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Zia Email Intent

Email is a major mode of communication for any business organization; in fact, most business communications, transactions, and customer requests or feedback are transmitted via email. Hence, monitoring emails and quickly understanding customers' intents in emails enhances the quality of the customer service your organization provides, as well as boosts customer engagement. 
This is where Zia pitches in its email intent analysis feature. It monitors the email conversations to understand the intent of the customer, classifies the intent of each email and tags them accordingly. You can set up system defined intents or even have your own custom intents based on your organization's needs.

Enable Email Intent

The system defined intents provided automatically by Zia are:
  1. Request
  2. Query
  3. Complaint
  4. Purchase
To enable email intent  
  1. In your CRM account, click the setup icon (  ).
  2. Go to Zia, click the Email Intelligence tab in Communication.
  3. Make sure Email Intelligence is enabled.
  4. Toggle Email Intent functionality to enable email intent classification.
Once you have enabled email intent, a new section titled Email Intent will be available, in which you can edit and configure the system and custom intents in their respective tabs.

In the System Intent tab available under Email Intent, you can toggle the system-defined intents to enable and disable their suggestions by Zia. By default, upon enabling email intent, the system defined intents are automatically enabled.

Custom Intent 

Custom intents is released in a phased manner and will be accessible only to selected users in the US and the EU DCs.
Different organizations follow different business processes, and have varying requirements when it comes to customer interactions. In addition to the system-defined intents, you may require a custom email intent specifically curated for the organization. This can be done with the help of custom intent functionality. Zia will be trained on the email samples provided and come up with the intent suggestions specific to their business needs.
To enable custom intent
  1. In your CRM account that has email intent enabled for Zia, click the setup icon (  ).
  2. Go to Zia, then click the Email Intent tab in Communications.
  3. On the Email Intent page, select Custom Intent.
  4. Click Get Started.

Once set up, you will get the list of custom intents that you have configured, on this custom intent tab. Details such as intent name, description, method, and training status will be available as a list view. Alongside these details will be the options to enable manually or disable a specific email intent.

Creating your own intent 

Configuring custom intents can be classified into two ways: without sample data, and with sample data. Let's take a look at how either of them can be configured.
To create custom intent
  1. Go to the Custom Intent tab, then click on New Intent.
  2. On the next screen, provide a name for the intent to be displayed with emails.
  3. Add an optional description about this intent and its specifics.
  4. Select whether to configure the new intent with or without sample data.

  5. For intent Without sample data:
    1. Add up to five keywords that relate to the intent for Zia to look up for in a new incoming email.

    2. Click Save.

  6. For intent With sample data:
    1. Select whether to enter sample email content, upload a file with the sample email, or both.

    2. For entering email content, copy your sample email and paste the content in the section provided.
    3. For uploading files, you can click Attach files, and browse the file with sample email content.

    4. Click Save.


  1. You can create a maximum of five intents for each configuration type (with sample data, without sample data).
  2. For intents with sample data, a minimum of 25 sample email contents are required for Zia to start training for the custom intent. The 25 sample contents can be any combination of entered emails or uploaded files. If you have provided less than 25 sample emails, you can still continue to save the custom intent but it Zia will not be training on this.
  3. The maximum limit for sample emails is 100, which can be a combination of the two types of samples )emails entered manually, and uploaded).
  4. The user can opt for both upload options or only one option for adding training data.
  5. Zia will only start training after the minimum count of 25 training email data is provided by the admin user.
  6. Admin users can manually edit the email entered, but for file upload they can reupload the file again
  7. Zia Intents modal accuracy increases based on the amount of variety of training emails provided.
  8. For an organization, both custom intent and system intent will be processed. The intent of an email is decided by the score of the intent.(Priority is given to Custom Intent).
  9. The minimum number of custom intent that can be created will be one.
  10. The maximum number of custom intent that can be created will be ten.

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