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Email Sentiment Analysis

Sales team receive hundreds of emails every day but the ones that have a negative tone usually require an immediate attention over the others. But to identify the emails that need to be prioritized or require immediate attention, a rep has to leaf through the email content because the subject of the email may not always give sufficient details about the purpose of the email.  

Zia's sentiment analysis categorizes the incoming emails as Positive, Negative, or Neutral with the help of AI.
  1. Positive Email Sentiment: The emails that have a happy tone are categorized as positive. It is denoted by .
  2. Negative Email Sentiment: If the tone of the email shows unhappiness it is categorized as negative. This is denoted by .
  3. Neutral: All the emails that has the characteristics of both positive and negative sentiment will be categorized as neutral.  
  1. Organizations subscribed to the Enterprise and above editions with more than 20 users can view the email sentiments
  2. Sentiment analysis is only available in the US, EU, AU, and IN DCs.
  3. Zia in Emails can only be enabled by the administrator. 
  4. Email Sentiment is available for all the users who have configured IMAP integration. 

Enable Email Sentiment

In order to view the email sentiments, make sure that you have enabled Zia in Emails and toggled the Email Sentiment option. 

To enable Email Sentiment 
  1. Go to Setup > Zia > Communication > Email Intelligence.
  2. Toggle on Email Intelligence.
  3. Toggle on Email Sentiment.

View sentiment of an incoming email

All the users in CRM with can view the Email Sentiment in SalesInbox and the related list in record details page of the Zoho CRM account.
  1. In SalesInbox, you can view the email sentiment for the incoming emails in the inbox.

  1. Inside Zoho CRM, you can view the email sentiment for a record under the Emails related list. 

    You can also view the sentiment while previewing the email from the Emails related list. 

Filter Records Using Email Sentiment

Zoho CRM gives you an option to filter the records based on the sentiment of an Email. The following are the two examples to explain the same.

Negative Email Sentiment 

You can use the email sentiment filter to retrieve the list of deals that are closing this week and have shown a negative sentiment in their emails and take immediate action by scheduling a follow up task or call. You can also filter the records using the last email’s sentiment, number of emails or the percentage of emails with negative sentiment.

Positive Email Sentiment

You can use the Email Sentiment smart filter to get the list of contacts who have responded positively in the past few weeks and either convert them to deal or follow up for a further discussion.

To filter the records based on sentiment
  1. Select a Module.
  2. Under Filter [Records] By, select the Email Sentiment checkbox.
  3. Select Positive or Negative from the drop-down list.
  4. Choose the Time Period from the drop-down list.
  5. To filter using CountPercentage or For the Last Email, click the respective checkbox.

View the Sentiment in SalesSignal and MailMagnet

You will be able to view the email sentiment under SalesSignal and MailMagnet email notifications. You can take instant action on the emails from right within your Zoho CRM account.

Consecutive Negative Sentiments

Admins can turn on alerts for consecutive negative email sentiments. Zia notifications for consecutive negative email sentiments will give users a heads up every time a customer sends consecutive negative emails. With this alert users can then keep an eye on customers who are not satisfied with the organization's services, take insights from previous conversations and act accordingly which might help retain a customer who otherwise could have been lost.


They can toggle with the option as and when required and change the number of consecutive emails with negative sentiments that will trigger the notifications, say after 3 consecutive negative emails.

Where will I be alerted in Zoho CRM?
The alerts for consecutive negative sentiments will be displayed in the
  • Zia notification panel.
  • Record detail page.
  • Sales inbox page.
  • While opening an email.


  • CNS alert will be based on the last 3 months email records only.

  • In Zia notification filter, the consecutive negative sentiment is mentioned as "CNS"


To turn on Consecutive Negative Sentiment alerts


1. Go to Setup > Zia > Communication > Email Intelligence.

2. Under Email sentiment, tick the checkbox for Consecutive Negative Sentiment.

3. Choose a value from the dropdown menu for Get info if consecutive count is more than.

Users can also toggle Zia notifications for Consecutive Negative Sentiments if the admin has enabled it for the organization.


To enable Consecutive Negative Sentiment alerts

1. Go to Setup > Zia > Notifications > Zia for Emails.

2. Toggle on Consecutive Negative Sentiment.

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