Export data to cloud storage services

Export data to cloud storage services

You can export data to the following cloud storage services.
  1. Google Drive 
  2. OneDrive
  3. Box Storage
  4. Dropbox
  5. Zoho WorkDrive
  6. Amazon S3

To export data to cloud storage services

1. Click the Export now option from the Export menu in the DataPrep Studio page. 

2. From the slide pane, choose Cloud storage .

3.  If your data contains columns with personal data, you can choose to include or exclude them in the PII columns section. You can also apply the required security methods to protect your data as follows.

A. Data masking  
Data masking hides original data with 'x' to protect personal information.

B. Data Tokenization 
Data tokenization replaces each distinct value in your data with a random value. Hence the output is statistically identical to the original data. 

C. None
You can select none if you do not want to use any security method. You can choose whether to export these column using the corresponding check boxes.  

4.  Click Next and choose a cloud service to export the file to and authenticate the service.

Authentication is required only the first time the service is used with DataPrep. 
5. For instance, click the Google Drive icon to export data.

Use the Add new  option if you need to add a new cloud service user account. 

In the case of Zoho WorkDrive, all folders available to export to will be directly fetched from your account using which you have logged into Zoho DataPrep. Here's a snapshot above.

6. You can choose to export the file in any of the supported file formats:
CSV, TSV, JSON, XLS, XLSX, and XML formats.

7 . You can also click the Advanced options link for the following options.
  • You can encode the file using character encoding methods like UTF-8 using the File encoding option.
  • Use the Compress file option to save your export as a .zip file.
  • You can use a Row Separator such as UNIX (Line Feed) or MAC (Carriage Return) to ensure the line endings are translated properly.
  • You can distinguish the point at which the content of a text field begins and ends using Text qualifiers such as Single Quote(') or Double Quote(") .
  • You can separate out the data or split using a Delimiter such as a Comma(,) , Semicolon(;) , or a Space .
  • You can also encrypt the file and protect it with a password.

8. Select the required option from the File export option drop down. You can choose to update the file with a new version at the destination, or add a new file during export. 

Note: The File export option is supported for OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, Zoho WorkDrive, and Amazon S3.

9. Navigate to the folder you want to place the file in and click Export.

Note: You can also export files to your shared folders in Google Drive, DropBox, Box, OneDrive, and Zoho WorkDrive.

10.  The export can be scheduled by clicking the Configure schedule> link after successful export.

File export options for cloud storage services

The table below covers the file export options for cloud storage services.

File format Field Field options
CSV, TSV, JSON, XLS, XLSX, XML Row separator UNIX (Line Feed)
MAC (Carriage Return)
Text Qualifier Single Quote (')
Double Quote (")
Delimiter Comma (,)
Semicolon (;)
File encoding UTF-8


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