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Zia Notifications

Staying ahead of all the latest updates that come in from different resources is crucial for any business. If you have been using Zia to gain meaningful insights to improve your sales, then you might also want to take advantage of its notifications that can detect and send alerts about anomalies in your business process. 
So what are anomalies? They are unexpected changes to the regular trend that occurs. Zia can identify new trends and abnormal patterns in customer acquisition and your other sales processes.

In the fast-paced world of business, staying updated with the influx of information from diverse sources is essential. For those utilizing Zia to garner actionable insights for sales enhancement, its capability to detect and alert you about anomalies in your business processes is a feature not to be missed. Anomalies are essentially irregularities or deviations from usual trends in your business operations. Zia excels at identifying such irregularities, enabling you to promptly respond to new trends and atypical patterns, especially in areas like customer acquisition and the broader spectrum of your sales processes. This capability ensures you are always informed and ready to adapt to the dynamic business environment.

What can Zia detect and notify you of? 

Zia detects abnormalities like critical incidents, new opportunities, and changes in customer behavior. It then triggers notifications to inform your team about the anomalous behavior. This helps the team to examine the anomaly and identify the reason it occurred and take any necessary measures. It also helps you to capitalize on current trends as they happen. 
To put it simply, it helps you to:
  1. View sales trend at a glance
  2. Get alerted of anomalies in real time
  3. Predict anomalies in advance
Any unusual trend such as a sudden decrease or increase in the number leads, number of deals closed, or revenue generation will be tracked and you will be notified. An anomaly does not necessarily mean a negative impact. Positive impacts will also be captured by Zia as anomalies. 
Knowing these trends in real time, lets you track these fast-moving changes helps you understand how the anomalies are connected to the rest of your data. This gives you a clear idea the full picture, so you can predict what might cause further anomalies in future. 

To set up Zia notifications
  1. Go to Setup > Zia > Notifications.
  2. In the workflow rule tab, anomaly components tab, and Zia for emails tab, toggle the alerts you want to receive notifications for.

Where can you find these notifications?   

Zia identifies the unusual patterns in workflow rules, anomaly components, and Zia for emails and notifies you on multiple channels like:
  1. Zia Notification Panel
  2. Slack
  3. Zoho Cliq
  4. Email

Based on your preference, you can choose which notification will be displayed on which channel. For example, if you want to stay updated on the untouched records for the past 7 days, you can choose Slack or Cliq, besides Zia notification panel, to receive instant notifications. 

You can also apply the same channels for all the notifications in workflow rules and Zia for emails.
For alerts from the anomaly components, the selected channels will be applied for all notifications by default. 

  1. Receiving notifications via Zia notification panel is a default option and you cannot disable it.
  2. Instant bot notifications will be sent as a message on Slack and Zoho Cliq only if the CRM organization is integrated with those providers. See Also: Integrating Slack with Zoho CRM and Setting up Zoho Cliq integration with Zoho CRM.
  3. To receive notifications as emails, the CRM organization is required to integrate the email service providers (for example: Gmail, Outlook, etc.) via respective protocols. See Also: Connecting with Customers through email.

To manage notification on different channels
  1. Go to Setup > Zia > Notifications.
  2. Hover on the desired notifications, click the edit icon.
  3. On the select channel page,
    1. Under the Notify Via section, select the desired channels for that notification.
    2. Under the Advanced Settings, select the Apply the same for all workflow/ Zia for emails notifications checkbox, if you would like to receive all notifications in the selected channels. 

Anomalies in Workflow rule

Workflows help to automate many standard business operations and save time and increase teams' efficiency. However, any change to the current configuration will be detected by Zia. The table below lists the anomalies that will be detected and notified:

Notification type
Alert on
Untouched records created in the last 7 days
Percentage of records created in the Leads and Contacts modules that have not been modified for at least 7 days.

Records created in the last 7 days without email follow-up

Percentage of records in the Leads or Contacts modules created in the last 7 days that were not sent a follow-up email.
Anomaly in the number of records touched after modifying a workflow rule
Increase or decrease in the number of records that have been modified after the workflow configuration is
Anomaly in email open rate after modifying a workflow rule
Increase or decrease in the email open rate 2 days after a workflow is modified.
Top performing workflow rule template by open rate in last 7 days
The email template (associated with a workflow rule) that has the highest  open rate in the last 7 days.
*compared with the other templates associated with the same workflow rule. 
Same template sent to the same Lead or Contact on the same day
Anomaly alert when a lead or contact is sent the same email template twice on the same day. 
Same Lead or Contact receiving more than one template on the same day
Anomaly alert when a lead or contact is sent more than one template on the same day. 

