Smart Prompt - Zoho CRM'S Integration with OpenAI

Smart Prompt - Zoho CRM'S Integration with OpenAI

User productivity plays a pivotal role in business efficiency. More often than not, businesses try to scale their growth by accelerating their users' performances. While business acceleration is an important factor, equipping your business with what it takes to be productive makes the actual difference.

Let's take a day in a sales rep's life, for example. It typically involves a range of activities like data analysis, lead capturing and vetting, persuasion, negotiation, and so on. They require a spectrum of skills to complete a single sale successfully. While a seasoned sales rep might have the talents they need to accomplish this, it still requires a substantial amount of information and processing to be accurate and agile. This is where the need for artificial intelligence comes into play. AI models are like a genie for businesses. They act as an adept assistant that gives out processed information on demand.
Arming your business with a powerful AI model will not only increase your productivity, it will also enhance your user experience and thereby the quality of your business outcomes.

Zia is Zoho's artificially intelligent assistant. It processes your CRM database to understand your datasets, recognize patterns, interpret behaviours, and come up with data-backed predictions and recommendations. Another important facet of Zia is its conversational intelligence. It can generate contextual responses to your queries; analyze business performances and simplify findings; understand sentiments, emotions, and intents from your email correspondences; and suggest stellar subject lines. While these capabilities are already adding value to your customer management efforts, Zoho CRM has coupled the power of Zia with that of OpenAIs ChatGPT* to augment user productivity and process spontaneity.
To learn more about Zia and its capabilities, click here.

 Smart Prompt is built with a gpt-3 AI model for this integration.
*ChatGPT is OpenAI's conversational bot that generates human-like responses to different types of manual prompts and queries. Its natural language processing capabilities enable it to understand the context and intent of your queries, interpret writing styles, translate content, and generate on-demand responses. Read more about ChatGPT here.

Introducing Smart prompt

Smart prompts are context-based nudges suggested by Zia and responded to by ChatGPT.

Smart Prompt is available for all organizations in Enterprise and Ultimate editions of CRM in the US, EU, IN, and AU DCs.
Permission Required
Only Administrators can enable/ disable Smart Prompt for an organization.

How does it work?

From data sourcing to execution, Zia and ChatGPT work symbiotically, despite being different AI models. Let's take a quick look at how they collaborate!
Data source: Zia understands your business and processes your data on a personal level. ChatGPT, on the other hand, is an external AI model that is trained on a myriad of subjects in the form of text data up to the year 2021. Its nature is to generate and articulate human-like responses to prompts in the blink of the eye.

Learning and pattern recognition: Zia wears a versatile hat when it comes to machine learning within Zoho CRM. For this integration, Zia is designed to predict the type of data and suggest dynamic, contextual, and suitable prompts. Based on Zia's prompts and the users' choice, ChatGPT can generate relevant and instantaneous responses from its training data fed by OpenAI.

What can you achieve using Smart Prompt: Business Scenarios

Prompts appear in most places in your CRM and based on their location, the prompts vary. This will enable you to derive a wide range of insights about your record.
The following are some scenarios where Smart Prompt will benefit your business:
  1. Knowledge management: On-demand and supplementary information about a prospect or a customer is an added advantage when you are on the run. In addition to what you know about them, you can rely on Smart Prompt to fetch more information with a click of a button. You can learn more about their company, what they offer, evaluate their business bandwidth, and so on before making a pitch. This extensive knowledge will help solidify business-customer communication and relationships.

  2. Customer Correspondence: You rely on emails for a major part of your correspondence. This is where you exchange requirements and offerings, and it's what you use to send signed agreements with your customers. In all those communications, you need to stay on point with your vocabulary and be succinct in your message. This is where you can use Smart Prompts. As you compose an email, you can choose to rephrase your sentences, explore a product/ feature mentioned in the email thread, enhance your vocabulary, or seek more conversational assistance.

  3. Productivity management: Storing vital, useful, and preferential information as notes is an effective productivity hack. It acts as a reference point to discuss further requirements and process business offerings—which is why it's it's important to make sure those notes are extra clear. Smart prompts can help you extract data points from your on-the-go notes as points so that you can look at the deconstructed takeaways. You can also rephrase or ask Smart Prompt to summarize.

