics tab.
  3. Under report duration, select the duration from the drop-down.

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