Anomaly Component

The notifications in this column represent unusual behaviour in specific activities. Anomaly components work in two ways, based on dashboard components, and based on custom views.

— Dashboard Components

These notifications are triggered on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis depending on the frequency set up when the anomaly alerts are created. The table below lists the anomalies that will be detected and notified:

Notification type
Alert on

Anomaly in Lead Creation
An increase or decrease in the number of leads created.
For example: If 10 leads are created everyday and one day less than 10 leads are created.

Anomaly in Deal Closure Amount
Anomaly alert if the deal amount is less than the usual amount.
Alert: Notifies the percentage of the abnormality found in the amount when closing a deal.
Example: If a user usually closes $100 of deals in a week, but no deals are closed by the user one week, this is considered as a anomaly and a notification is triggered.

Anomaly in Task Closure
Increase or decrease in the number of tasks closed.
Example: If all users close 100 tasks per week, and then one week only 50 tasks are completed, this is considered as an anomaly and z notification is triggered.

In addition to the situations listed above, you can also be notified of custom anomalies created under the dashboard components that you've created. You will be notified of the anomalies based on the Anomaly Duration you set up when creating the anomaly detector. If you haven't created one, learn more about how to set them up here.

— Custom View

You can set up anomaly detection for specific custom views in your CRM. This functionality alerts you in real-time to unusual activities or behaviours within your customer-related data. It enhances your ability to closely monitor key data points, aiding in the timely identification and management of potential trends and issues in customer engagement and sales activities. Essentially, this tool is designed to help you promptly detect and get notified about any irregular activities in the behaviour of prospects or deals.

  1. When an anomaly is detected, you will immediately receive a notification in the Zia notification panel within your CRM.

  2. Additionally, an alert icon indicating the anomaly will appear beside the relevant custom view in your CRM interface.

  3. For example, if an anomaly is detected in 'new deals this week', the alert icon will be visible next to this specific view in the deals module.
  4. Clicking on this icon allows you to access detailed information about the detected anomaly and its trend analysis.
  5. This icon is designed for a single use; after you click it, it becomes inactive.
  6. For ongoing monitoring or to revisit the anomaly details, you can always refer back to the Zia notification panel.
Note: You will only receive notifications and see the created component under Anomaly Component in the Zia Notifications page if you subscribe to anomaly notifications.

Organize Notifications 

Zia allows you to organize notifications by doing the following:

Starring Notifications

Starring allows to bookmark the notifications so that it does not get missed among the multiple other notifications.
To star notifications, 
  1. Hover over the required notification.
  2. Click the star icon on the right side of the notification.
  3. To view all the starred notifications, select the starred notification option from the filter dropdown on the panel.
Zia Notifications - Starred Notifications

Mark all as read

Once you have addressed the notifications, you can mark them as read, so you know which ones to follow. Click on the button Mark all as read above the notifications. This differentiates the upcoming notifications from the existing ones.
Zia Notifications - Mark all as read

Panel Configuration

In the panel configuration, enable or disable desktop notification, choose to display all or unread notifications only, or navigate to the Zia notifications page to configure notification/alert preferences. 
To configure panel preferences,
  1. Click the gear icon from the top-right side of the Notification panel.
  2. Toggle Desktop Notification, to allow push notifications.
  3. Toggle Unread only, to display only the unread notifications.
  4. Click Configure Notifications option, to update preferences for workflow anomalies and the anomaly patterns.
Zia Notifications - Panel configuration

  1. To receive desktop notifications, kindly ensure you are using the latest version of the browser and the notification permission in the browser settings is enabled. To enable notifications, click on the respective browsers.
  1. Google Chrome
  2. Mozilla Firefox
  3. Opera
  4. Safari
Click  here to know more information about the latest browsers supported in Zoho CRM

Filter notifications

In addition to notifying about the anomalies, Zia also sends notifications when there is an alert from any of the following:
  1. Competitor alert
  2. Prediction
  3. Workflow rule
  4. Anomaly component
  5. Conversational AI
You can view these alerts under Zia notification on the bottom panel of the CRM account. For quick access to a specific alert use the filter options. 

To filter Zia notifications
  1. Tap the Zia icon on the Zoho CRM home screen.
  2. Click the All dropdown and choose the required filter option.

Disable Zia notifications

If you do not wish to receive notifications for specific anomalies only, you can disable the ones for which you do not want to be notified.

To disable notifications
  1. Go to Setup > Zia > Notifications.
  2. Toggle the button next to the notifications.
Note: All Zia notifications will be removed from the Zia notification panel, automatically after 15 days.

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