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Data Enrichment

The quality of your CRM data is of the utmost importance for your business, because when it comes to selling, it all starts here. When the data is incomplete or incorrect, sales reps lack the ability to understand your prospects or their needs completely.

Zia, your intelligent sales assistant can help you make sure that your CRM data is complete and has all the right and updated information. Based on as little information that you give such as name, company or website of a record, Zia crawls pages from across the Internet and retrieves you additional information about the record, such as company size, phone number and address and other details. All of this information can be used by your sales team for personalizing their communication and by Zia for lead conversion prediction.

Permission Required
Users with administrator and standard profiles can enrich data.
Only CRM administrators or users with data enrichment or manage data enrichment can access enrichment history and consumption usage tabs.

Supported Modules

Zia improves your CRM data based on certain primary information that is being provided for a record. For example, when you are creating a lead, once you type in the company name, Zia will search for more information about the lead based on this company name. These primary fields based on which Zia searches for more information about a record is different for different modules.
Enrichment happens based on
Company Name / Website / Email Address
Account Name / Website
Account Name / Email Address

Once you enter the details for one or more primary fields, Zia crawls the electronic files from across the web and fetches you additional information about this lead such as the company size, phone number, address, etc. These fields for which information is fetched by Zia are called the Enrichment fields.

Enable Data Enrichment

First time users can enable data enrichment from:
Setup   Zia > Data Enrichment and click Get Started.

Existing users will be able to view the Data Enrichment tab under Zia, from where they can access their data.

Map Fields

Often the information that is being fetched from the internet for a record might not be in the exact same format of how they are stored in your Zoho CRM account. For example, what maybe called a Lead's "designation" on the web is nothing but the Title field in Zoho CRM. Or the "contact number" is nothing but the phone number in Zoho CRM. These enrichment fields are mapped with the respective Zoho CRM fields by default, based on which the information pulled in by Zia gets captured for the record. However, if need be, you can change the mapping.

Modify Data Enrichment Settings

You can modify the pre-defined settings anytime to specify which modules and fields you want Zia to enrich in your account and their respective mapping.
  • Enable/disable - It is possible to enable Data Enrichment for selected modules only. For example, you can enable only for the leads and contacts modules and not for accounts module.
  • Field mapping - Enrichment fields are mapped with the respective Zoho CRM fields by default. But if you have created custom fields and want the enrichment field information to be captured in them, you can modify the mapping. 
Following fields will be mapped:
    • Social handles: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin
    • Website
    • Skype name
    • Address: State, Street, City, Zip code, Country
    • Designation
    • Company name
    • Phone, Other phone, Fax
    • Email, Secondary Email
    • Industry type

To modify the data enrichment settings

  1. Go to Setup Zia > Data Enrichment.
  2. In the Data Enrichment by Zia page, the profile permission and status details are listed for the modules.

  3. Enable or disable the data enrichment Status for the respective modules.
    To modify the mapping, click the [Module].
  4. In the [Module] Enrichment Settings page, choose the Zoho CRM field from the drop-down list to map it with the corresponding Enrichment field.
    You can select Do not map this field, in case you want to skip a field from being enriched. Zia will not update this field information in Zoho CRM.
  5. Click Save.

Enrich Records

You can enrich records while:

  • Creating a record
  • Editing a record
To enrich records while creating a record
  1. Go to the Leads, Accounts, or Contacts module and create a record.
  2. In the Create [Record] page, click the Enriched data available link. This link will appear only after you enter any of the primary fields like the Email Address or Website or Company Name.
  3. In the [Module] Enrichment by Zia window, you can select the respective checkbox(es) and allow Zia to populate the enriched information in the corresponding fields.
    Note that the checkbox is auto-enabled for fields whose values were empty and enriched data is available. But when Zia fetches enriched data for fields whose values were not empty, you can choose to retain the existing information or enable the checkbox and overwrite it with enriched data.
  4. Click Update [Record].
    You will notice that the record fields are populated with enriched data.

To enrich a record while editing

  1. In the [Record] details page, click the More Icon and select Enrich. When you move your mouse pointer over the Enrich option, you can even view when was this record last enriched.
  2. In the [Module] Enrichment by Zia window, you can enable the checkbox(es) and allow Zia to populate the enriched information in the corresponding fields.

    Note that the checkbox is auto-enabled for fields whose values were empty and enriched data is available. But when Zia fetches enriched data for fields whose values were not empty, you can choose to retain the existing information or enable the checkbox and overwrite it with enriched data.
  3. Click Update [Record].
    You will notice that the record fields are populated with enriched data.
  • The option to enrich data is available while creating a record as well as after saving it. So in case, you skip the option while creating a record, you can use it later after saving the record.

Manage Enriched data 

Once you have enabled data enrichment in your organization, you can start monitoring and managing enrichment activities using enrichment history and usage statistics.

Monitor  Enrichment using enrichment history

Enrichment history, like audit log in your CRM, is a log of all enrichment activities performed in your organization. It displays the following information in a chronological order:
  1. User name
  2. Record name
  3. Date and time of enrichment
  4. Field updates
Using these insights, you can
  1. Closely monitor if and how your CRM users are using data enrichment
  2. Differentiate and recognize field updates done by Zia's data enrichment from manual field updates in the record
  3. Monitor the time of enrichment
Furthermore, you can use the log filters to classify logs based on modules, users, and time.
  1. You cannot export this log.
  2. If a field is moved to unused section after enrichment, the log of occurrence will be displayed. However, if the field's permission is marked as don't show or deleted all together, the corresponding activity will also be removed from the enrichment history. 
To monitor history
  1. Go to Setup > Zia > Data Enrichment > History.
  2. You can toggle the filter options for a granular analysis on the enrichment history.

Manage enrichment usage

The enrichment usage displays different insights for you to assess and manage how the enrichment limits are consumed in your organization. Click here to view the edition-based limits.

Following are the insights Zia provides you with:
  1. Monthly limit and average consumption per month
  2. A pie chart, illustrating the total number of enrichments made across different modules.
  3. A trend chart, illustrating the adoption trend of enrichment till date
  4. A table, distributing the number of enrichment limits consumed across modules, each month.
To view the usage statistics
  1. Go to Setup > Zia > Data Enrichment > Usage.

Deactivate Data Enrichment

You can choose to deactivate Data Enrichment feature for your Zoho CRM account at any point after which Zia will stop enriching your records. All the records that are enriched by Zia until you choose to de-activate data enrichment, stays intact.
To deactivate Data Enrichment
  1. Go to Setup Zia > Data Enrichment.
  2. In the Data Enrichment by Zia page, click the Deactivate link.
  • Data enrichment by Zia is available for Europe, Australia, US, and India users. 
  • Zia takes data privacy of organizations very seriously.
  • Zia does not stores the user's inputs anywhere. She only uses them as keywords to search for more information about the record.
  • Zia makes use of the Bing Web Search API to identify the domain of a lead's website.
  • While looking up for information to enrich a record, Zia crawls only public websites. Even on these public websites, she abides by all the specifications that are listed in the "robots.txt".
  • Zia crawls only those websites that are in English language.
  • Zia collects the following type of information:
    • For Organization - Organization's formal name, email id, contact number, social links, web site technologies used, address, revenue
    • For person - full name, organization working, contact number, email id, social profiles, blog links, address, designation.

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