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Zia Presentation

This feature is open for orgs., in Enterprise and above editions with 20+ user licenses in the US and EU DCs. For the remainder of the DCs, the feature will be opened gradually. 
"We rely on data to tell us what has happened, and stories to tell us what it means."
- Nancy Duarte in her book, DataStory

The world is gravitating towards data storytelling.
A compelling narrative, built on contextual data analysis, portrays your business performance like nothing else.

However, to come up with such personalized analyses, you would often have to rummage through your dense CRM database, run multiple reports and dashboards, and compile them as informative slide decks. It amounts to a lot of manual work amid your already-busy daily business chores.

- Tom, tomthedesigner.com

But what if we say Zia could cover the data compilation part for you so that you can take the lead for your narrative?

Zia Presentation - Overview

From boardroom meetings to chats over coffee, business analysis and business decisions have always relied upon well-structured and classified presentations . It's a great medium through to tell the world your business story using charts and graphs.

Zia, with its ability to analyze your data sets, generates turnkey analysis on your business performance and renders them sequentially as engaging, meaningful and easy to understand presentation slides. All you have to do is enable the feature and your monthly presentations will be ready for showing, exported directly from your CRM.
Imagine the monthly sales performance meeting, for instance, where your organization collectively discusses projections like the number of leads generated, qualified, and converted, the number of deals won, lost, or stalled, the highest performing products, and the lowest performing territories. Zia Presentations is handy for recurring reviews like this which normally require you to collate cumulative data each time, as it saves you a substantial amount of time and effort.

Zia produces its monthly analyses on the first day of the subsequent month and releases them as notifications in the Zia Notification panel. Click here to learn how to access these statistics.
Permission required
Zia Presentation is available only for organizations with 20+ user licenses in the Enterprise and Ultimate edition.
Only administrators can enable and view presentations.

Zia's insights

Zia studies your CRM organization methodically and displays module-level insights in each slide. It showcases performance-related KPIs and behavioral analytics to give you a holistic view of your CRM.

Below are the insights and KPIs displayed each month, based on the data available in your CRM organization.

Lead information

The following lead KPIs are displayed in this slide:
  1. Number of leads created
  2. Number of junk leads
  3. Number of untouched leads
  4. This Week leads

Notes :
  1. Records without any activity after creation are classified as untouched records.
  2. While all the KPIs are based on a monthly analysis, the This Week Leads KPI details the number of leads created in the last week of the given month.

Deal information

This section will display the following KPIs for your Deals module:
  1. Number of open deals
  2. Number of deals created
  3. Number of deals won
  4. Number of deals lost
  5. Average sales cycle
  6. Sum of revenue

In addition to the above slide, Zia also displays revenue contributions based on your CRM fields as pie and doughnut charts.
Amount by account

Revenue by lead source

Activity information

The number of activities logged in your organization is displayed in this slide.
The activity KPIs displayed are as follows:
  1. Open tasks
  2. Completed tasks
  3. Meetings
  4. Calls
  5. Overdue tasks

Behavioral analytics in Zia Presentation

In addition to the above static insights, Zia automatically generates comprehensive cohort and quadrant behavioral analyses. These findings are dynamic in nature, assessed according to the behavior of your records.

Cohort analysis

A cohort chart is a useful tool to understand a behavior or trend in your CRM organization. It shows how a particular data point is performing over time.
For example, you can analyze how each of your accounts are contributing to your revenue each month. You can spot the surge or dip in the sequence, compare contributions between accounts, identify similarities and anomalies, and devise problem-solving strategies as required. To learn more about cohort analysis, click here .

Quadrant analysis

A quadrant analysis is a study of multiple entities whose behavior is plotted across quadrants in order to facilitate strategic decision-making. The format enables viewers to analyze huge volumes of data at once. To learn more about quadrant analysis, click here .
Below is an example of a quadrant analysis:

  1. The number of insights or KPI displayed is subject to the type of data available in your CRM.
  2. With regards to the behavioral analytics, Zia selects the module based on your usage. In other words, if the activity is mostly around the Deals module, then Zia will display a behavioral study of the Deals module.

Advanced analytics in Zia Presentation

Apart from the insights and behavioural analytics charts, Zia also incorporates advanced analytics into the presentation, such as the Best Time Analytics and VoC Forecast charts. These features provide more in-depth understanding of customer interactions and future patterns, enhancing your presentations with valuable data that reinforces your storyline.

Best time to contact analytics

Zia presents significant charts for Best Time Analytics, such as optimal contact times and customer interaction trends. These charts are generated either from specific user data or from the entire organization's data if Zia is configured to make the decision. When a manager adds team members, the Best Time Analytics will automatically include the data of these team members without any additional setup required.

VoC Forecast charts

Zia decides which graphs to display and organizes them in a logical manner in Story Mode. For example, if Zia recommends graphs from the Deals module and discovers a relevant forecast, it seamlessly incorporates this forecast to maintain a smooth flow in the story. In cases where Zia believes you do not frequently utilize the Deals module and does not suggest any graphs from it, the forecast is instead added at the end.

The charts that you'll see for VoC forecast:
  1. Open deals categorized by the intent in the form of a pie or donut chart.
  2. Table for the deals lost based on the intent.
  3. Tabular representation of the main keywords for analyzing a forecast.

Using Zia Presentation

The slide deck Zia prepares is pushed as a notification in the Zia Notifications pane l each month.

Upon clicking on the notification, the presentation will be displayed as a preview, where you can do the following:
  1. Expand the slide to full screen
  2. Zoom in and out
  3. Navigate between slides
  4. Point and present using an arrow and laser light pointer
  5. Annotate as you present, using a pen and highlighter
  6. Erase markup
The markup or edits made to the slides while presenting the deck will not be saved or carried over to Zoho Show. Any edits made here are momentary annotations to emphasize data points as you narrate.

Customize your presentations

Zia's slides can be exported and viewed in Zoho Show, where you can add a logo, change the theme, edit data representation, and so on. Changes made to the slides in Zoho Show will be synchronized with the presentation in Zoho CRM.

The data featured in presentations is real-time data from your Zoho CRM account. Any changes made to the slides after the export to Zoho Show will be synchronized with the slides in Zoho CRM. You can, however, manage or review versions by accessing Versions under the Review tab of the presentation. Click here to learn more.

Enable Zia Presentation

To enable Zia Presentation, take the following steps:
  1. Go to Setup > Zia > Notifications > Zia Presentation.
  2. In the Zia Presentation page, toggle the Monthly Presentation option. If the toggle switch is green, the feature is enabled.

View Zia Presentation

To view Zia Presentation. take the following steps:
  1. Click on the Zia Notification Panel from the bottom of your CRM application.

  2. Click on the presentation notification to preview the slides.

  3. Toggle the presentation options (Full screen, zoom, pointer, page navigator) from the bottom of your slide to present your slides from Zoho CRM.

  4. Click View in Show to export the slides to Zoho Show for further customization.

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