  4. Campaign assistance: To attract and nurture quality leads, you need powerful and effective marketing messaging that is smart and relevant to the campaign. Using Smart Prompts, you can draft email templates with the desired writing style and text length. You can determine if you'd like for your message to sound professional, casual, humorous, descriptive, narrative, or sarcastic, as well as whether you'd like the length of your text to be short, long, or medium.

Working with Smart Prompt

You can identify Zia's Smart Prompt using this icon:   , in the following places within Zoho CRM.
  1. Inside record details page
    1. Near field values

  2. In places with descriptive texts
    1. Email console - before composing

    2. Email console - after composing

  3. Email replies
  4. Templates
  5. Notes
  1. Smart Prompt is available only for the standard CRM modules.
  2. The generative responses are coming in from ChatGPT's training data. The accuracy, consistency, and relevance of the response are subjective to the type of prompts and the data available in its training set.
  3. ChatGPT doesn't respond to prompts about personal information.

Smart Prompt and data security and privacy-  How is it handled?

At Zoho, data security and privacy are of paramount importance. We understand our responsibility when it comes to customer data management. The following points will explain how we ensured data security and privacy in this collaboration.

Compliance with GDPR and HIPAA 
Zoho CRM is compliant with GDPR and HIPAA guidelines. That said, as a data processor, we do not record or process your information without consent. However, as an administrator, you can moderate your preferences and choose to stop processing data, raise data delete requests, and restrict data access through API from our GDPR settings. Click here to learn more about GDPR in Zoho CRM.
As for HIPAA, Smart Prompt is not available for fields with health information and neither Zia nor ChatGPT can identify those fields that are PHI encrypted. Click here to learn more about HIPAA compliance in Zoho CRM.

Handling of business emails
For emails, Smart Prompt can suggest new email content, rephrase, refine, or translate existing content, enhance vocabulary, and make data points, amongst other possibilities. However, Smart Prompt will not consider the entire email thread to perform these activities. This means
  1. Smart Prompt cannot read your data unless prompted.
  2. Zia/ Zoho CRM will process only the content in composer, thereby masking the context of the correspondence. If the current information is sensitive, we suggest users use their discretion to try smart prompts on such occasions.
  3. No recipient information (to/cc/bcc) is subjected to OpenAI for processing.
  4. Your attachments are not crawled by either of the bots to process/ generate responses.
  5. Your email content suggestions in the Smart Prompt window, once copied/ replaced to the compose window, will not be stored.
  6. For security purposes, we have not enabled Zia to fetch auto-fillable information from the record into the email window in this beta release (May 2023).
Handling record information
  1. To curtail context derivation, Smart Prompt will not analyze/ process/ summarize your entire record information/ notes. You can only understand your record field-by-field (i.e.) you can only try Smart Prompt on fields one at a time, individually.
  2. Smart Prompt is not available for fields with personal and sensitive information. It is also not available for PHI-encrypted fields.
  3. Only the generic field types like company, industry, and so on, are subjected to processing. Personal or protected information is not used for processing. Refer to the below table to learn the fields for which Smart Prompts will be available. 
Data disclosure:
Here is a list of fields that are subjected to Open AI's processing, one at a time.

Fields subjected to OpenAIs processing
Company, Industry, Website
Account Name, Vendor Name
Account Name, Website, Industry
Account Name
Call Agenda, Subject
Subject, Terms and Conditions, Account Name
Vendor Name
Sales Orders
Subject, Terms and Conditions, Account Name
Vendor Name, Website
Subject, Internal Comment, Account Name, Solution
Questions, Answer
Additional Information

For more information on our privacy commitment, click here.

Enabling Zia's Smart Prompts

Enabling Smart Prompt is a one-step process. Simply toggle the Prompt Suggestion option. However, to connect with ChatGPT with Zia, you have to provide the alphanumeric API key.
To enable Zia's Smart Prompts
  1. Go to Setup (⚙) > Zia > Smart Prompts.

  2. In the Smart Prompt page, toggle the Prompts Suggestion option.
  3. Provide the alphanumeric API key obtained from ChatGPT, to connect with Zoho CRM.

    To obtain the secret key, click here.

See also: Frequently Asked Questions on Zia's Smart Prompt

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